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(Last Updated On: July 23, 2017)
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If you are looking for an affordable and handy vaporizer, this is a good purchase. One of the things that make this particular vaporizer unique is the fact that you could choose from three different settings. For only $89 you are getting great bang for your buck.

The Good / The G Pro Herbal Vaporizer sports three pre-set temperature settings, giving you more options for a better vaping experience. Yet even with this advanced design, Grenco Science, maker of the G Pro, manages to keep the price of this device below $100. This is good news for beginners and connoisseurs who want to get a true vaporizer while staying on budget.

The Bad / The highest temperature setting makes the unit a little too hot especially during prolonged vaping sessions. Also, the plastic body makes the unit look and feel a little on the cheaper side.

The Bottom Line / Despite the plastic material that makes up the external casing of the G Pro (hence the adorable price), it’s the features that count for this portable vaporizer. The obvious tradeoff made the unit very affordable for everyone. You just can’t easily find a very affordable portable vaporizer with temperature controls in the vaping world. But thanks to the G Pro!

 What’s New With the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

From the name itself, the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is a pen-style vaping device designed for dry herb. This makes the item perfect for dry flowers.

So, what’s new with the G Pro? And what makes it unique from other pen-style vaporizers today? Surprisingly, this is by far the only vape pen that offers temperature settings, one feature that other pens lack. Coming from Grenco Science, we won’t be surprised if the G Pro becomes the next bestseller of its kind.

For those who are unfamiliar with the reputation of Grenco Science, this is the same company that brought you the Micro G Pen Vaporizer. Founded in 2012, Grenco Science built a solid reputation when it comes to the portable vaporizers. For the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer, it is a portable vaporizer sold for less than $100.  Given the tough market of vaporizers these days, the price range makes the product attractive for so many enthusiasts with a strict budget. Upon receiving the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer, it comes with filter screens, a cleaning brush, a mouthpiece, mouthpiece sleeves and even a grinder card.

Based on its looks, it leaves an impression of a classy product. Unlike other products that look a bit odd, this could easily disguise as a pen especially when you are doing your vaping sessions outside of the house.

Easy To Operate 

One of the things that make the G Pro a good choice is its easy-to-operate function. In fact, this is perfect for the first time vaping enthusiasts. It has a 5-click on-and-off feature and variable temperature setting. To give you an idea how simple this device is, here is a step-by-step guide.

The first step is to ensure that your device is fully charged. Once the LED light turns green, this should be your mark to unplug the device and start using it. Next step is to remove the G Pro mouthpiece, simply by applying pressure upward on either side of the vaporizer. This will open the chamber of the device.

As rule of thumb, you want to always grind the herbs finely before you place the device. Next, you also want to make sure that the device has been turned off first. Once you’ve done this, you should load the herbs in the top chamber. Once you’ve loaded the herb in the chamber, you can now put the mouthpiece in place. Pressing the button five times, and waiting for around a minute, you will get an initial heat up.  Once you have the initial heat up, you can now adjust the temperature by holding the button.

 Varied Temperature Settings

G pro Temp

Unlike most of the vaporizers in the business today, the G Pro is an example of a compact vaporizer that has the functionality of the desktop versions. For this kind of vaporizer, it can reach 320°F for Red, 380°F for Green and 420°F for Blue. This means that it could be a perfect vaporizer especially for those that have a varied preference to their vaping sessions. The lowest setting is ideal for beginners because of the milder flavors that come out at lower temperatures. For seasoned connoisseurs, skip the first two settings and go ahead with the highest temp for that oozing flavor that higher temperatures can only offer. That’s ideal for people with higher tolerance too!

As we’ve mentioned, the G Pro dry herb vaporizer is the first of its kind in terms of featuring temperature adjustments. No, it still falls short in terms of offering more calibrated, accurate adjustment setting, but that’s a good start and a precursor to greater, better pens in the future.

Quality of Vapor

The quality of the vapor is also decent, especially for its price range. For its price point, it is undeniable just how it surpasses expectations. If you want to get the best vapor, it is ideal that you clean after every session using the cleaning tool that comes with the product.

Trying out different vaporizers in the market, its unique feature to use different temperatures makes the G Pro Herbal stand out from the rest of the portable vaporizers that carry a fixed temperature setting. However, if you are really used to using high-end vaporizers, you will still not classify this as a top notch vaporizer. Why? For instance, the device is known for its popcorn taste especially when the vaporizer turns into green or blue. In other words, vapor quality is crisp, clean and generally satisfying at the lowest setting. But the middle and highest option somehow needs a bit more improvement from Grenco Science. This limits a lot of users to stick only to the low temperatures. 

Nevertheless, it’s a thumb up for the famous company for their effort to bring diversity to the world of vaporizer pens.

 Things to Like (and Dislike)

About the G Pro Vaporizer

The overall construction of the device is top notch. In fact, Grenco Science made sure that their product is going to be used for long hours. Thus they included an automatic turn-off function for the device. Another thing that you will notice is that it doesn’t make you wait for minutes in order to use the device. However, if you’ll compare the vaporizer with other handheld vaporizers, this is actually a slow heating vaporizer. You just can’t compare this with other vape pens with exposed heating coils that offer a ultra-fast heating time of just about three seconds.

If there is anything that Grenco Science could prioritize to improve their product to the modern day vaporizer market, it would have to be the vapor’s path. Instead of using the stainless steel and plastic material for your vapor’s path, why not turn it into the glass? As we know, nothing beats the purity of the flavors you’ll get with glass as compared to plastic or other materials. Perhaps, if they are keen on any durability issues, the ceramic option is always a good choice. With this modification in the design of the vaporizer, this could alter the quality of the vapor significantly. 

Also, if you notice the removable mouthpiece, this is a bit hard to remove. And also, when you start using the vaporizer, it would’ve been nice if the top end near the mouthpiece also doesn’t get too hot. Perhaps, the engineers of Grenco Science could find a way to redesign future products and bring the heating chamber a bit lower.

Aside from these things, the product is a top notch vaporizer that won’t ruin your budget. At just about a hundred dollars, you get all the advanced features without having to settle for the more expensive vape pens and portable models that could cost more than $200. This is a perfect product especially for those who are bringing their cannabis for medical reasons. This is a good starter vape for beginners too. By starting with the lower temperature, beginners can experiment which heat level satisfies them the most.

 What Goes Well With the G Pro Vaporizer

Kannastor 4pc grinder set

The G Pro works best if you use dry, finely ground herbs. And because you can carry this device anywhere, make sure you have the Kannastor grinder ready or, if you prefer lighter, funky grinders, the V-Syndicate Grinder Cards that comes in flat, credit card shapes with perforations at the center. These holes quickly and easily grind your botanicals as you rub them gently into the card’s surface. The cards are light and easy to carry, but finer results really call for real grinders. Plus, some models offer storage too. For example, if you want a grinder that stores your previously processed herbs too, go for the 4-piece Kannastor Grinder instead.

These accessories will surely complete your vaping experience with the G Pro vaporizer. Because it’s portable, you can’t miss these add-ons to make your materials ready anytime, anywhere.

 Should You Purchase the G Pro Herbalizer?

If you are looking for an affordable and handy vaporizer, then perhaps, this is a good purchase. This classy vaporizer is a discreet product meant for those who want to vape in public without anyone noticing that you are holding a vaporizer.

Another thing that makes this particular vaporizer unique is the fact that you could choose from three different settings. This is something that you don’t typically get when you are getting a portable vaporizer. It is common even among top brands to only have one preset temperature for the portable vaporizers. So, is this vaporizer worth the buy? For only $89, yes it is!

Kris Carter

Written by Kris Carter