(Last Updated On: May 13, 2015)
The perfect vaporizing experience is easier to pull off especially if everything comes in handy for you. From your portable pen vaporizer to your space case grinder, these must-haves prove indispensable in any occasions. Then there’s more: adding the Oil Slick Mini Balls to your list of vaping tools would ultimately complete your needs whenever you wish to vaporize on the fly.

Why Use Oil Slick Mini Balls

We all know how precious each gram of budder is, and simply putting them in vials or plastic containers won’t prove practical because the concentrated paste sticks to the corners, sides and lid. So, Oil Slick, the maker of Mini Balls, has created such ingenious product to solve all those common woes. With the Oil Slick Mini Balls, your crumbly budder or water-based extract simply slides off from the inside without leaving any residue behind. Nothing is wasted at all. So, gone are the days of scraping and picking on those little clumsy containers and yet still leaving some of those priced concentrated extracts to waste.

What Makes Oil Slick Mini Balls an Excellent Choice

Oil Slick mini balls

First, let’s start with the quality. Each ball comes in medical-grade silicone, an inert and non-stick material that does not react or adhere to whatever sticky extracts you place inside. And the makers of this product feature platinum-cured silicone, which means the manufacturing process produces silicone materials that are much more resistant to breaking under constant pressing and twisting action. This is important particularly when you regularly pinch the ball to release the sticky extracts from the inside. After all, we all want an excellent product that lasts longer.

Also, the material is free from any harmful BPAs and other chemicals normally found in plastics and other synthetic resins. 

When it comes to portability, the Oil Slick Mini Balls also prove their worth because they come in smaller sizes, measuring only 1.25 inches in diameter. You can buy four balls that already come with an airtight and shatter-proof acrylic jar. Pack the balls all inside the jar and the entire weight comes to only around 155 grams. You can place it inside you bag or backpack without it being too heavy.

The Round Design versus Other Shapes

At this point, you might want to ask: Why make the shape round? Do you remember how square containers trap residue at the corners, not to mention those sticking inside the lids? With the round design, the sticky extract simply rolls off the sides of the sphere. There are no corners or irregular shapes inside that might otherwise hold some of the residue. 

To keep each storage ball from rolling away from any flat surface, the flat bottom helps put the container in place. But you can also store them all inside the airtight jar to preserve much of the flavors. This double protection makes it very ideal if you are constantly on the go in your travels.

You need to be careful though, as sometimes, the relatively uniform round shape could make you a bit confused as to where the upright position is. Once you get used to it, squeezing out the extract from the inside would be much easier without spilling it accidentally.

How to Use the Oil Slick Mini Ball

Oil Slick balls in use

The simple design of the Oil Slick Mini Balls makes it easier for you to use them right after unpacking. Before storing your favorite concentrated extracts, clean the opened storage balls using mild soap and rinse it with warm water. With a clean cotton cloth, wipe off the excess moisture before filling it up with the extract.

When filling the lower half of the ball, make sure that no residue juts out from the rim of the container. After the desired amount is placed inside, close it by twisting the lid against the lower half of the ball in a clockwise direction.

To use the extract, just open the lid by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. Then pinch the silicone to squeeze out the extract. You can also use a dabber to pick only a small portion of the budder if you prefer to save some for later use. The non-stick property of your silicone balls allows easy dubbing of the crumbly budders or water-based extracts.

Using The Oil Slick Mini Balls with Pen Vaporizers

When it comes to portability, the Oil Slick Mini Balls work perfectly together with any pen vaporizer that comes with a cartridge designed to hold concentrated extracts or oils. Because pen vaporizers produce less potent flavors as compared with desktop vaporizers, the use of concentrated materials would definitely enhance your vaping experience.

If pieces of crumbs or traces of concentrated extracts are very much precious to you, using these Oil Slick Mini Balls is indeed a smart idea. 

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