How to Make Cannabutter
(Last Updated On: April 26, 2015)

As a connoisseur, we all know that we can’t miss not to have some CannaButter  (Cannabis Butter) in our kitchen. This is probably, the most integral cannabis edible that any connoisseur must have in his/her kitchen. 

While there are different versions and ways of how to create a great tasting Cannabutter, one thing is for sure – the end result should always satisfy your cravings. 

So to kick off the first of the Smokazon Cannabis Recipe section, let us walk you through two simple ways to produce a tasty cannabutter.  

Cannabutter Recipe # 1 – The Manual Process


1/2 lbs of Butter (Non-Salty)

1 oz. of cannabis shake, finely ground 

6 cups of water


Stock Pot, Large




Containers to store your finished product

Grinder – we highly recommend the Kannastor 2.2” Grinder to finely ground your cannabis herb


  1. Finely grind your herbs using your grinder. 
  2. Fill the stock pot with water and boil it. 
  3. Once the water is boiling, dip the butter. Make sure to melt it completely. 
  4. Mix your ground cannabis to the boiling water and butter mixture. Reduce the heat and cover your pot while it is boiling 
  5. Set your timer for 4 hours.  
  6. Once you’re done, wait for about 15 minutes so it cools down a bit before you start with extraction. 
  7. Transfer all the mix on the container with the cheesecloth as strainer to hold all the butter and weed.  
  8. Cover the container and put it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, you have ready to go cannabutter. 


Cannabutter Recipe #2 – The Unprecedented Process with MagicalButter (QUICK CANNABUTTER)

So listen, after all the versions of cannabutter we have tried and tested, there is actually an easier way to expedite the entire process – without sweating and all. 

The faster and easier process is made possible by MagicalButter, the first and only botanical extractor that can do a lot of awesome things! You will also no longer need an herb grinder and a cheesecloth because the MagicalButter will do all the work for you.  

Further Reading: Cooking with Magical Butter (Article Link)

Ingredients& Equipment: 

MagicalButter Machine 

4-10 Butter Sticks 

4-8 grams of Cannabis per butter stick (Do Not Pre-grind) 

Food Storage Containers

Filter Supplied with the MagicalButter Device

1/2 Tablespoon of Soy Lecithin (optional, but recommended)


  1. Add the butter sticks and cannabis (and the Soy Lecithin, if applicable) into the MagicalButter.
  2. Press the temperature button at 160ºF& 2 hour button (Butter). It will start the clock once the LED lights are turned on. There will be a series of beeps until the cycle is complete. 
  3. And you’re done! Just fill the finish product into the storage container, freeze it overnight and rinse the MagicalButter with water and soap& press the Clean Button. 

Do you know of other easy ways on how to create a Cannabutter? Please share it with us in the comments below! 

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Written by Deborah Walker