Why the pen vaporizer is changing our world
(Last Updated On: May 2, 2015)

Where has the pen vaporizer come from and will it be around to stay?

My answer to this question is without hesitation, yes! I’ll explain why: Iv’e been in this industry for the last 6 years and have seen many things come and go as a fad and short lived in peoples lives. You see, in this industry, a lot of products are born into this world based on “Oh wow man, that’s cool!” type of comments and encouragement. However, when you think about the everyday practicality of the product, it might not be that useful. I guess that is the definition of a fad! As soon as the pen vaporizers came up to surface, we all thought immediately that this is not going to be a fad! Just like everyone at apple was I’m sure very confident that the iPhone wouldn’t be a fad. We knew right away that this new category of vaporizing would grow and eventually dominate the vaporizer space.  

We live in a generation where “on the go” is key! 

I think people want to be able to enjoy their herb of choice wherever they are, not just limited to the confines of their own home. Many people work long hours, like taking long trips away from home, and immediately vaporizers weren’t as popular given their limit to power. As soon as the iolite portable vaporizer came out, people went crazy for the fact that it was butane operated and can be taken anywhere. Now, someone who chooses to vaporize their herb rather than smoke it, can enjoy all of the benefits of smoking without the unhealthy dangerous smoke. 

Are people really starting to vaporize rather than smoke?

For years I personally loved to smoke and I found it very hard to make that leap from standing outside enjoying fresh air, to sitting inside using a volcano vaporizer or arizer extreme Q type of setup. Don’t get me wrong, those are both great vaporizers, and the quality of a tabletop forced air vaporizer vs the pens is still unparalleled and also great to use with friends. However, I have had the great opportunity to see and try every vaporizer on the market today, and as soon as the Atmos Raw Vaporizer was on my desk, I gave it a try and have not looked back since. I believe, more and more people will start to make the switch from unhealthy smoke to a healthier alternative of vaporizing. Now that we have Vape Pens, we can enjoy the smoking experience without smoke! I get to travel a lot and I love the pen and what it brings to everyone. You can read more about my experience here.

Does the gradual legalization of cannabis relate to the growing popularity of Vaporizing?

I would say that this depends. In states that are legalizing cannabis for medical purposes, then I would say yes. However, the states that are moving towards recreational use, I would say not as much. You see, if the states or federal government categorize it as a form of medication and label it with that class, then I believe people will be vaporizing it rather than smoking it to keep consistent with its medicinal purpose. If you think about it, lets all be honest here! If you are using cannabis medicinally to treat a certain pain or to remedy some sort of ailment, isn’t it counter intuitive to be smoking and damaging your lungs in the process? However, if we are viewing it as a recreational use, then the smoking component won’t be as scrutinized.

Why is everyone talking about vaporizer pens?

People are more comfortable on the go more than ever! Now that most of us use smartphones and have constant connection with our social media and internet wherever we go at speeds never before available, we are okay to stay out later, and be out more in general, because we are connected! We used to have those phones without Internet or if it had Internet it would suck! We would have to wait until we got home to our PCS and Macs to browse and connect to the good ole worldwide web. We probably tried to get home earlier and stay inside longer so we wouldn’t be disconnected. Now we are all on the go! We are always connected! Every person that enjoys their herbs also wants to know they can enjoy them on the go, and now they have that ability.

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I want to close by saying this: I’ve been a mac user for years and always tell people to make the switch and never look back! Well, I am also starting to say, make the switch to vaporizing and try the pens! It is truly a revolutionary product our industry has seen in years!

Written by Smokazon CEO