best ways to use your pen vape
(Last Updated On: June 29, 2015)

At Smokazon, we may offer you the finest vape pens available in the market. But giving you what’s best is just one story. Taking care of it is another. So today, we share with you some of the best practices to keep your pen vaporizers in good condition for a very long time.

Get to Know Your Vaporizer First

No, we don’t want you scrambling the parts as you get yourself excited to take that first draw from your vape pen. We’ve had customers calling us for a replacement simply because the contents of the package fell off even before they even got their first vaporizing pleasure. Carelessly handled or not, these vapes do need careful treatment as well. We’d want you to take extra care of the package and to get to read the manual first before anything else, of course.

Get to know the parts of your pen vaporizer. By reading the manual, you’d know the dos and don’ts on screwing the pieces together (and not screwing it up, no pun intended) and also get yourself familiar with operating the vape for optimal performance. Pen vaporizers like the Atmos Raw come in three parts — the ceramic heating chamber, battery and mouthpiece — and any defect on each part can be replaced within the warranty period at no extra charge.

Do Not Put Too Much Pressure on the Heating Chamber

Just because you want to get the fullest flavors doesn’t mean you have to cram your ground herbs into what little space your pen vaporizer’s chamber has. Adding too much pressure or poking on the heating coil could damage it beyond repair. In other words, leave about a third or more of space inside to keep the vapor freely flowing while keeping your vape from getting prematurely damaged by rough use.

Even when using a dabber tool, which some pen vaporizers have as added accessory, avoid touching the coils, as this is one of the main reasons why heating elements suddenly stop working.

The same care holds essential when cleaning the heating chamber. Using a cotton swab or Q-tip might be effective especially when removing thick oil or wax residues, but rubbing on too much pressure against the coil might also damage it. So, remember that this section is the most important yet fragile part of your vape pen.

Keep Intervals Between Hits At No More than 15 Seconds

Although these modern vapes are generally designed to withstand prolonged vaporizing, the coils might overheat in the long run if you like keeping the button on for more than 15 seconds. Also, once you get that draw, wait for about 15 to 30 seconds before taking another hit. Keeping the heating element cooler for most times prolongs its life, as many of our vaping enthusiasts attest.

And also, for whatever reason you have in mind, do not light up your vaporizer when no materials are present inside the chamber. An empty vaporizer could easily overheat because of the absence of the botanicals that help limit the heat inside the chamber.

Use Only the Tools That Come With the Vape Pen

Vaporizer manufacturers include dabber tools or any applicators with the pen vaporizers because these accessories do what they are designed to do safely and effectively. But then, many of us love to improvise once we lose the accessory. Hence the higher risk of damage, especially when we use sharper or more pointed objects. When you lose any of the components that came along with your vaporizer, contact your supplier instead.

Clean the Vaporizer Regularly

Most vape pens are designed to keep cleaning and maintenance at the minimum. But it always pays to clean your device, especially when using oils and concentrates for a very long time. Stubborn sticky residues gradually form along the inner walls of the chamber and even the mouthpiece. So keep the insides unclogged for better airflow and least draw resistance. Here’s how to clean your vape pens (https://blog.smokazon.comsmokazon-tips-clean-pen-vaporizer/).

If you wish to maximize what you have invested for your vape pens, follow these tips and you’ll never have to worry about ending up with a broken vape just after your purchase.

Written by James Rubio