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From the fact that they offered only a 30-day warranty to the glassware, to 3-year warranty on all electronics the Silver surfer and his beautiful design is a great buy and you will get the best value for your money.  

A lot of people love discreet and powerful vaporizers.

Though the small and handy vaporizers became popular, home vaporizers are still in demand today.

Though they are not portable, these types carry great vapor that is commonly not replicated by the portable ones.

For instance, the amount of herb that you can use on the home vaporizers differs significantly from its portable counterparts. Also, you don’t have to worry about the number of sessions that you can do given you can just plug it in an outlet.

 One of the best desktop vaporizer in the market today is the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

When Silver Surfer Vaporizer came out, it was compared to the Extreme Q. The surprising thing is that reviewers and a great number of vape critics actually preferred the Silver Surfer Vaporizer over the Extreme Q.

From the makers of Da Buddha, this is an upgraded product made by 7th Floor.

7th Floor made the Silver Surfer as a great home vaporizer and enhanced whatever Da Buddha offered. 

Durability and Warranty

One of the things that you want to check when getting a home vaporizer is the durability of the product. Considering it is going to be used in your home for longer vape sessions, it should be made of the best materials.

7th Floor offers a 3-year warranty on SSV’s electrical components.

This only shows the confidence of the company to the Silver Surfer Vape’s construction.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer heating element is a ceramic heater that allows the product to heat up faster and longer compared to other heating elements.

As for the outside materials used on the product, it gives an impression that the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a long term investment.

The only part that you may not want with the Silver Surfer Vape though is its glass part. In fact, for the glass part, 7th Floor recognizes the weak construction of the glass by only providing a 30-day warranty for this part of their product. 

The vapor quality produced by Silver Surfer Vaporizer is something worth looking into. Given the number of heat settings, you are given options for your preference.

The ceramic material plays a huge role in the vapor quality produced by the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. It provides heat without the use of fire. 

High-Quality Vape

For a Home Vaping Session 

The product comes with a long cord which allows you to pick a spot in your own home.

When vaping though, you will be using the Silver Surfer Vaporizer wand or the whip. The thing that most people wouldn’t like about the product is that it doesn’t display the temperature on your setting.

However, it has a knob that allows fast changes in the intensity of heat generated by the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. The moment that you first get the vaporizer, it is highly suggested that you try the different settings, and see which temperature gives you the best-preferred vapor. 

For those who are confused as to how to use the Silver Surfer Vape, you need to understand that there are a couple of factors that you need to look into whenever you are using the product itself.

The quality of vapor that you are going to get depends heavily on the draw speed, or how fast are you pulling the whip.

If it is your first time to use the product, you want to turn it high to the maximum heat setting. It is suggested to turn it to the highest dial for around 10-20 minutes to burn off things like factory oils.  For further use though, you can spike it up to the max heat setting for 2 minutes then turn it to your preferred set up. 

Getting The Best Vapor possible 

To get the best type of vapor out for the Silver Surfer you should turn the dial between 12:00 to 3:00. 

Of course, there will be different preferences depending on what you feel is good for you.

Generally, you need to make sure to play around with the device especially when you first get it. 

As rule of thumb for the Silver Surfer vaporizer, 7th Floor designed the product in a way where you can have faster draws with the higher temperatures.

As for the slow smooth ones, you would want to try the mid to low temperatures.

Overall though, regardless of the temperatures, the product produces one of the most superb vapor qualities produced in the industry.

This opinion is shared even by those with particular taste in their vape sessions. 

Three Glass Options

There are three options that you can get.

It can either be:

  • Standard glass 
  • Ground glass 
  •  Spherical ground glass.

What difference does it make?

For the standard glass, for instance, you will be holding the mouthpiece with one hand and the other to the heater.

For the ground glass (applicable also to the spherical one), on the other hand, you have free hands once you connect the heater cover piece with the ground glass.

So does that mean hands off vaping is better? Not really.

If you prefer to get the best flavor, the standard glass will still work better than the ground glass option.


It is because you can maximize the herbs with the standard glass as you can manually manipulate the glass through the heater.

On your ground glass, since you are connecting the tube to the heater, you will expect to only vape portions of the herbs.

Most users have to disconnect the glass and then stir the herbs back to their preferred place.

The Silver Surfer vaporizer comes with a stirring tool though, so you don’t have to worry about not getting all the huge chunks of herbs. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

In terms of the product’s maintenance, you have to understand there are two things that you need to look into with the product.

One, the tube can easily get some residues.

Two, no brush comes with the product upon purchase.

For someone who loves to use a vaporizer, this may not be a big deal with the Silver Surfer vaporizer, because generally, it produces some of the best vapor in the market.

However, the glass part of the product can get some residues quick. This is common especially for those products that made use of glass or plastic tubes.

The good thing though when you are cleaning the product is that you can separate the mouthpiece and can easily be cleaned with soap and water or alcohol.

A brush could have come in handy with the product. Unfortunately, though, 7th Floor didn’t include this. For instance, if you have used the Volcano, it came with a brush to collect small herbs and empty the heater. 


Given all the information about the 7th Floor vaporizer, Silver Surfer, it is clear how the glass is the Achilles heel of this beautiful product.

From the fact that they offered only a 30-day warranty to the glassware, is a testament that the company is not really confident in this component of the vaporizer.

However, that is not the only thing that you should consider when purchasing a vaporizer.

You have to consider the quality of the vape sessions that you are going to get.

Though it doesn’t show the specific temperature when adjusting the dial, you will get used to the setting once you played around with the vaporizer long enough. 

The Silver Surfer can please even the long term vaporizer users with very discerning taste to what they get in their sessions.

Could you imagine a company giving a 3-year warranty on electrical parts of their vaporizer?

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