(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
At, we always love to feature only the best in the vaporizing world. That said, the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer tops our list in one important category no vaporizing enthusiast can’t do away without: excellent vapor quality.

The AroMed 4.0 vaporizer features a halogen bulb heating element and a water filtration system that exudes only the purest vapors. And these are just two of the best qualities that make the AroMed Vaporizer one of our top picks for the non-portable category.

So, let’s do a thorough review of this desktop vape. Who knows, this might just be the perfect one for you.

The Basics: Build and Manufacturing Quality

Let’s face it: The AroMed 4.0 looks nothing like those fancier vaporizers with their streamlined, funky designs. In fact, it can pass for a voltage regulator or something that looks like a hospital or laboratory apparatus with its box-type body. In other words, aesthetics is not something you’d be happy to expect from the AroMed vape, but talk about performance and this surely is the winner. We’ll talk about this a little later.

The AroMed 4.0 desktop vaporizer offers accurate temperature increments that are precision-controlled to 1°C accuracy. The vape can heat up your herb with a temperature range of 60°C to 235°C. The digital screen provides the temperature reading, which reflects the actual heat level of the herbs and not the heating element. Now, we emphasize this feature because most vaporizers are designed to provide the heat levels of the core — the element rather than the herbs. This proves important to make sure you don’t overheat your vaping material.

What makes the AroMed 4.0 unique is the halogen bulb for its heating element. This provides clean and energy-efficient vaporizing. Compare this with other vaporizers and you’ll notice the difference. The AroMed 4.0 does not give off any plastic smell that would have otherwise come from cheap solders and poorly designed heating core.

Another big selling point of the AroMed 4.0 is the water filtration system designed to remove particulates from the vapor. The water percolator inside the body is where the fresh vapors from the herbs pass through, and this is where dust and other minute materials get filtered down. This feature gives the AroMed 4.0 its edge over the other desktop vaporizers. Because vapor is also cooled down, many of our users report experiencing the freshest and purest vapor at just the right temperature.

Vapor Quality

As we have mentioned, the AroMed 4.0 sports more than just an energy-efficient heating element. It also features a water filtration system that brings down dust or minute particles from the vapor. But another effect of the water percolator is the cooler vapor that goes through the whip, making you enjoy each draw even more because the vapor is cool to the mouth and throat. Thus, you do away with coughing the entire time you take your favorite flavors in.

The halogen bulb also emits consistent amount of radiant heat, which in turn evenly vaporizes the active compounds of your botanicals. In the AroMed 4.0, the bulb only lights up the moment you inhale through the whip. This means you get freshly ‘brewed’ vapors all the time. That said, there is perhaps no other heating element as effective and as clean as a bulb that produces radiant energy and nothing more.

Combine this entire process and you’ll get only the cleanest and purest vapor from AroMed 4.0. In fact, our users report that vapor quality with AroMed surpasses that of the Volcano vaporizer. Well, it’s for you, our customers to try!

Temperature and Heating Speed

Again, all kudos to the halogen bulb, which is by far the safest, cleanest and most accurate heating element for a vaporizer. Because radiant heat can easily be controlled, the halogen bulb can emit accurately set temperatures.

Talking about speed, the AroMed quickly heats up the herbs in as fast as two minutes. Yet, even at this speed, there are still desktop vaporizers that do a better job at heating the materials more quickly. But for the AroMed, quality is placed first over heating speed to make sure that each vaping session is all worth it.


Of course, no vaporizer is perfect, and for the most part, some tradeoffs are to be expected. For one, the AroMed 4.0 does not have a forced-air (internal fan) system. This means you cannot use a balloon just like using one with the Volcano vaporizer. This makes the AroMed ideal only for individual use or for fairly small groups.

Another disadvantage we’ve observed is that cleaning the AroMed can be a tad bulkier with all the larger glass parts. So, you’ll need a larger jar where you can soak these parts in alcohol or water.

Lastly, it’s the rather bland aesthetics that make the AroMed 4.0 quite an ‘uncool’ vape to look at especially in social settings. Perhaps, one has to try the vape’s performance first. After all, no great, fancy design will ever make up for a less than perfect product in terms of vapor quality and overall vaping experience.

Overall Experience with AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer

What can we say? It’s all hands down to the AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer for its perfect vapor quality. For a time being, our vaping enthusiasts have always regarded the Volcano vaporizer as the best vaporizer ever . Yes, it still is, but no longer in the vapor quality category. The clean halogen bulb heating element, the water filtration system and the glass interiors to contain the vapors make the AroMed 4.0 an all-time winner for those who put quality of vapor first above everything else.

Forget about its rather bland design and focus more on that perfect vaping experience each and every time you use the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer. So, if you’re not really into using balloons, and if its design does not really matter to you, then we highly recommend the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer. You can use this vape for your essential oils, waxes and tinctures too!

Now that we’ve completely rounded up the best qualities and some cons of AroMed 4.0 vaporizer, what can you say about this desktop vaporizer? Post your comments below!


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