Why Women and Vaporizer are the New Black
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2015)

Who says vaporizers are just for men? Of course, we can’t just afford not to highlight their appeal to women who are now catching up with the vape revolution. And the makers of the most popular vapes equally recognize such need by featuring designs with a feminine touch.

Here are some of Smokazon’s vaporizers that might just be that perfect choice for the woman in you.


If you happen to love the outdoors or are always on the go with your job, being mobile or preoccupied with your career should not stop you from giving yourself a time off with your favorite vape. Here are the coolest pen and portable vapes for you:

Red or Pink Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Here’s the good news to all ladies. The Atmos Raw, Smokazon’s most popular vape, does come in an array of seven colors, and the most feminine of them all are the pink and red Atmos. So ladies, grab one and enjoy the pleasure of the Atmos Raw’s portability and raw power with its rich and strong flavors.

We’ve said so much about the Atmos Raw in our previous reviews. And its stealthy size and lightweight design are perhaps its most winning features among our vaping enthusiasts. So, by offering chic yet modest vapes in feminine colors, the Atmos does it again, always living to its title as our bestseller of all time.

Red or Pink Cloud 2.0 Pen Vaporizer

For ladies who prefer oils and concentrates to the rather messier herbs, the Cloud 2.0 vape is the perfect match for your vaping needs. Its ultra lightweight and sleek body makes its equally portable as the Atmos Raw in all sense. The removable chamber makes it easier for your to use this baby, and heating time comes as fast as 10 to 15 seconds.

But here’s the best part about the Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer: an impressive 30-minute charging time! Compare that with other pen vaporizers that take about one to two hours to recharge. So, this pen vape truly is ideal for ladies who have no time to mess around with herbs and the inconvenience of waiting for hours just to recharge.

So when you’re out for lunch or coffee and with what little time you have, you’d really appreciate the Cloud 2.0 vaporizer for all its worth.

Black Arizer Solo

Well, a black Arizer could pass as a good vape for both you and your man. Unlike pen vapes, the Arizer Solo comes in a much wider body that’s specifically built to contain more herbs inside for a more potent punch. So, this in turn would appeal much to girls who like to experience the pleasure of vaping at new heights.

But what’s probably good about this vape is that it is an ideal partner for women who like to carry their favorite handbags with them. The Solo isn’t really a perfectly portable vape that you could easily fit into your pocket. Its bulkier design and more sensitive glass drawing stem needs more careful handling and a bigger room to store or carry. And that shoulder bag of yours is your vape’s perfect refuge!


Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Oh how we would have loved the women of Desperate Housewives sharing one desktop vaporizer as they get cozy with girl talks. The Vapir Rise would have been the perfect social glue as unlike other tabletop vapes, it features a multi-user adapter that sports four nozzles. This means four users can attach their own whip to the Vapir Rise and that’s it. You vape all you want as you start to socialize.

The Vapir Rise also sports an internal fan, so drawing vapor wouldn’t require that much force as it freely flows out from the chamber and into the connecting whips. The only setback through is that there is no power off button for the fan alone. This means vapor continuously flows as long as the vape is on. But then again, when you’re with your friends, its simply non-stop vaping all you want.

Volcano Vaporizer

We’ve also had quite a handful of reviews on the Volcano vaporizer. Its unparalleled quality and craftsmanship makes it the top choice for those who don’t mind its price. But now, we’d rather talk about its alternative use to make it more appealing to women. So, for those married women or those singles who love the culinary arts, read on:

This vape may not have the multi-user adapter of the Vapir Rise, but the Volcano can do more than just whisking you away into vaporland. Use it in the kitchen to concoct the most flavorful drinks by infusing your favorite herbs such as mint or rosemary into your vodka or tequila. Simply dip the whip into the glass of vodka to let the bubbles of vapor enrich your drink with the aroma of the botanicals you use for your Volcano vape.

You can also infuse your grilled meat with aromas of herb by placing the cooked meat inside a specialized plastic bag and filling the bag with vapor from the whip. Thus you do away with burnt herbs that would have tasted bitter.


For pregnant women, Smokazon recommends a visit to the physician first before you use your vaporizer. Some active ingredients in herbs such as THC have been linked to impaired mental development of unborn babies. Even other herbs might also contain potent compounds that might adversely affect your pregnancy.

At Smokazon, we say it again: Seeking a licensed medical practitioner is a must for pregnant women. In the end, we’d love to see you enjoy your vape while doing it safely and responsibly.

Now that we’ve rounded up all the vapes that have in them a feminine touch for your vaping pleasure, tell us more about your experience and share with us what you think about our femme vaporizers.

Written by The Smokazon Team
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