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The Good: The Pax 2 is a loose-leaf or dry-herb vaporizer, which is a good thing for beginners and connoisseurs. And if you haven’t tried loose leaf vaping, you are definitely missing out on a lot of things. It is a perfect device for recreational or therapeutic vaping.

Even the pickiest enthusiasts love the fact that Silicon Valley entrepreneurs designed the Pax 2. This simply means that you can expect not only out of the box ideas, but continuous improvements from the previous Pax design. And true enough, Pax 2 flaunts a lot of improvements from its predecessor.

Among the improvements is its deeper oven. It also has a larger battery that allows the end user more time to use the device. According to the company, with the bigger battery, it could give you around 30% more time using the device. But upon using the device, it actually doubled the number of sessions on the Pax 2.

The Bad:  Due to the disappointing mouthpiece design of the Pax that usually gets stuck, Pax 2’s mouthpiece design flush with the shell and has as small slit for the vapor. It also adds a protruding mouthpiece for those users who loved this feature on the first Pax.

Other than that, there’s not much bad to say about this particular product, mainly due to the number of changes and improvements that the company did to the Pax 2.

If there is anything else that’s “bad” about the product, it would most likely be the price. Though some may argue that you get what you are paying for, it isn’t as competitively priced as other handheld vaporizers in the market. It costs $280. Yes. It isn’t for a budget-friendly option that you can just purchase.

The Bottom Line:  From what we’ve seen from the first Pax, the Pax 2 is an improved version of its predecessor. Unlike other 2.0 vaporizers that hit the market, this portable vaporizer compensated to what the first one should’ve been.

Durability, overall vaping experience to battery capacity are some of the most important changes that happened to the Pax 2. But of course, let’s not forget the fact that the Pax 2 is $80 more expensive than its predecessor.

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What’s New

So what’s new with this particular vaporizer? For starters, let’s start off with the weight of the Pax 2. It is relatively smaller than what the original Pax was. Approximately 20% to 30% has been reduced from the original weight of the Pax.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the original Pax needed some changes due to durability concerns. A lot of reviewers mentioned that they needed to replace their Pax earlier than what is expected from the portable vaporizers. But based on the overall design of the Pax 2, the durability issues may have already been addressed.

Also, a good addition to the new Pax 2 is that it improved the former design of the mouthpiece. If you’ll notice, the company scrapped the protruding mouthpiece that many users complained about. According to the users of the original Pax, it was the reason for the device to get stuck. The solution for this particular scenario is an improved small slit design where vapor passes through. It also comes with an optional protruding mouthpiece for those who prefer the older design. Yes, you get the best of both worlds!

Design and Performance

Upon looking at the design of the Pax 2, you’ll obviously find the second version more appealing than the first one. Not that the first one’s design isn’t slick, it’s just that the second has improved so much. Brushed anodized aluminum, the device is available in different colors. You can choose from black, aqua, red or silver. This exterior also makes the device less prone from scratches.

As mentioned, the overall size of the Pax 2 is around 20%-30% smaller than the original. Also, it is lighter by around 10% which make the device handier. What is most surprising about this particular device is that it performs better than the original version despite changes in size.

As a testament to the overall quality of the new Pax 2, it has a 10 year warranty from the company. This only means that the company is confident with its current design. One of the most common causes of malfunction in the original Pax is the mouthpiece sticking. With the newest design, the company minimized this issue, though you can still get residue build up every now and then.

If you’ll look closely at the device, there are multiple channels where the vapor goes through on the mouthpiece. The vapor path also isn’t centered. Why was it designed this way? It was devised this way so you’ll never block the vapor. 

As for the overall performance of the device, the Pax 2 is among the best portable vaporizers in the market today. It is easy to use. In fact, you just need to press the power button to select from the temperature. You will then just tap the button again to cycle through the settings.

Another reason that makes the Pax 2 a great vaporizer is its lip sensing technology. What exactly does it do? The oven automatically adjusts if you are using the device or not. The oven heats up when you place your lip near the device. This prevents the herb from being burned, maintaining the perfect temperature on your end.

In terms of performance, internally Pax 2 changes include an improved oven. It is now made of stainless steel oven that prevents overheating by the side. Another great feature of the Pax 2 is its internal accelerometer which detects motion. In absence of motion, it automatically conserves energy by running on standby mode. The Pax 2 fully charged battery could provide more or less 7 to 10 sessions straight due to the built-in accelerometer.

Portability and Discreetness

Being around 25% smaller than the original Pax, the Pax 2 is a perfect handy device that you can keep in your pocket. The shape of the vaporizer can easily be mistaken for anything. In fact, the good thing about this particular device is that you could keep in in your palm. Unlike other vaporizers that have weird shapes, the Pax 2 is a simple vaporizer which can be mistaken for a cigarette or even for a pen.

Another great thing that makes the device a game changer among cannabis enthusiasts is the fact that you actually don’t produce a smell distinct of cannabis as you use the device. Unless you are someone who is also familiar with the minimal scent of weed, you’ll most likely not recognize the session even if you are using the vaporizer in a public place, like in a concert for example.

Vapor Quality

What makes the Pax 2 different from the other hand held vaporizers in the market is its ability to bring quality vapor to its user using loose leaf herbs. Setting the vaporizer on its highest temperature, you still get high quality vapor that gets downright milky. It doesn’t taste harshly burnt, despite on the highest temperature, and it still maintains its high quality vapor.

Temperature settings are as follows: Low runs at 182°C, medium at 193°C, medium high at 204°C and high at 216°C. So what affects the vapor produced by the Pax 2? It involves a number of factors, for instance, the temperature that you use can play a crucial role. Also, what type of herb are you using for your particular session? Given the different cannabinoids per strain, it requires a different temperature depending on what you are using.

But of course, let’s admit that no device is perfect. We noticed that there is quite a resistance if you are already on the third or fourth consecutive session. Part of the reason is the residue buildup on the device.

How to Use the Pax 2 Vaporizer

1.  Unboxing the vaporizer, you’ll have to charge the vaporizer for around 3 hours. This allows you to have around 7 to 10 sessions.

2.  Once the device is fully charged, you can now pack the herb chamber of the device. Preferably, you can have it filed up to 75%. Opening the device is pretty much straight forward. You’ll see the oven at the bottom which makes the heat concentrate at the bottom and not near your lip as you vape.

3. Next, you can place the cover of the oven back in place to secure your herb.

4. Turning the device on and choosing different temperatures has been simplified on the new Pax 2. You can hold it down to turn the device on, and then press to choose between the available temperatures.

5. Now, you are ready to draw from the device.

6. Enjoy vaping!

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