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(Last Updated On: May 22, 2015)

For the connoisseurs, vapor quality is one non-negotiable factor when it comes to getting that perfect vaporizer. With more brands coming out and as the competition gets tougher, expect vaping enthusiasts to scour user reviews before they even get their first dibs on their vaping device. And for the choosy vaper, the quality of vapor produced is an important aspect of any vaporizer, and it needs to produce the best vapor characterized by its thickness, smoothness and consistency all throughout the vaping sessions.

Given the number of vaporizers in the market today, what are vaporizers that can cater to the best quality vapor? We’ve rounded up some products that you may want to try. But first things first, let’s take a look at what makes or breaks a vaporizer’s vapor quality:

The Heating Element

Sure, a vaporizer company can offer a thousand promises, even showing off streamlined or futuristic designs. But vapor quality isn’t something you can be assured of at first glance. The inner workings such as the heating element inside the heating chamber prove the greatest factor. You may have heard of cheap vapes usually coming from China, but many of them have poorly design heating coils soldered with dangerous metals such as lead and are built closer to plastics.

These metals could easily vaporize even at lower temperatures, posing a greater threat to your heath and overshadowing the rather beneficial effects of cannabinoids or other therapeutic compounds. You’ll usually know this with the unusual plastic or foreign smell when your device is heated up for the first few times.

So, how do you guard yourself from these lemons? Checking on vapor quality is a challenging one because for the most times, you’d need to purchase the device first before you get to appreciate or throw them away for a better one. The best way to arm yourself with the information is by reading reviews by other users. Now, how about new brands? Well, it may not be a conventional way to do this option, but when it comes to vaporizers, price does matter.

Cheaper herbal vape pens such as those that cost well below $60 might already raise a flag. They are cheap for the bad reasons: low-quality materials and low-standard manufacturing processes that could compromise vapor quality. Yes, others are creative enough to make their vapes look really expensive, but it is what’s inside that could greatly affect your health as the end user.

Most well crafted vaporizers use either high-quality stainless steel coils or ceramic materials as a heat source. More expensive ones use glass or halogen bulbs for even purer vapors. One top-notch vaporizer, the Volcano, is unique in that is has an aluminum heating core. It may not sound conventional, but aluminum’s excellent heat conductivity makes it easier for the device to control the heat temperature at a very precise point at the earliest time. Still, there have been concerns on the health implications of aluminum. Some critics claim that ingesting too much aluminum has been linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. But to date, there is no strong evidence showing this link. And so far, it’s all good for Volcano Vaporizer users.

The Vaping Temperature

Vaporizer Temperature Guide

Image source: Vapornation

This is tad trickier factor to talk about because vaping temperatures vary among vaporizers, and that each user, regardless of the presence or absence of combustion in the device, subjectively perceives “vapor quality.”

For health conscious individuals, quality of vapor largely means zero combustion to begin with. As you already know, burning of plant materials produces toxic chemicals that have been linked to increased risk of lung cancer, emphysema and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. By eliminating combustion, what remains after heating the plant materials is pure vapor with all those active THC and cannabinoids (in case marijuana is used), optimizing whatever good effects you want to achieve in the first place.

Surprisingly, the issue surrounding most vaporizer pens had its unexpected turns. Because most pens make use of exposed heating coils to vaporize dry herbs, combustion follows because of the direct contact between the materials and the heat source. Yes, some users complain about such fact and how these models not being “true vaporizers.”

But unexpectedly, many users actually enjoy the fact that the resulting combustion produces denser flavors — those that almost equate the effects and the highs produced by using joints and bongs. So in the process, these types of vaporizers — the ones that also burns the materials to some degree — will remain alongside with the new ones that are true vapors in all sense.

The ever-present demand for the Atmos Raw for example, despite such issues, still makes this vaporizer pen the bestselling one we have thus far. Atmos Nation, however, eventually included glass screens for all its vaporizer pens with exposed coils to help protect the herbs from the intense heat coming from the coil. This lessens the smoke produced in the process.

The Heating Chamber Size

Heating chamber

In the vaping world, size does matter. And the bigger the chamber is for your dry ground materials, the denser and thicker each vapor drawn. So, there is a reason why, if not for the discreet size of pen-style vaporizers, you’d rather choose the larger portable vaporizers such as the Arizer Solo, Plenty, Mighty or DaVinci vaporizers rather than stick to pens in which just a few grams of the botanicals would last only a few puffs.

And if portability is not much of an issue for you, go for desktop vaporizers for all their incomparably larger chamber size and power. Tabletop models directly plug into a power source because of their heating elements need much electricity to give off heat in a larger surface area inside the chamber. Of course the result is nothing short of spectacular in terms of vapor quality.

For the health conscious connoisseur, it always pays to invest in a good vape, even if it costs a bit more. Not only will you be sure of your health, but will also enjoy your device for a very long time.

The Best Vaporizers With the Best Vapor Quality

The Herbalizer vaporizer

Herbalizer vaporizer

After a few years or hailing the Volcano as the number one device in terms of excellent vapor quality, we placed the new Herbalizer at the top spot for obvious reasons. As the name suggests, this vaporizer’s main focus are herbs as well as concentrates. Unlike most vaporizers in the market, it offers two vaping options: aromatherapy and vaportherapy modes. Also, you use either the whip or balloon depending on your vaping preference.

Let’s go straight to the vapor quality of the Herbalizer. For a lot of users, this is among their top picks, for the reason that it provides superb draws due to its accurate temperature control. This device also needs a short period of time in order to heat up and reach the desired setting. Unlike most desktop vaporizers that take minutes to heat up, this vaporizer only needs a few seconds.

And the secret to this quick, easy and superb performance? It’s the halogen bulb inside the device that heats up the herbs in no time. Unlike conduction and convection, the radiant energy coming from the bulb results in very fast and quick temperature variance according to your choice.

You may also use the Herbalizer with your favorite concentrates with the small metal mesh that’s neatly tucked inside the device. To use it, just add a few drops of the concentrate into the mesh and place the mesh inside the removable chamber for vaporization.

This vaporizer starts at 290°F but could also hit 330°F to 390°F, depending on your preference. One thing that can affect your vaping experience aside from the temperature is the grind consistency that you will be implementing. Based on experience, medium to fine grind can produce a superb vaping session.

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The Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano vape

For many, the Volcano Vaporizer is still the best vaporizer in the market today. It legitimized vaping not only as a recreational activity, but as a medical intervention as well. It is even considered as a medical device in Israel, a country that legalized the use of medical cannabis. Though bulky and expensive, this is considered by many as the best unit that you could have for vaping. With accurate temperature control, not to mention rock solid construction, and thick consistent vapor produced for every draw, this is still the undisputed king of all vaporizers.

There are two options for the Volcano. You could either have the Volcano classic or stick with the digital. The latter, being more expensive than any other vaporizer in the market today, you may hesitate if you are on some short budget.

Made by the German company Storz & Bickel, the Volcano was made to produce thick and dense vapor especially when you finely grind the materials in its chamber. In terms of expected years from the device, you could expect more than 5 years with this investment.

So does the classic and digital version of the Volcano produce the same quality vapor? Yes. Thus, if you are looking to get the best bang for your buck, and is only concerned about vapor quality, it is highly suggested you stick with the classic version.

Regardless of the design (Classic or Digital), the Volcano Vaporizer features an aluminum heating core that allows accurate temperature settings in just a short time. The aluminum element also makes sure that even at higher temperatures, no part of the metal vaporizes, mainly because aluminum has a very high melting point.

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The Plenty Vaporizer

plenty vape

Brought by the same company that made the Volcano, Plenty is the whip style vaporizer that can be at par with the best vaporizers out there in terms of vapor quality.  For $349, this product is a stand out not only among whip style vaporizers, but for all classes of vaporizers in general.

One characteristic that is worth mentioning about the Plenty vaporizer is the extra wide chamber that will ultimately lead to more surface area. This construction made it possible for the Plenty to have the kind of quality vapor it has been known for. Also, you can pack as much or as little herbs that you please with this set up.

One of the things that you may want to have if you are about to purchase a Plenty vaporizer is a grinder that would give you the grinded herbs that you need. Though the Plenty looks weird at first, there are just some things (especially in the vaping industry) that come in weird packages.

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Mighty and Crafty Portable Vaporizers

mighty and crafty vaporizers

For the next vaporizer, it is a tie between the Mighty and the Crafty Vaporizer. It is because down to the basics, both have practically similar working mechanisms and of course, vapor quality. They only differ though in how you operate them. Yes, for starters, both Crafty and Mighty are identical in construction, only the Mighty is bigger than that of the Crafty. Both these vaporizers were also made by Storz & Bickel. Another difference is the already present option in the Mighty to adjust the temperature, while you need to install a smartphone app to control the Crafty’s heat settings.

With the Mighty. Having same construction, but only with longer battery life, it caters high quality vapor for longer periods of time compared to the Crafty. For the Mighty, this device can be used while being plugged in, while the Crafty needs to wait until 25% of the battery is already charged.

On the other hand, Crafty is another device considered among the top portable vaporizers in the industry today. What makes the Crafty a superb piece of vaporizer in general is its high precision controls similar to the likes of Volcano and Plenty.  Small enough to be placed in your pocket, this portable vaporizer is a testament that size sometimes doesn’t matter. Made of rigid plastic on the outside, allowing you to load roughly around 0.3 grams of herbs, this device can get you through up to roughly 3 full sessions. This vaporizer also comes with a filling tool which assists you in your vaping sessions.

In just 90 seconds, you can already use this device without a problem. It comes with two temperature modes that go from normal to boost mode. This comes with a default temperature that, as we mentioned earlier, you could alter using a smart phone app. But of course, it can only reach reasonable limits.  One tip that can make a huge difference on your vaping experience is when you clean the device every after session. This will guarantee that there are no leftover herbs on the chamber.

So, if price is not a problem for you, go for the Mighty instead because of the more convenient features, although both already offer superb vapor quality, coming from Storz and Bickel, Volcano’s manufacturer.

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Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q

The last vaporizer on our list is the Extreme Q Vaporizer. Extreme Q Vaporizer often times gets compared to the Volcano. Extreme Q made by Arizer is a two in one vaporizer, similar to the Herbalizer. It is both a vaporizer whip and a balloon type vaporizer. Its vapor quality for both options has been known by a lot of enthusiasts in the niche.

Though considered by some reviewers as an entry-level vaporizer, the Extreme Q gives thick and consistent vapor. When you purchase the vaporizer, you can get the best vapor at around 390°F. The only downside when using the balloon mode is that you will have to keep your finger since this device has no valve like the one you see from Volcano. Using the highest setting on your fan, this device could already fill up the balloon in just 90 seconds.

When it comes to vapor quality, we really can’t place this on a co-equal stand with the Volcano because admittedly, the Volcano still offers better vapor quality than the Arizer Extreme Q. But if you still want to experience denser vapors that only desktop vaporizers could offer, plus the option to add the balloon (just like the Volcnao), the Extreme Q is a good choice given its price range that’s well below the Volcano.

Plus, you can conveniently use the Arizer Extreme Q as an aromatherapy device to let those potpourri give off their fragrances by putting them in a glass bowl (comes with the package) and placing it on top of the device’s nozzle. And also, the remote control comes in really handy especially if you use the Extreme Q as an aromatherapy device in a relatively larger room. So much for lazy Sundays or afternoons weekends.

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The Bottom Line

Quality vapor is a must especially today. With this list, you will have an idea which item is most likely going to give you the highest quality vapor. Given the number of vaporizers in the market today, it is hard to choose. With this list, you will have an idea what really is worth the price. Which one is yours?

Written by Kris Carter