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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
Lo’ and behold, there’s a new and exciting release from VaporBlunt – the Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer. While the new release has sent some waves of excitement throughout the vaporizing community, will this change the way you vaporize?

The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is slim and compact, enough to slide in your pocket without worrying of it accidentally turning on, and the folks at VaporBlunt have taken the feedback from consumers about the Pinnacle Classic and made vast improvements on this model.

But you’re right, there are so many portable and pen vaporizers in the market already that has changed the way use vaporizers, so what sets this one apart? Think Apple, when they released the very first iPhone model, it has changed a generation’s perspective with using smartphones that it has now become a commodity.

You see, every time Apple releases a new iPhone model, its fans are going into total madness by lining up at its stores all over the world, because it has certainly changed the way people see and use smartphones. Can we, in our industry, actually gain a momentum like that every time there is a new model out?

Okay, Let’s get started with our Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review. Can the Pinnacle Pro vape live up and deliver to our expectations?

Improved Pinnacle model: What gives?

As mentioned above, the folks at VaporBlunt have taken the time to improve the Pinnacle Classic by improving the heating chamber (that is positioned on the pinnacle pro vaporizer mouthpiece) and 5 heat settings that you can simply adjust by tapping the button. With the multiple heat settings, it now makes the process more capable for consumption and vaporizing your favorite herbs.

It’s equally as beautiful as the Pinnacle Classic with its minimal design and efficiency evident on its top cap that has a pleasant dark tint that equals its sleek black design. It also features a unique one button with an easy on/off switch. This one button press exhibits the battery level by lighting up 1 to 5 of LED lights, with 5 being the full charged

It is also easily rechargeable and dependable with its high-quality lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and reliable, letting you vaporize quickly at any altitude. You can also use it while you are charging it.

Perhaps what’s coolest about the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is its ability to vaporize BOTH herbs and oils – a breath of fresh air from its popular contemporaries like the Atmos Raw Vaporizer that can only vaporizer herbs and the G-Pen that is limited with only oils, extracts and concentrates. All you have to do is drop the herb or oil bullet to the heating chamber and you’re ready to go. It certainly does it all for you, doesn’t it?

As it is the same size as Classic Pinnacle Vaporizer measuring at 5” in length and 1” in width, we all can agree that this remains as the most discreet portable vaporizer out there that is not pen-styled.

Can this portable vaporizer deliver the results for me?

For us it does. Portable vaporizers that can deliver results at the first level settings are rare, and the Pinnacle Pro is one of a kind. Its ability to also vaporize on cooler settings is certainly cool. At the same time, the heating chamber is already located on the mouthpiece, so you don’t have to work hard just to get a hit.

As the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer has built in two heat settings – Level 1: 375°F & Level 2: 390°F, you can now choose between which of these setting you’ll be comfortable in heating your oils or herbs.

Is the price worth it to pick one today?

We’d say it really depends. If you own the classic Pinnacle and you are absolutely in love with it, you may consider the upgrade to the Pro because you will really notice the improved heat settings this features. If you are someone who’s very much a fan of pen vaporizers and considering upgrading to a powerful portable vaporizer, then this one is worth a try given that its one ofthe most discreet out there.

Which accessories go best with the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer?

The hardest part! There are great accessories that can be used with it and as this is capable of vaporizing both herbs and concentrates like oil, wax or resin, we highly recommend the Kannastor 2.2 2 Pc. Grinder for a polished grind and shred of your herbs and the Large UV Concentrate Jar to keep your concentrates intact and away from dirt.


The battery life of the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer remains a tad below par. While we see this a bit of a small deal because you can easily vape even while you’re charging it, you may find this unsatisfactory. At Level 1 heat settings, you are already lucky to get an hour or so of continuous vaping. At the higher levels, it could give you 30-45 minutes. But again, we don’t find it as heartbreaking as this one’s a beast!

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $239.99

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With so many models and brands being released monthly, we don’t see the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer as something that will change the way we vaporize. There are other models out there like the Atmos Raw or the G-Pen that remain to live up to their promise of giving the best vaporizing experience.

However, if you are looking for a truly flexible vaporizing experience and an efficient device that can vaporize both of herbs and oils, the Pinnacle Pro can certainly do the job for you.

Is there anything about the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer that we missed out on this review? If so, please share on the comments and we’ll be happy to add those for you. 

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