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(Last Updated On: June 29, 2015)

Here’s a little secret: No perfect vaporizer can ever make up for less than fresh, crisp and clean blend of herbs. Granted, most of your materials may come in a kind that’s dried and packed, but keeping their flavors and potency intact for days or even weeks call for a storage system that’s designed to keep your herbs or concentrates as fresh as they are since day one. We’ve gathered some good reviews about 420 Science, the maker of 420 Glass and UV Concentrate jars, for having truly lived up to its name by mixing simple commonsense ideas with science to bring you only the best well-preserved materials for your vaping pleasure. 

At Smokazon, we say, all 420 Jars are as equally essential as your vapes and grinders. Here’s why:

The Science Behind 420: Protecting Organic Materials From The Elements

It is one thing that air and sunlight help keep our herbs grow and mature to pack itself with the most powerful compounds we all enjoy, but it’s another thing that the same organics, when harvested, dried and packed, easily loses their potency when exposed to the same elements that had kept them alive.

Thus, all organic materials require some degree of protection from air and sunlight to remain fresh, and our favorite herbs and essential oils are no exception.  After all, an ounce of good packaging is always better than using pounds of bland herbs to make up for that lost flavor.

Storing It Right

420 Science promises a simple yet very effective solution by creating airtight and UV-proof jars that keep both the dreaded elements of air and ultraviolet light from changing the active components of the contents.

The jars are specially manufactured to block damaging UVB rays from the outside, helping you preserve your stash of organic herbs, concentrates and tinctures for a longer period. What are left to penetrate are the harmless rays such as infrared and UVA rays.

Each jar comes with a plastic gasket ring that seals the container. As you open the jar, you hear a popping sound as the pressure inside changes as you lift the lid up, indicating a genuinely airtight seal. This means whatever is inside the jar is free from any humidity, molds or particulates that may be present in the surrounding air.

What’s good about the clear glass jars is that their transparent body allows you to see what materials you have inside. It’s never convenient to do some guess-works by opening each opaque container just to see what’s inside it. Their small sizes are also an added advantage if you happen to be mobile while travelling around.

Simply put, the 420 Jars act as effective filters to help you store it right to get it right during every vaping session.

Confidence in Quality

At this point, you might ask how such relatively small jars that sell at a price range of $10 to $30 each could be worthy of your cash. The answer might be right in the material used to create these high-quality containers, because each piece comes in a borosilicate glass, a specialized material that’s heat resistant and is commonly used in cookware and laboratory containers.

In fact, Smokazon and the manufacturer of 420 Glass Jars are confident enough in the quality of these materials that anyone who purchases these containers are guaranteed lifetime warranty, which means we can replace your Glass Jars with the same size and style as what you have originally bought from us.

So, would you rather buy a piece of cheap, five-dollar glass jar that easily breaks at the first hint of heat or stress? Or would you get these high-quality glass jars that’ll serve your purpose for a lifetime?

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your 420 Jar containers is as easy as washing them with soap and water. However, if you wish to take extra care with your precious collection, 420 Science offers the Smoke Soap, an organic cleaner that does not contain any alcohol or harmful solvents that might otherwise damage the lid or the glass jar.

You also won’t have to worry about harmful ingredients contaminating your herbs because the base ingredients of the Smoke Soap come from soy and natural oils. Definitely, they’re safe and biodegradable.

You can get one bottle of Smoke Soap for only $6.95. It’s concentrated, so a bottle of eight ounce can go a long way.

Your Options

420 Pop Top Jars

The popular 420 Classic Pop Top Jars are some of the finest machine-blown borosilicate glass containers from 420 Science. The crystal clear body allows you to sort out your collection of vaping materials more easily as the contents are easily visible. The airtight lid keeps the original flavors of the contents for a longer period, giving new a fresh dose of pinches for your vaping needs.

You can choose up to five sizes, with the Extra Small Pop-Top Jar measuring only 2.25 inches wide and 3.25 inches tall, and the largest, the Large Wide Mouth Glass Jar measuring four inches wide and 6.25 inches tall. Now that gives you different choices as to how much of your materials you want to store.

The more your vape in social circles, the more you need a larger container for that instant supply of, say, ground herbs.

420 Concentrate Jars

For more discreet storage options, choose the 420 Concentrate Jars, made in Switzerland and comes in specialized UV glass that keeps visible light from penetrating into the contents. And because it comes in black color, you’re sure to carry your materials with you in a more private style. This is most ideal for concentrates.

You can choose a 420 Concentrate Jar that comes in extra-large size, which packs up to one ounce or 28 grams of your material, wit a width of three inches and height of 5.5 inches. Other sizes are large, medium, small and even extra small for concentrates such as the all-time favorite, the budder. And just so you know, all Concentrate Jars have airtight lids as well for that long-lasting freshness.

Because the 420 Concentrate Jar is made of glass, you won’t have to worry about contaminating your material with harmful plastic contents such as BPAs and other chemicals found in these types of synthetic resins.

Screw Top Jars

The 420 Screw Top Jars have the same material and color that make up the 420 Concentrate Jars, but they come in bigger sizes, yet they still share the same opaque, UV blocking properties. There are also four size options, with the largest having a maximum content capacity of 400 milliliters, or an equivalent of 13.5 fluid ounces.

Buy It Here: 420 Jars 

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s the 420 Screw Top Glass Jars, the Concentrate Jars, or the Screw Top Jars you use, storing one for your favorite herb, tincture or concentrate means making those materials handy whenever you need them. You would rather grind herbs in bulk and store them than do the same grinding over and over every time you start vaping, right? And that makes these handy containers a must-have for frequent and social vapers like many of us.

I hope you all enjoyed our 420 jars review. Tell us more about your experiences with these 420 Glass Jars. We’d love to hear from you!

Written by James Rubio