(Last Updated On: January 20, 2020)


The rise of natural health stores and e-commerce has seen people turning to natural drugs. Individuals are starting to experiment with natural and psychoactive substances like Kratom powder. 

Kratom is a plant that abundantly grows in Southeast Asia. It provides mild stimulant effects in small doses. However, large dosages provide sedative properties similar to those of opioids. A study reveals that kratom possesses some benefits like sedative, antinociceptive, and stimulant effects. Also, it can fight depression, boost the immune system, and hinder pro-inflammatory mediator release. 

What is kratom powder?

Kratom powder comes from kratom leaves, and we will discuss this process shortly in the article. Read on! 

Kratom powder can deliver health benefits, including ease anxiety, fight depression, remove stress, enhance sexual power, boost metabolism, and relieve pain, among others. The significant popularity of kratom powder stems from its ability to help with opiate withdrawal. 

You can ingest this form of kratom in different ways. You can use kratom powder to make tea, add in drinks or foods, or mix with water to achieve a paste. 

Kratom is also available in different forms like kratom extracts. One can visit weedsmart and procure top quality kratom products effortlessly. You can even chew the leaves to achieve kratom’s benefits. 

How to make kratom powder?

The step-wise instructions below help you make kratom powder:

  1. Collect kratom leaves 

Collect mature kratom leaves; mature leaves contain a high concentration of kratom’s alkaloids, 7-hidroxymitragynine, and mitragynine. These alkaloids are responsible for the medicinal properties of kratom. A study shows that people use kratom for both medical and recreational reasons.

Usually, kratom leaves are ready for harvest in late autumn. Dry the leaves properly because the residual humidity may clump the powder together. 

Drying kratom leaves for too long may make the leaves lose their medicinal effects. Environmental conditions are some of the factors that may affect the drying process, and you need to keep an eye on them not to negatively affect the leaves. The easy crumbling of kratom leaves is an indication that they are ready. Thus, watch for such crumbling as you handle the leaves. 

It is good news that you can dry kratom leaves like any other kind of leaf. Therefore, you may decide to dry the leaves by dangling them in bundles. As well, you might place the leaves under sunlight to dry. 

Remember that it is not prudent to dry the leaves in a microwave or oven. Even though kratom’s alkaloids may resist heat, drying them using a microwave or oven may damage the leaves. 

Take note that there are various kratom strains and you need to harvest the leaves from the kratom strain you want. Because of this reason, kratom powder is available from different kratom strains. 

  1. Crush the leaves 

It may be an easy step, but you need to perform it properly to avoid damaging the leaves. Properly dried leaves will crumble easily. 

Some people remove veins and stem from leaves when putting the leaves to dry. If you did not do this, remove them from the leaves before crushing. Some individuals claim that it is easier to remove veins and stems before you dry the leaves and others prefer removing once the leaves are dry.

Hence, remove them when you feel that it is easier for you. Kratom veins and stems also contain alkaloids, and you may decide to mix them with the leaves to convert to powder or opt to use them separately. 

Use the hands to crush kratom leaves since they will crumble effortlessly. You can then use these crushed kratom leaves to make tea. However, if you do not want crushed leaves, the following last step gives you kratom powder.

  1. Turn the crushed leaves to a fine powder

It is possible to turn your crushed leaves to a fine powder through the following methods:

  • Use a food processor – a processor enables you to process bulk amounts of leaves and ensure that you use a powerful processor that has a sharp blade. Although this method allows you to process bulk quantities of kratom, it may require a long time to process the crushed leaves. Also, you may grind the crushed leaves more than once to obtain a fine powder. 
  • Use a pepper mill – this process involve using your hand. However, it may be an effective method to obtain fine kratom powder. It is suitable for people who do not need to convert large amounts of kratom leaves. 
  • Use a coffee grinder – it is a method that is appropriate if you need to convert small amounts of leaves. To obtain a fine kratom powder, you need to grind the crushed leaves a few times.

Storing kratom powder

It is crucial to properly store kratom powder to keep it fresh and effective for a long time. Ensure that the kratom powder is free of moisture and completely dry. Humidity in the powder may spoil it. So, place your powder under sunlight if you notice moisture present in it. Then, put the kratom powder in air-tight bags.

Ensure that there is no air in the bag after closing; use a vacuum sealing tool to achieve this. Also, you can put the powder in a Ziploc bag and expel the air inside manually by:

  • Placing a straw on the bag’s corner, close its zipper leaving the one with a straw.
  • Use the straw to suck out the remaining air.
  • Once there is no more air inside the bag, close its zip completely. 

Additionally, keep kratom powder in odor-free places since kratom may take up such odors from the surrounding. UV may weaken kratom powder quickly, and for this reason, keep it away from direct sunlight.  


It’s convenient to consume Kratom in powder form since you can consume it in different ways. It is also possible to make kratom powder as you need to follow the above steps. However, make sure you store kratom powder properly to use it for a long time, as well as preserving its medicinal properties and freshness. 


Written by Kathy Cooley