(Last Updated On: April 4, 2016)

In 2014, the entire vaporizer industry was pegged at $1.7 billion. Just after a year, it has reached the $2 billion mark. At this rate, we could expect bigger things for the vaping industry. We can also expect more people to use the vaporizers for different purposes. But if you’ll trace the origins of the vaporizers in the market, you will find out that it came all the way from the 1960s.

The earliest forms of the vaporizer during this time wouldn’t fit in your pocket. Designed by Han Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, this ingenious design was inspired by his father’s death to cancer.

With billions of dollars funneled to the vaporizer industry, it is obvious that the industry already experienced mainstream success. These days, vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes. Vaporizers are now sold from less than $100 to over $700. In fact, vaporizers like the Herbalizer and the Volcano are even considered as a medical device.

What made the vaporizer industry what it is today? There are many factors that responsible for the vaporizer industry’s growth and success.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cigarettes has resulted to 6 million annually. In the US alone, total economic loss from cigarette smoking is at $300 billion annually.

Given repercussions, and thanks to government efforts, there are a growing number of people who wanted to quit smoking. But quitting via cold turkey can be a bit challenging given the fact that nicotine has been embedded in a smoker’s system for quite some time.

Instead, they make use of different methods in order to quit smoking. This is when alternatives such as nicotine gum, vaporizers and even e-cigarettes enter the picture. What makes vaporizers an effective tool in order to quit smoking?

One of the reasons why people go back to smoking cigarettes is due to the nicotine that triggers the release of dopamine in your system. This neurotransmitter is responsible for giving the person a sense of pleasure.

With the help of e-cigarettes and vaporizers, you can choose an e-liquid that have some nicotine contents. The strength of the nicotine is measured in mg/mL. Some e-liquids come in 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/mL amounts of nicotine. Depending on the level of dependence on nicotine, you get rid of your nicotine dependence at your own pace.

Weaning yourself out of cigarettes via vaporizers and e-cigarettes has become a popular method of smoking cessation. And not only are you taking out nicotine, you are also satisfying your oral fixation using vaporizers.

Another reason why a lot of individuals have been using e-cigarettes and vaporizers in smoking cessation is because of their discreet designs. Portable vaporizers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are even small enough to fit your pocket. And also, there are different creative designs. You can choose from the typical pen vaporizer, to the flask and phone shaped vaporizer.

Sophisticated Designs

Now is the best time to enjoy vaporizers. Unlike before wherein there’s a possibility of using a vaporizer that combusts the herbs, more and more companies are improving their products in order to cater to vaping connoisseurs. They now invest on technology that helps accurately control the temperature of their vaporizers. Vaporizers also now have a wide range of temperature allowing you to extract terpenes and cannabinoids depending on the strain that you use.

And lastly, designs are improving.  Today, high quality vapor is now present even for mid-range vaporizers that cost around $200 to $300.

Cannabis legalization

Cannabis is still considered a schedule 1 substance. But unlike other substance included in the list of prohibited drugs, cannabis is the most controversial. Cannabis has been known to produce a number of benefits to the body. It can be used as a pain killer or even as a medication for those suffering from conditions such as seizures.

And unlike other drugs, there’s no threat of overdose. If you will look at the number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain, there’s none found in areas where breathing is affected.

Today, there’s a massive demand for cannabis. From medical to recreational use, cannabis is becoming in demand in different parts of the world. After Colorado legalized cannabis, it has turned into a billion dollar industry in a matter of a few years. And unlike before wherein you simply light up your cannabis, people are looking for different ways on how to consume cannabis.

There are two popular options on how you can efficiently maximize cannabis. First, you have the option to ingest cannabis in form of Rick Simpson Oil. Here’s when the cannabinoid is extracted and ingested as food. Second option is to take the cannabis via vaporizers.

Why vaporize instead of using Rick Simpson Oil? Before we discuss the potential benefits of vaporizing the herbs, let’s first take a closer look at how you produce Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson Oil is formed when you separate the cannabinoids from the rest of the materials.

Experts often times make use of 100% alcohol as solvent. It is mixed to the dried herb in order to get the cannabinoids. From the solvent and cannabinoid mix, the solvent is then heated and evaporated in order to isolate the cannabinoids.

There are common problems that may appear along the way when you isolate the cannabinoids in your Rick Simpson Oil. Since the solvent is highly volatile, the slightest mistake can start fire. Next, there’s also the risk that you are not getting rid of all the solvent. These are reasons why it is never ideal to make your own Rick Simpson Oil.

And that is not all. You also may not get as much terpenes from Rick Simpson Oil. Terpenes are known to produce a number of medical benefits. Terpenes are also known to produce synergistic effects with the cannabinoids.

Celebrity endorsement

Every industry does it in order to market the products and services that they offer. They get a celebrity and influence people to buy certain products. One of the most common industries that made use of this tactic is the tobacco industry.

Product placement in movies is still a popular practice in the tobacco industry, In the past, you even see cartoon characters smoking.

The vaporizer industry also had its share of celebrity endorsements. One of the most notable and also fitting personalities to ever endorse a vaporizer is Snoop Dogg. He teamed up with Grenco Science to release a Double G Series of pen vaporizers at $85.

Legal Grey Area

Smoking is banned in most public spaces. On the other hand, vaporizer is a bit different. Since there’s no combustion, it becomes a tricky situation. This is why people have been using their vaporizers in public. There are fewer laws that would restrict the use of vaporizers.

If you are trying to quit smoking, this makes a huge difference. You could avoid the withdrawal symptoms as you can immediately have access to your vaporizer. However, vaping enthusiasts are reminded to also practice courtesy when they are using their portable vaporizers.


One of the reasons why the vaporizer industry is now considered a billion dollar industry is due to the fact that it already reached mainstream success. No one will give you weird looks anymore if you decide to take out your vaporizer on the street.

Because of the changing times, more people are now interested in using vaporizers for different purposes. Useful for both medical and recreational reasons, vaporizer industry grew to what it is today.

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