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It’s the jewel of all Atmos Vape pens.

So-called because the Atmos Jewel vaporizer can be your all-in-one vape that can vaporize both your herb and waxy oils. Unlike the Atmos Optimus (designed for concentrates only) and the Atmos Raw (designed for dry herbs without the oil attachment), the Atmos Jewel can come in handy regardless of your vaping material. This is perhaps the vape’s primary selling point.

Let’s face it: having to replace one chamber after another for different botanicals could be a tad fussy and time-consuming especially in public places or in social groups. So, let’s take a closer look at the Atmos Jewel and see its glory in full detail.

Build and Manufacturing Quality

Measuring only 5 inches long and about .5 inches in diameter on its widest side, the Atmos Jewel fits comfortably along the line of Atmos Vape pens. But what sets it apart is its rather space-age design, sporting a bulbous middle part with a few perforations. So, in terms of dimension, the Atmos Jewel fits perfectly in your pocket or bag, making this vape perfectly portable in all sense.

The Atmos Jewel vaporizer comes in a sturdy metal body rather than plastic. So this offers extra protection and durability as compared with other vaporizers with a rather cheap-looking plastic build. Inside the Jewel sits the ceramic heating element, which means we’re confident that this vape produces pure vapors. As we all know, ceramic materials do not give off smoke or any plastic smell. The Atmos Jewel Heating chamber is much wider compared to other vapes. Inside of the vape, it sports an extra ring in the coil — This provides greater surface area for vaporizing your botanicals.

When it comes to drawing in air when vaporizing, we are particularly impressed with how Atmos designed the Jewel. The tiny holes actually serve as the inlet where air gets sucked inside. Other cheap vaporizers, on the other hand, force the air through the battery container and into the heating chamber. Sometimes, this design results in funny plastic smell mixed with the vapors.

When used, the vaporizer button lights up, then flashes with a message for on-or-off sequence or when the battery is dead.

Then comes the rubber Atmos Jewel mouthpiece, which also comes in handy with its clever design. It’s rubbery consistency makes you want to bite down on the as you playfully draw your favorite flavors in. This feature is unique among vape pens, and it seems Atmos really spent much time perfecting the Jewel for that pleasurable user experience.

Comparison With Other Atmos Vape Pens (atmos jewel vs. junior | atmos raw vs. Atmos Jewel)

By size, the Jewel is just comparable with the Atmos RX Junior. But when compared with the Raw and Optimus, the Jewel features a fairly larger chamber for your vaping materials. The battery is also a non-issue with the Jewel. Our vaping enthusiasts are just as satisfied with how the Jewel vaporizer can handle continuous vaping sessions for hours.

Just like the Raw and the Junior, the Atmos Jewel vaporizer comes in five colors of black, white, pink, green and red. So far, our bestseller is the black Jewel as it looks more elegant and discreet. Overall, one can use the Jewel easily with its excellent hand feel given its small size. Its lightweight body is something you’d begin to appreciate if you vape more frequently.

Among all of the Jewel’s qualities that are worth comparing with the other Atmos Vape pens, its functionality is indeed what’s worth telling. While the Raw in itself only supports dry herbs and the Optimus functions only for oils, the Jewel gives you the best of both worlds because you can use it for dry, ground herbs or concentrates. This means you won’t have to purchase an oil attachment as in the case of the Raw just to vaporize liquids and waxes. How cool is that!

How to Use Atmos Jewel and How It Functions

The moment you unbox the Jewel, just screw the mouthpiece, battery and heating chamber together and charge the device for the first time. The Jewel usually takes only two hours to charge. But initial charging might take up to six hours.

Once done, begin loading your herbs or concentrates into the chamber, but make sure to leave about 20% of extra space to prevent leakage and to make way for hot air to stay inside the chamber.

To turn the vape on, click the power button five times and hold it down for a quick draw of vapor. The good thing about the Jewel is the fast heating time — only two seconds. 

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality for the Jewel is above average to near excellent. Again, we say that vape pens do not compare well with larger portables and desktops. But when compared with others of the same category, the Jewel does a good job with consistency and density of vapors. With this, we say the Jewel is worth the try.

Overall Experience

In all, the Atmos Jewel vaporizer fares better with our bestseller Raw when it comes to functionality. With just one purchase, you get a wax vape and dry-herb vape in one. Hence, we say that the Jewel is one step-up in terms of the Atmos evolution.
Smokazon Team

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