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(Last Updated On: April 18, 2015)

Any of your finest herbs or concentrates can whisk you to vaporland and back with your favorite vaporizer. But getting that perfect temperature setting can even add more pleasure to your vaping experience. Yes, we understand how your tolerance and preference may differ from the others’. But there is always that perfect range for the type of herb, oil or tincture you wish to use.

Today, we share with you a rightful mix of our enthusiasts’ vaping experiences and a little dash of science behind vaporizing.

Getting Started With Cannabis

Who doesn’t love cannabis with all its magic and charm? Any canna-centric user knows the power of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound most of us seek after for that ultimate high. Yet for newbies, doing trial and error helps you find that perfect heat setting that exudes just the right amount and potency of vapor.

But what exactly is the recommended temperature range to ensure THC gets vaporized?

The minimum boiling point for this compound is at 157°C. But that doesn’t mean we start at that temperature. Some vaporizers show only the core temperature of the heating element and not the actual temp of the hot air that flows through the material.

So, we recommend setting the heat anywhere between 185°C to as high as 205°C. Thus, the higher the temperature, the denser the THC that goes along with the other cannabinoids in the vapor.

Since the discovery of new technologies, experts have discovered more active compounds found in Cannabis, and many of these have been found to have greater medical importance, with Cannabinol (CBD) as the most dominant. CBD comprises about 40% of the extracts of cannabis. In addition, that strong flavor you draw from the cannabis vapor comes from terpenoids, another family of cannabinoids that also promise medical wonders yet to be discovered.

The three classes of compounds we’ve mentioned belong to about 85 cannabinoids discovered so far, and most of them have roughly lower or higher boiling temperatures than that of the THC. For example, Cannabinol starts to boil at 160°C, while other compounds starts to boil at temperatures above 200°C.

So, if you want only the THC and the medicinal benefits of Cannabinol, choose the range between 185°C and 205°C.

Vaporizing Other Herbs

Ever tried to vaporize with more than just your favorite ground cannabis? You’d notice how essential oils locked in other plant materials give off their best punch when set at particular temperature settings.

We share with you Storz & Bickel’s recommended temperatures when vaporizing other herbs: For eucalyptus or lavender leaves, the ideal vaping temperature is 130°C. But for chamomile flowers, sage leaves and thyme herb, vaporizing at 190°C would yield the best results. For hops lovers, you may start vaping at 154°C, while for those who prefer lemon balm, at 142°C.

How to Avoid Burning Your Herb

With most vaporizers, temperature control settings do not allow temperatures to exceed more than 230°C because plant materials start to burn at these levels. For example, the Volcano vaporizer ( limits the maximum temp to 230°C. Yet even a 215°C vaporizing temperature, for example, already gives off very dense and a slightly “bitter” flavor. But it really depends on your tolerance and preference.

Among the vaporizers, the tabletop and desktop vapes have the widest range of heat settings as compared to the portables and vape pens. They have the most accurate heat settings too, with some guaranteeing a 1°C accuracy per heat level.

If you wish to go mobile with portable vapes, check out the Arizer Solo ( with its seven heat settings, or the DaVinci Vaporizer ( with its digital temperature control system. Both vaporizers allow you to control the amount of heat flowing through your herbs for a more personalized ‘high.’

Tell Us Your Experience!

We may recommend the best range of vaporizing temperatures as your guide to that ultimate high. But you always know what’s best for you with your own vaporizer in your hands. So, tell us your perfect spot. Spread the word. Let your vaping experiences be heard!


Written by James Rubio