Books About Marijuana
(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)

How to enjoy weed literature: Hold the book with one hand, your weed with the other. Here are some weed must-reads—from cookbooks to in-depth strain insights—that’ll keep you busy during your next sesh.

Reefer-eshing Reads: 5 Great Books about Marijuana

By Smokazon


How to enjoy weed literature: Hold the book with one hand, your weed with the other.

  • The Big Book Of Buds Vol 1-4 (2011, Ed Rosenthal)

    By Smokazon

    Jam-packed with luscious, sticky, jump-off-the-page bud photos, the BBB series has been a fan favorite and a trusted resource for over a decade. Now in its 4th volume, the Big Book Of Buds offers practical tips about growth characteristics for various strains as well as insights into the different highs.

  • Herb (The Stoner’s Cookbook, 2015)

    By Smokazon

    Herb is courtesy of the fine folks at The Stoner’s Cookbook, so you know you’re in good hands. They’re the #1 resource in the world for cannabis-infused recipes with over 1 million visitors per month. Available in E-book, paperback and hardcover in November 2015, this cookbook contains over 200 pages of TSC’s finest weed-based recipes. We think it’ll be worth the wait.

  • Heart of Dankness (Mark Haskell Smith, 2012)

    By Smokazon

    This book chronicles one man’s journey to Amsterdam to check out the High Times Cannabis Cup, an annual event that draws botanists, growers, seed companies and various other members of the global marijuana community. Reporting for the Los Angeles Times, Mark Haskell Smith offers up some wry humor along with insights into this wildly popular yet stigmatized industry.

  • The Hasheesh Eater (Fitz Hugh Ludlow, 1857)

    By Smokazon

    Written over 150 years ago, The Hasheesh Eater is one of the most classic examples of drug literature. Ludlow documents his personal experiences with hash, including his visionary hallucinations and altered states of consciousness. Apparently this book even inspired former Secretary of State John Hay to experiment with hash.

  • Baked Potatoes (John Hulme, Michael Wexler, 1996)

    By Smokazon

    Whether you’re stoned or not, Baked Potatoes is worth watching for its hilarious insights and interpretations of classic movies. We recommend this four-step process: Read the book sober the first time through, put a star next to the reviews that make you laugh, rent those films and then watch them while stoned. It’s a recipe for success.

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