(Last Updated On: April 15, 2020)

Most of us pay a lot of emphasis on what we will consume before our workout sessions. But the truth is, post work out meals are as important as the ones before it. The period starting after a couple of hours of the workout needs high amounts of proteins, carbs, and a healthy diet. It ensures that the formation of muscles and energy in the body is not hampered. 

Avoid the excess use of protein shake and artificial drinks

Well, if you are not an athlete, you should refrain from consuming drinks like Gatorade, as it contains sugar and calories. The bodies of athletes require a large number of calories through these drinks. Moreover, a protein shake is a fine option after a workout session, but no evidence supports the use of it for muscle building. So choose accordingly.

Numerous health enthusiasts believe in taking protein drinks and capsules like Syn Pharma Tablets for new protein formation amidst the body. But what can be better than a wholesome meal of fresh vegetables and proteins to do the task healthily and naturally? Thus, the following are a few meal options that you can opt for after a good workout session. 


They are almost everyone’s favorite and a food item filled with high amounts of protein and good carbs. Eggs in any form are a blessing. Some might opt for scrambling it while others like it boiled. Many eat only whites, and many eat them whole. They are easy to convert into a delicious dish by adding a few pinches of your favorite veggies or spices. 

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the wholesome foods that you should consume after an aggressive workout session. Combine chicken breast with brown rice to fulfill your body’s need for protein. Both rice and chicken together form a wholesome meal.

Sliced bananas and Avocado

Proteins and carbohydrates are essential to repair muscles, replenish the body’s glycogen stores, and prevent the soreness of muscles. Likewise, it is vital to replace the lost amount of carbs and electrolytes during your workout regime. Slice down a banana and spread peanut or almond butter on the lengths of it. You can also take an avocado and stuff it with butter and cottage cheese.

Final thoughts

A healthy diet with a perfect blend of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals is highly essential for the body to recover from an extensive workout session. Whole foods are an amazing option for your body, but more than that, smoothies and shakes do the job for you in repairing and revitalizing your muscles.

Written by Kathy Cooley