Arizer Vaporizers
(Last Updated On: May 13, 2015)

Guess it’s a time for you, our readers, to get to know the royal trinity of Arizer vaporizers: the handheld Solo for on-the-go vaping; the V Tower for the budget conscious; and the Extreme Q that supports the balloon, vaporizer whip and direct inhalation for a complete, all-time high.

At some point, Canadian-based Arizer exceeds our expectations by understanding our vaping needs and giving us a wide range of options in just three simple products that have become top picks in their own categories.

So, let’s get straight to the point and review each vaporizer to help you choose which one fits your lifestyle.

Arizer Solo: The Handheld Vape

This Arizer portable has become almost an icon of the handheld vaporizers with its streamlined design and features that give its competitors a run for their money. The Solo vaporizer weighs just less than two pounds but has a wide body that can store more herbs as compared to its counterparts. Of course, it comes with a ceramic heating element, which is essential if the idea is to produce pure and clean vapors from your botanicals or oils.

The Arizer solo sports seven temperature options, reaching a maximum temperature of 210 degrees Celsius. It also has a fast heating time of less than two minutes. It comes with a glass Arizer solo stem to help your vapor cool down as it goes through the tube. Overall, the design of the Solo is a tad not suitable for a perfect portable vaporizer because of its size, but it will do at one point because of its lightweight body.

Try using the Solo vape and you’ll notice the dense yet pure and smooth vapor that of course, is key to giving you a higher high than any other handhelds today. Even at lower temperatures, you’d notice how it delivers according to your expectations. Thanks to its large chamber, which provides more room for more of your botanicals. In other words, this is probably the best handheld, portable vape when it comes to packing that flavorful punch. Also, the glass stem itself is made of, well, glass, which means no presence of harmful particles that are otherwise common in plastic tubes. Although the Arizer claims that the Solo fits into the category of portable vaporizers, its wide and bulky design, not to mention its sometimes cumbersome glass stem, does not really make it an ideal portable vape. But if you’re comfortable with its size, then there really is no problem using the vaporizer anywhere at all.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of the Solo is its extra wide herb chamber that gives this vape enough herbs to vaporize, in turn producing the strongest flavor that’s surprising for a handheld. By far it’s one of the best vaporizers in the vapor quality category.

Buy it here: Arizer Solo 

Arizer Extreme Q: A Complete Vaping Delight

If you love everything about the Volcano vaporizer yet are looking for something more affordable without missing any features, you’d absolutely love the Extreme Q. It’s the second best, but is still one of the best (we can’t help but emphasize that).

This tabletop, stationary vaporizer allows vaping using either the balloon bag or the vaporizer whip. And with a specialized glass bowl dubbed as the Cyclone, you may simply do away with both the long tube (whip) and the balloon, going instead for direct inhalation or for diffusing your potpourri, essential oils or concentrates. In short, this is a multipurpose vaporizer that comes at just a fraction of the price of the Volcano.

Inside the Arizer Extreme Q is a powerful heating and fan system that drives hot air toward the chamber — a convection-style heating process that makes it possible for you to use the balloon, which takes about one minute and 30 seconds to inflate. And by the way, this vaporizer comes with a remote control, which is pretty unique for a vape and proves convenient for some.

Talking about the quality of vapor, this model produces consistently good flavors that can almost match that of the Volcano. It also has a fast heating time of less than two minutes, which is really not bad for a desktop vaporizer, and maybe, the only advantage it has over the Volcano.

One notable disadvantage of the Extreme Q is its dependence on glass parts to do its works. And we all know how it takes to do some extra care when working with glass. 

But for anything else, this Arizer product is a good start for newbies and even connoisseurs who merely want easy and steady vaping. Other plus points are the remote control and automatic shut-off timers too!

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Arizer V Tower: Built For The Budget Conscious

We won’t say the V Tower is cheap. It doesn’t deserve such remark with its high quality build and design. We’d rather call it a fitting vape for those who want to get high with their senses, but not with the price tag.

The V Tower vape looks similar to the Extreme Q, except maybe for its slightly different metallic finish. Also, it doesn’t come with a remote control. But perhaps the biggest difference is the absence of internal fan system, which means this vape is reduced to the whip-system functionality — no balloons to inflate, just plain manual drawing of vapors through the silicon tube.

Just because the V Tower lacks some functions and features does not mean sacrificed vapor quality. This vape is still a member of the Arizer family, which means the makers of the V Tower made sure that you’d still get that perfect draw, only that you really can’t go far from the device without the balloon.

What’s one drawback of the V Tower? As we’ve mentioned, it’s the lack of balloon system support, hence its lower price tag, which is in turn the greatest advantage of the Extreme V. After all, not all vape users love the balloon. It’s all about a matter of choice.

Buy it here: Arizer V tower 

Summing It Up

If there’s one thing that sums up the three members of the Canadian royal family of vaporizers, it’s the excellent vapor quality. Yet each vape serves a different category of users with different lifestyles. In all, you’ll see how Arizer has cleverly positioned its three highly coveted vapes, making sure everyone gets that vaporizing pleasure anytime, anywhere.

Written by Nancy Roberts