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Since 2006, vaporizer industry is on the rise. It has exponentially grown into the consciousness of a lot of smokers today. In fact, it has been used not only to quit smoking, but also to infuse cannabis in the system.

In simple terms, vaporizing is heating materials — whether ground herbs or concentrates — in temperatures below combustion. What it does is it produces vapor without the harmful elements.

Over the years, this practice has transformed into a billion dollar industry that helped millions of individuals. As part people transformed their habits, it has directly affected the smoking industry.

Smoking’s Era of Decline?

Is it an era where we’ll see a harsh decline in the number of smokers over the next years to come? Strict rules, not to mention changing technologies emerging in the vaporizer industry have all contributed to the decline of tobacco. Since 2004, number of traditional cigarettes sold in the United States declined by as much as 29.6%.

An indication of tobacco’s decline is the merge of top tobacco firms, as US consumption of cigarettes in 2013 had a 4% decline. Reynolds America Inc. last year bought the third largest tobacco firm. Under their wing includes companies Camel, Pall Mall, and American Spirit Cigarettes. 

What about the e-cigarettes and vaporizers? In 2014, it was projected that e-cigarettes and vaporizers were to rise with an average of 24.2% a year through 2018. In reaction to this shift in interest, a lot of tobacco companies are now expanding the horizon towards e-cigarettes as well.

Among the companies that have positioned itself in the frontline of vaporizer industry is Pax. Pax recently launched new products made for the vaping enthusiasts with interest in tasty and flavorful vapor. Aside from the very first Pax loose leaf vaporizer, they also released JUUL recently alongside Pax 2.

What’s the Secret to Pax’s Success?

Pax’s success story is a combination of super products, and proper marketing. It is also the reason why a lot of people are transitioning from smoking tobacco to vaping.

Similar to how tobacco companies in the past utilized music, movies, fashion and art, Pax Labs turned into the same demographic by using similar strategies. According to PAX CMO Richard Mumby, he mentioned that music festivals played a great role in connecting with segments of their market.

Coachella, SXSW and Pitchfork are among the music festivals wherein Pax can be seen. They hosted these parties, which made Pax a household name among party goers. For the San Francisco based company, these are all necessities in order to improve their clout on the vaporizer market.

What Makes PAX a Perfect Fit for Parties?

Their products have an affinity for parties. Pax Labs developed technologies that could be used in these festivals. Traditionally, these are events that are dominated not by the vaporizers, but by smokers. With what PAX can offer to the table, it provides a healthy alternative to its users.

According to a study, vaporizers are 95% safer than tobacco smoking. Vaporizers have even been used in order to kick the habit of smoking. Heating in low temperatures, the Pax is among the companies that have offered no traces of toxic chemicals enter the lungs.

A number of countries are now looking to regulate the use of vaporizers. In fact, in countries such as India, they are promoting control on the vaporizers in the market. What makes England a bit different than other agencies is that it favors the use of vaporizers as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Let’s look at the number of Pax products sold in the market. Over the years, Pax dominated the vaporizer market. Since 2012, Pax1 has been able to sell over half a million units. According to its CEO, they were able to penetrate the vaporizer market by having a broad approach. Aside from improved technology compared from other vaporizers in the market, they also partnered with other players with no relation to the niche.

Secret to Pax Lab’s Success?

According to TechCrunch, Pax Labs announced in June that they received a $46.7 million funding. And from where did the money come from? The money came from partnerships with other firms. For instance, the partnership between PAX Labs and Notre Shop in Chicago has been well documented. It is one of the many lifestyle stores that catapulted the brand’s success in the industry.   

Aside from funding, there are also other factors that have contributed to the overall success of their vaporizers. First, we live in times wherein it is easy to learn about new technologies. Social media could easily spread the news towards its market. Next, it is undeniable how fast technology can be developed to surpass the latest technology that we have. With the current technology, not only did it allow the miniaturization of vaporizers, but even competition among companies. From the lithium polymer batteries that we use, to the sophisticated manufacturing techniques, these things captured the interest of the market.

Success of Pax Labs Vaporizers

According to the company, what they are offering is not a necessity. Nonetheless, these luxury items make people happy. By bringing happiness to the end of the user, these luxury items have become sought after through the years.

Treating each of their products as a luxury item, PAX Labs is looking forward to take over the European market. Given its popularity in the US and Canada, it isn’t surprising to see Pax become popular in other parts of the world as well.

Pax vaporizers are not only considered healthy alternatives, these are also stealthy devices. You can have one in a concert and not get noticed that you are using a vaporizer. Yes, the loose leaf vaporizers by Pax Labs work like magic. You can use it in a crowded place without anyone noticing your vaping sesion. Thus, it explains the reason why the vaporizer brand has reached out to concert goers by sponsoring events.

Part of Pax Lab’s appeal to vaping experts is the capability to use the vaporizer discretely. Given this possibility, it makes the product a perfect alternative to huge desktop vaporizers. Recently, Pax Labs released the second and improved version of the original Pax vaporizer. Unlike its predecessor that has a protruding mouthpiece, the second version of the Pax vaporizer offers a sturdier design which makes the product an amazing option in the market today. It is also worth mentioning that the second version of the original Pax is much lighter, plus it could last longer.

But staying true to their market, the second Pax vaporizer is among the most expensive portable vaporizers today. With a $280 price, it isn’t something that will attract newcomers and vaping enthusiasts with a tough budget. But is it something worth the price? For those who are looking for a good product, it is definitely worth the price. With a ten year warranty, it makes perfect sense to get this particular product. 


Are we seeing the end of tobacco soon? Probably, it is still too early to tell. Given that not every country has a strict approach towards tobacco; it is hard to predict whether or not this is the start of the end for the tobacco industry. But one thing is for sure though; there are vaporizer and e-cigarette companies that are taking out a chunk of their market share. 

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