7 Steps To Get Rid of Smoking Once and For All
(Last Updated On: July 5, 2015)

Quitting Smoking? 7 Steps To Successfully Give Up Consumption

If you’ve smoked for years, months, or even weeks, you may be having trouble stopping. Smoking is both physically and psychologically addictive so it’s important to have a plan to stick to. These 7 steps can save you lots of money and, get you on your way to recovery and help you stay smoke-free for life.

Step # 1: Set a date to quit

This is actually best when you can start on the weekend. Most people will have their last cigarette Friday night and begin on Saturday morning. It’s a good way to make sure that you have time to adjust before having to deal with an entire work day.

Step # 2:  Be prepared

Before you give up smoking entirely, be sure that you have a plan. Quitting cold turkey isn’t usually possible. so you may want to get nicotine patches to deal with the worst of the cravings. Other helpful tools can be the gum, or e-cigs that simulate the appearance of smoking without any dangers. These can help a great deal. Many people have also found help by using individually wrapped mints. The plastic covering is similar to cigarette packages and can give you something to do.

Step # 3:  Remove any packages of cigarettes you have around

If you actually have to leave your house and go purchase cigarettes, you’re more likely to stop and think before you do so. Get rid of any stores you have in order to prevent this.

Step # 4: When you feel a craving, make yourself wait 15 minutes

It’s hard to avoid cravings, but if you can make yourself wait a few minutes, you generally will think of an alternative activity or action to counter that craving. One of the best solutions is to find ways to distract yourself. When you feel a craving, tell yourself that you’ll deal with it after you’ve washed the dishes, taken your dog for a walk, or something else. Distractions are a huge help.

Step # 5:  Avoid any triggers

It may be tempting to tell your friends and family that you’ve given up smoking, but this can actually have a negative effect. It’s actually best to keep it to yourself until the worst of the cravings have passed. You should also try to avoid areas and people that you typically smoked with. Smoking has a social aspect so avoiding these triggers can help you to kick the habit for life.

Step # 6: Keep in mind that a momentary lapse does not mean a relapse

Many people giving up smoking will find that they have one every once in a while. You may be experiencing a moment of huge stress and find that you end up smoking. This is natural, so don’t see it as giving up entirely. When this happens, stick with your no-smoking plan. You will find that the cravings become less as you follow your plan, so work on slow and steady progress for the best results.

Step # 7:  Keep Calm & Use a Vaporizer

When everything else fails and you feel like you are not yet ready to give up on the oral fixation smoking brings, the best alternative that you can do to stay away from the dangers brought by smoking is a vaporizer. It’s healthier as vaporizing utilizes the process of convection which means it transfers the heat of the material by fluid or air as opposed to smoking which burns more than 50% of the active substances of materials. The effects of this are the production of harmful toxins like carcinogens and tar.

Keep Calm and Use a Vaporizer

Editor’s Notes: You may find it intriguing as to why the author has introduced the use of vaporizers as a way to quit smoking. For many years, it has been found out to be a great smoking cessation aid by medical expert who tested it. We encourage you to look up at some articles to learn more about the vaporizers and how it can help you towards well-being: 


Don’t get frustrated if you’re unable to quit smoking right away. Quitting smoking it’s a very hard decision to make and not easy at all, but These 7 steps can help get you on your way to becoming a non-smoker. Don’t expect perfection when you start off, and you’ll end up much happier and have a successful journey.  

Did I miss any step to give up cigarette consumption? What are your best practices? Please let me know on the comments below. 

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