Get The Most Out of Your Vaporizer
(Last Updated On: June 29, 2015)

We all know how that perfect vaping experience sends our senses to inexplicable highs. There’s just nothing like it.

Getting the best effects from your favorite mix of herbs and concentrates, however, calls for a few good and well-tested techniques to get that maximum pleasure each and every time you light up your vape. Today, We share with you our list of tips to get that ultimate high even with just a few pinches of your stash!

First Thing First: Choose a Good Vape

There’s a reason why some vaporizers make it to the bestseller’s list. In other words, those with good reviews simply do an excellent job of creating the cleanest and purest of vapors. So, always go for the best vapes and not just some discounted disposables. Often, those voted best come in high quality materials. Most of them also allow users to adjust heat settings.

Vaping temperatures of 180-200 degrees Celsius effectively release THC from cannabis, and anything more than that could vaporize other compounds from the herb. So it’s always best to choose vapes with adjustable temperature setting, whether they’re portable or desktop.

But when going for pen vaporizers, however, you’d likely end up with no heat controls because most pens just come with single on and off switches.

Pen vapes like the Atmos Raw does not have temp controls, but its ceramic heating element gets hot enough to vaporize your materials. Some earlier reports even claim that the Atmos Raw isn’t a true vape because the heating coil almost always touches the herb, burning it in the process. Atmos then released screens to solve the problem by keeping the coil from touching the herbs when vaporizing.

When choosing tabletop or desktop vaporizers, we recommend the Volcano if price isn’t an issue for you. It commands the highest reviews anywhere in the vaping community. Of course, it unquestionably deserves such good reputation with its durable design and more accurate temperature settings. Vapor quality is also outstanding. No wonder why the Storz & Bickel Volcano is dubbed the king of all desktop vaporizers. But then again, there are always cheaper yet competitive options such as the Arizer Q and Plenty vaporizers. Check our reviews and tell us what you think about these alternatives.

When There’s No Option for Temperature Control, Set the Right Timing

Some portables like the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer don’t have temperature settings. But that doesn’t mean a dead-end to good vaping. To adjust the MFLB temp, users recommend taking short intervals of powering the vape on and off with the battery. This may seem a bit tricky, but once you find that right rhythm, vaping will be easier and more manageable to some degree. But if you’d want to do away with any guesswork, choose a vaporizer that lets you choose your desired temp. One good portable vape is the Arizer Solo Vaporizer, which lets you choose up to seven heat settings.

Also, make sure you do not overuse the herb or you’ll get burnt smell after a few draws. It doesn’t really take that much guessing games as to when to throw your used material away. Once your botanicals smell like burnt popcorn, it’s time to get fresh with your stash.

Make Your Dried Herbs Just as Fine: Grind It!

Here at Smokazon, we encourage our vaping enthusiasts to pair their vaporizers with grinders because we all know how the finest herbs produce the best flavors. The smaller the bits of ground materials, the more surface areas are exposed to the heating element. This also ensures that heat is evenly delivered to the botanicals.

Once you have your finely ground materials ready, make sure not to pack the chamber full, leaving some space for the hot air to circulate inside. It only takes simple science to explain such technique, but the difference is really obvious once you get things right before vaping.

Don’t let your excitement to draw the densest flavor overkill your herb chamber. One key factor, as we mentioned earlier, is the temperature setting and how finely ground your herbs are.

Get That Right Breathing Rhythm

Before you take the draw, exhale as much air as you can. Then, to create a rich mixture of healthy air and vapors inside you lungs, slowly inhale a little air before taking the mouthpiece to draw. After drawing in the vapor, hold your breath for a few seconds to suspend the vapor inside your lungs for maximum absorption. Then exhale.

For newbies, take note that you may not have high tolerance to the active compounds. So getting that right rhythm might take a while to get good at. As your tolerance increases, go with higher temperatures and more herbs to get optimum satisfaction.

What More To Do?

We’ve also heard about people getting better effects when they’re hydrated. But here at Smokazon, the key factors to good vaping are the kind of materials you have, how well you grind them and the vape you use. Also, drinking plenty of water won’t hurt you anyway. So take heed of the vaping experts’ advice as well. After all, we’re usually getting enough of it every day. And when your throat gets dry when vaporizing, a glass of water always comes in handy.

Now it’s time to ask you, our readers, about your own techniques to get that perfect vaporizing experience. Tell us more about it!

Written by James Rubio