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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

Let’s face it. You don’t often find that perfect vaporizer that could give you the most flavorful vapors, the most reliable performance, and at the most reasonable price. But what really makes a good vaporizer after all?

Today at , we’ll do a quick roundup of the most essential qualities a reliable vaporizer must have, not just its build quality of even vapor quality.

Achieve and Maintain Proper Temperature

A good vaporizer must at least meet the minimum requirement of what it should take to be one: It must achieve maximum temperatures that effectively vaporize the active compounds from your herbs or concentrates without burning or oxidizing them. We all know, of course, the purpose behind why we use vaporizers in the first place, and that is to avoid all the obnoxious gases and carcinogens present in smoked cannabis.

So, in general, a heating element that effectively heats up your botanicals to a maximum temperature of about 230 degrees Celsius should be good enough but not hot enough to cause burning. Other vape models can even go as low as 40 to 100 degrees Celsius if the idea is to vaporize more volatile compounds that easily evaporate at lower heat levels.

Provide Quick Heat-Up Time and Delivery

We all vaporize for recreational purposes most of the time. And when time is of the essence, a good vape should reach the desired vaping temperature in just a few seconds to about two minutes. Yes, vape pens offer faster heat-up time than desktop vaporizers, and this perfectly makes sense. When you’re outdoors trying to get a few quick draws from your portable pen-style vaporizer, you won’t need that much waiting time just to get those vapors going.

On the other hand, desktop vapes can warm up for as long as five minutes, but it’s perfectly forgivable because we aren’t always in a hurry and that all we want is to relax. Yes, these bulkier counterparts are larger and are slower to light up, but the vapor density is something to behold because they’re much better than what vape pens offer.

Distribute Heat Evenly

This is one of the trickiest parts especially with desktop vapes. Well-designed vaporizers have herb chambers that allow even distribution of heat to the materials inside. The orientation of these chambers is usually vertically placed on top of the heating element. However, some poorly designed vaporizers have the chamber either horizontally or diagonally oriented, causing some of the ground herbs to fall farther away from the heating element as it spreads across the base of the chamber. This results in some of the materials that are overly exposed to heat and some that are still ‘raw.’ This greatly affects vapor quality, not to mention the wastage just because of the poorly designed vaporizer.

Filter the Vapor With Water

Now, this is not common for vaporizers, but a few good ones have these and yes, the addition of water filtration system results in much cooler and cleaner vapors. One good example is the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer.  This is probably the only desktop vape that exceeds the Volcano vaporizer’s vapor quality — thanks to the water percolator that filters out dust and minute particles, and also cools vapor down before passing through the whip.

We understand how such feature is absent in many models, but buy one with this feature and it will certainly be worth the buy.

Produce Clean Vapor

You’ll know whether a vaporizer has good manufacturing quality when the vapor it exudes from the botanicals is clean, without any plastic or foreign smell. Heating elements such as those made of ceramic or aluminum blocks produce the cleanest vapors. However, some cheap vaporizers can come in poorly soldered and insulated heating chamber with plastic parts, and these materials could heat up together with the heating element, hence the unnatural smell while vaporizing.

Here at Smokazon, we only feature the cleanest, high-quality pen-style vaporizers and nothing less.

Lasts a Very Long Time

Generally, vaporizers do not come cheap. Hence, we all expect them to last at least three to five years or even longer, way beyond their warranty period. One good example of such quality craftsmanship is the Volcano vaporizer from Storz and Bickel . We’ve had users still firing up their Volcano for more than five years now. And this truly is a true testament to the German company’s quality craftsmanship.

Bottom Line

Don’t get fooled by the most fancy vaporizer designs. When buying one, always check on these qualities we’ve mentioned to keep you from inadvertently buying a lemon. Or, better yet, read more of our vaporizer reviews to get yourself familiar with only the best options.

Do you have more ideas to share about how to spot the best vapes? Tell us more by posting your comments below!

Written by The Smokazon Team
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