Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
Here’s the good news: We’ve seen the future of desktop vapes, and they’re going to be better, sleeker and more affordable. But at present, no vaporizer of this category lives up to these expectations much better than the Arizer Extreme Q, from Arizer – the Canadian company that also brought you the V Tower and the Solo.

Sure, some vaporizers may come in hefty price tags — just like the Volcano — but vaporizing does feel much better when you get fairly the same results for less. So today, we set our eyes on the Extreme Q as the answer to both your vaping needs and budget. Let’s take a look at what the Extreme Q has in store for us:

The Basics

Let’s get things straight right away: There’s nothing that the Volcano can do that the Extreme Q can’t. In other words, the Arizer Q Extreme can support either the vaporizer whip or the balloon to fit your preferences.

When it comes to design, this tabletop vaporizer’s internal framework is made of highly durable stainless steel and the high-quality ceramic heating element. Outside, the vaporizer sports a sleek, high-quality stainless steel as well, with the controls and LED screen sitting comfortably on the wide base. But what sets the Extreme Q apart from other desktop vapes is the option to adjust the settings using a remote control. Sounds convenient? Well, if you happen to be in constant motion inside your home, yes it is indeed.

The vaporizer’s accessories also come in high-quality materials. So you won’t have to worry about contaminating your botanicals with any residue or your vapor with particles that might otherwise produce a plastic smell. The whip, for example, is also made of food-grade material. The Cyclone bowl, mouthpiece and the elbow are made of durable glass that’s resistant to the heat coming from the vaporizer.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that, although the Extreme Q does have an internal fan to push the vapor out especially when the balloon is used, the vape is impressively quiet. Now, that’s good to know as many other desktop vaporizers emit quite annoying buzzing sounds with their internal fans.

Maximum Temperature and Heating Time

The Extreme Q ‘s internal temp can reach up to 260 degrees Celsius. And that’s good news if you wish to go at higher temps to get a much denser flavor from your materials. Now, for those who want to keep the vapor slowly yet steadily rising from essential oils and tinctures, this vape can keep the temp as low as 50 degrees Celsius.

The Extreme Q boasts fast heating time of about one to two minutes, depending on the heat setting. This is pretty much just about the same with other vapes of the desktop category.

Vapor Quality

The Extreme Q does pack a punch that’s really worth your every penny. Although some claim that vapor strength is a tad less than that of the Volcano, we say the Extreme Q’s performance may fall a bit short of its pricier counterpart, but the difference is almost negligible. And we’d still recommend the Extreme Q in all sense.

The only setback when using the balloon is the lack of a valve system that would have been nice to lock the vapor inside more securely. So, the best that you could do is to hold the opening of the bag to keep much of the vapors inside. Then there’s always the whip system if you rather choose to draw much warmer vapors.

Using the Extreme Q

Using this vape is so easy that you can start vaping in just a few minutes. Just plug it in and start filling the glass bowl with you favorite blend of dried herbs. To use the whip, connect the glass elbow to the top part of the vaporizer and adjust the temperature to your desired heat level. To draw denser and larger amounts of vapor, you can turn the fan on.

When using a balloon, it takes approximately one minute and thirty seconds to fill it up at full fan speed. However, if you prefer richer aroma, keep the fan slow and wait for a few more seconds to fill the balloon. This way, you get a more flavorful punch with richer vapor.

And by the way, you also might find it interesting that the Extreme Q can double as an aroma diffuser. Simply remove the elbow from the cyclone glass bowl and leave the vaporizer in the open. Fill it with your favorite dried flowers, essential oils or even herbs to keep your room smelling fresh all day. You can even set the vape’s control timer to shut itself off after a few hours of use.

The Conclusion

The Extreme Q is perhaps the cost-effective solution to desktop vaping because at $239, you get a completely functional vaporizer that can give the makers of the Volcano a run for their money. The Extreme Q has all the complete functions of supporting both the whip and the balloon. Plus, its remote control does give it a bit of a fancy edge. To sum it all up, here are some pros and cons of the Extreme Q:


The balloon system does not support any valve, which makes it a tad inconvenient for the user to hold the opening tightly to prevent the vapors from leaking. Also, the glass bowl may get a tad hotter than expected.


The Extreme Q is more affordable, priced at about half the cost of the Volcano. Vapor quality is also satisfactory, and the entire design is user-friendly. We may not really find the remote control as highly essential but it will do if you like to leave the Extreme Q somewhere to diffuse your favorite essential oils or ground materials.

Overall, we recommend the Extreme Q for its vapor quality, price and functionality. We’ll be expecting more of these cheaper, fully functional vapes to appear in the market as competition gets tougher.

It’s a thumb’s up for the Extreme Q!

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