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The Good / There are many good things about the Pax vaporizer. It is the ideal portable vaporizer for the person who loves to take his vaping habits outside the house. Upon first glance, it looks like a lighter, which is a good thing for a portable vaporizer. Unlike other vaporizers that look like a smart phone, a flask, or any other weird shape out there; this fits the bill for a discreet and handy portable vaporizer.

The vaporizer is also known for producing superb tasting vapor. Given today’s competition, it is comparable with some of the best products in the portable vaporizer market. As for the amount of vapor you’ll get in one chamber, it could provide you with as much as 20 draws.

Aside from the fact that you can get as much as 20 draws from this particular device, it is also possible to use the vaporizer while you charge it. And having a feature that turns off the heater after 20 seconds of inactivity, you could make the vaporizer last.

The Bad / There are some bad things about this product that could be worth mentioning. For instance, if you are a fan of massive draws, this isn’t the product that you want to have. Also, it has been noted by many users that there’s a plastic taste on the latter draws, especially if you placed the setting on high. So what should you do? Probably, you would take longer draws when you make use of this particular product.

The Bottom Line / Pax is a product that could easily be considered as a good portable vaporizer option. It provides high quality vapor, minus the bulky structure of your desktop vaporizer. It offers decent satisfaction for those looking for a temporary fix. With 20 draws for a 0.2 gram capacity chamber, it is efficiency at its finest. It is just advised that you learn how to play around with the temperature settings for the fact that you could be getting a plastic taste if you heat the herb quite high.


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There are many portable vaporizers in the market today. Ranging from the good to the bad vaporizers, it is quite confusing to pick the right vaporizer for your vaping needs. Enter the Pax vaporizer by Ploom. The Pax vaporizer runs around $250 in the market today. In contrast to competition, this is an advanced type of portable vaporizer. Let’s take a closer look how this device operates.

What’s new with Pax
Pax was made during the time when e-cigarettes were taking over. Ploom managed to come up with a unique design that hopes to provide a higher quality vaping experience to both enthusiasts and even the serious individuals.

The first obvious thing about the Pax is its lightweight and unique design. In fact, often times, you’ll go unnoticed when you take the Pax on the streets and you decide to take some draws. This makes this particular product true to its form as a portable vaporizer. These days though, you have to be careful when purchasing the Pax. Given its success, many fakes made it in the market.

Design and Performance
The design of the Pax is very functional and practical. It has a modern design that fits your use. It is 4 inches in length which could fit nicely in your palm. In fact, it looks like a huge lighter. Perfect fit for your pocket, it has a mouthpiece that also functions as its switch.

Performance-wise, there are some things that could still be improved on the Pax. One of the things that can still be improved by the company is the vaping experience. It is hard to take a draw from the Pax, mainly because of its small design. As other users would put it, it is like drinking shake from a tiny straw. So if you are a fan of large draws, better adjust your expectation with this particular device. The closest design to the Pax when it comes to this particular vaporizer is the Solo.

At the bottom of the vaporizer, here’s where you’ll see the herb chamber. With a magnetic cover, it provides an easy access for you to place your herb. For those asking just around how many draws can this small vaporizer provide, .01 gram of herb could give you approximately 10 draws.

The design of the herb chamber was made by Ploom to maximize the overall surface area in contact with the herb. And the only way to judge the quality of this design is to experience the vapor itself. The taste is superb in the beginning. However, by the end of the draws, you’ll notice the change in the taste. This isn’t a good sign considering the price tag of the vaporizer.

The heat up time required with the Pax is only under a minute, which is a superb thing for a portable vaporizer this size. Once the light is green, this is a signal that you can already use the vaporizer.

Since it is battery operated, the vaporizer will have a power saving mode after 20 seconds of inactivity. This allows you to have more vaping session with the device, given the energy saving feature. Once you pick it up, this reengages to continue your vaping session.

Being a portable device, it is important to have an idea about just how much time do you need to charge the product. For this particular product, all you need is an hour and a half to get the battery full. As for the time that it could last, it depends on the temperature that you use.

Portability and discreetness
Size matters in the world of vaporizers. There are many emerging designs that have been known for their compact design. And given the Pax’s 4 inch design, this is a perfect device that could fit in your pocket. Though it isn’t as small as other vaporizers, it’s been designed to be a very discreet device. There are many vaporizers in the market today that could be are camouflaged as another item. However, some designs are weird. For instance, there are vaporizers that look like a flask. Would you rather be mistaken as an alcoholic?

A lot of people are very practical about the size of the vaporizer they carry around outside the house. If you are looking for a backup vaporizer to the Volcano, the Pax fits the bill perfectly. It is a vaporizer that is very discreet. In fact, it has the ability to confuse random passers-by. Since it looks like a lighter, you won’t expect that the Pax to be a herb vaporizer capable of providing high quality vapor to its users.

Vapor Quality
It has three heat settings though. You could choose from low, medium or high. Changing the temperature could be made with just your thumbnail. You can cycle through the different heat settings with ease. Red represents high, orange is medium and yellow is low.

For those who are wondering what the best setting is for your herbs, it is highly suggested to take the medium setting, which is colored orange. The lowest temperature is at 190°C, while the highest is at 210°C. For the medium setting of the Pax, you have 198°C to 199°C which is optimal for vaporizer.

Aside from the fact that it could taste a bit off for the last few draws, you also have to deal with the fact that you don’t get a thick density vapor from this particular vaporizer. Also, for a single chamber, you could get up to 20 draws once you filled it up, which is a good thing if you are just looking for that temporary fix.

How to Use the Pax Portable Vaporizer
1. To use the Pax portable vaporizer, unboxing the device, you need to charge it for around an hour and a half. For a fully charged device, you could get up to 6 sessions of full chamber.
2. Once you have the batter of the Pax charged, you can now load herbs right at the bottom of the device. Placing the herbs is an easy to follow process. The heat chamber, also known as the oven has a magnetic cover which keeps everything sealed.
3. Next, you can now flip the vaporizer and turn it on. Pushing the mouth piece will turn the device on. The device will also give you the mouthpiece where you could do the necessary vaping.
4. To choose which temperature you want to use on your vaporizer, there’s a groove on the back of the device wherein a button is located.
5. Once you pressed the button, this will get the vaporizer to cycle into the three different heat settings. Dark red would signify high, orange is for medium, and yellow for low.
6. You’ll have to wait for a minute in order for the vaporizer to be ready for use. It is worth mentioning that the vaporizer will still heat up in under a minute even when it is about to be drained.
7. If you happened to stay inactive for the next 20 seconds, the vaporizer itself will conserve its power.

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