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(Last Updated On: July 9, 2015)

I see so many people with vape pens, what’s all the hype about?

Lets start with a short introduction so we can fully understand this question. You see, until the pen vaporizer came along, everything was pretty simple and this article would be one small paragraph. However, because the vaporizer became more of a medical device and the world view on cannabis has also began to shift toward medicinal use, the vaporizer category has become a lot more sophisticated and versatile. Until now, vaporizers were only used with flower based herb and very popular due to all of the known benefits of vaporization vs smoking. Like I said in my previous article here, it’s a bit of a paradox to smoke medicine!:) Now that the producers of the medicine have been able to do proper research and development on the product itself, they have been able to now make it in the concentrated form of either wax or oil. Because of this, it opened a whole new world of vaporization products that cater to oil, wax, flower based, or all three! I’ll explain each type below.

The pen vaporizer and flower based herbal medicine

AT the end of the day, its all about the plant that the herbs come from, and most people still want to use cannabis in its most natural form. A lot of people like the different taste within the vapor and being able to taste the different aromas from all of the strains available today. Because it is a plant, there are so many ways to grow it, that each tastes and feels different than the next. I still believe that this is the most popular method being that it is much easier to find this type of medicine compared to wax and oil. It is also the most economical way as concentrates tend to be very expensive at times. I personally have tried many different portable vaporizers that are used with flower base d herbs, but the only pen vaporizer that does it justice is the atmos pen vaporizer which you can read more about here. There is always the portable vaporizer solution where there are many to choose from that work well. The iolite wispr, davinci, vaporblunt 2.0, arizer solo, and the list goes on. I highlight my favorites in the article here.

If your looking for a vape pen for flower based herb, I would recommend the Atmos RAW RX vaporizer.

What is oil based herbal medicine? Does it work?

I guess the easiest way to explain the oil based herbal medicine is by comparing it to the electronic cigarette that has become ever so popular. What is different with cannabis is that the oil people are using in vaporizers is concentrated and very strong. E cigarettes are definitely not as strong as cigarettes! I know from experience that although the e cigarette has a lot to offer, it just doesn’t deliver that buzz you get from a cigarette. It helps people quit since it still allows you to have that “smoking” experience which is a big part of smoking, but it just doesn’t feel the same! That is not the case with oil-based cannabis. It is very strong. It is not yet that prevalent since the states that recognize cannabis as a medicinal or even recreational drug, are still the minority. Hopefully that will change soon! I would say that the only downside of oil, is that it is very difficult to clean, however there are pen vaporizer models that have the ability to switch out old cartridges with new ones and pretty cheap to do so.

If your looking for a vape pen for oil based herb, I would recommend the G-pen or STOK Silver kit vaporizer.

What about wax? How do I use it with a vape pen?

Wax is a pretty new way to vaporize but is getting more and more popular every day! It doesn’t smell, it is easy to deal with and very effective. Wax is the best parts of the flower concentrated into a wax-based material of only the crystals that come from the plant.  Both wax and oil have their pros and cons but knowing which one you enjoy more is important in your decision making process. I personally prefer the wax-based blend as I find it much easier to deal with vs the oil which can get messy and difficult to clean. However, there are many people out there and lots of friends of mine who love oil pens.  Once you decide on the type of blend you need a pen for, check out a great article here on “The Ultimate 6 vaporizers on the market today” which breaks down the best in each category.

If your looking for a vape pen for wax based herb, I would recommend the cloud pen  vaporizer.

My personal experience with all three, and which I say is a go!

Until oil and wax came to the stage, flower was my only option and I loved it together with the arizer solo. It just works so well and is built like a tank! It isn’t the smallest, but still small enough to fit in a handbag or even a coat pocket. I know it wouldn’t fit in my pant pocket, but at the time it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Once I heard about wax and oil, I tried both, and at first it was I didn’t like it too much because the taste just want there. I enjoyed the taste of the herb and found it to increase my vape experience. However, the benefits of the wax based method started to change my mind. The wax itself doesn’t smell nearly as much as the flowers and it’s also much easier to deal with. No need for a grinder with wax or oil as it comes ready to use. Could be why it’s a bit pricey, but I feel worth it. Some people might find it to be too strong, so I would say to them to go back to flower based herbs and try out the atmos. If size isn’t so much of an issue, then I would urge them to spend the extra money to get the arizer which has better temperature capabilities to give a much truer vaporization then with the atmos. I still think the atmos is a huge success because it can fit in your tight jeans pocket, which a lot of people like. You can read more here about all three type of pen vaporizers and which ones I think are the best in each category.

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