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Magical Butter 2 Review

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2015)

The Good / If toking or vaping isn’t for you, then the Magical Butter 2 is the device gives you another great option. For as little as 2 hours, you’ll have your very own cannabis infused butter, tincture and oil. This allows you to have your own stash of medical cannabis, without worrying if you could burn your house down.

It has the ability to turn your ordinary bud plus butter into an edible that you could enjoy. What this device delivers into the table is a simplified and efficient approach in making tincture or butter.

Concentrates can be a bit expensive. In fact, it has helped fuel the economy of cannabis industry. With the help of the Magical Butter 2, it gives power to those who are looking for a medical or a recreational cannabis device in their home.

How much does the Magical Butter 2 costs? For as little as $175, you’ll be able to get high quality butter, tincture and oil for your day to day needs. Is it worth it? If you’re the type who loves to take cannabis regularly, it is a smart investment that you could take. On the other hand, if you’re the type who simply resorts to cannabis once or twice a year, then this is quite an expensive investment. Considering the price point, not to mention the safety that it covers, its price is something that you would want to invest in.

The Bad / If you are experienced in making your own butter, then perhaps, you’ve noticed the difference from the end product made by Magical Butter 2. For those who make their own personal butter, the end product made by Magical Butter 2 is somewhat ¼ less potent than personally prepared recipes. Does the 25% less potency really matter? In reality, given the convenience that it gives you, this is most likely a negligible figure.

The MB2 includes a gold coffee filter. Though it works just fine for straining oils, herbal filters and cheesecloths would’ve worked better. Another limitation of the Magical Butter 2 is that it can’t remove the chlorophyll which could’ve potentially increased the overall purity of oil. With its inability to replicate freezing process, the resulting oil may not meet your expectations.

Another issue encountered with the device is that alcohol would evaporate faster on the device if you are using it on higher elevations.  This means that you should be careful about buying the device if you are somewhere above sea level. And lastly, cleaning issue after making cannabis oil can be a bit laborious, considering how sticky and gooey it could get after the preparation.

The Bottomline / Given the popularity of cannabis today, the Magical Butter 2 is a fresh product which offers a new alternative to its users. It offers an option for those who don’t like vaping and toking. With the Magical Butter 2, you get the desired potency of your edible without the risk of blowing your place up.

What is New?

In 2013, the cannabis industry was astonished by the first Magical Butter. Why was it a revolutionary device? It offered an easy means of making your own cannabis butter and cannabis infused oil within a simple to operate machine.

Garyn Angel designed the device in an attempt to change the way medical cannabis becomes available for patients. What made him decide to start the Magical Butter device was all because of his friend who had Crohn’s disease. Knowing the medical benefits of cannabis, the goal was to create a machine that can provide cannabinoids the easiest and fun way possible, as butter and oil. 

Usually, in order for you to create the right butter, you’ll need a thermometer, a double boiler and a bit of ingenuity and courage given the fact that it could start a fire in your house. In the past, there wasn’t room for error which could all waste your hundreds of dollars’ worth of cannabis.

Magical Butter introduced a simplified process of preparing everything. Placing everything inside the machine, and pushing a few buttons, you could already have the best result.

Design and Performance

The device looks similar to an electric kettle. It has microprocessor controlled programmed sequence that helps in the overall performance of the device. Also, it has a laboratory grade temperature control as well as a digital fire technology.

This high tech device fits the current climate of changing opinion regarding cannabis. As a multifunctional device that can provide you cannabis based tincture, oil and butter, it is a great tool to those who take cannabis for both medical and recreational purpose.


A lot of people who are looking at the possibility of using the Magical Butter 2 for medical purpose will not be disappointed. Though you could make better butter using traditional means, it helps reduce the effort by at least 10 times! And though you have to compensate for the quality of butter and oil that it could produce, you also have to take into consideration the convenience and safety that it offers to its users.

How to Use the Magicalal Butter 2 (Tincture)

1. In order to make oil with the device, first, you’ll need to set aside the top of the machine and place 2 and ½ ounces of medicinal cannabis.

2. Next, you have to pour 95% Everclear alcohol into the Magical Butter 2. If you don’t have a 95% alcohol, 75% will also work.

3. Next, place the top cover of the Magical Butter 2 and plug the device.

4. Set the temperature to a maximum of 160°F. Then, you’ll need to press the button labeled as tinctures for 4 hours. 

5. Once it finishes the 4 hour cycle, you could now let the machine cool for around 30 minutes.

6. Now, pour the liquid into the strainer.

7. Next, pour the liquid into the saucepan. In order to turn the liquid into the same consistency as warm maple syrup, you’ll need around 45 minutes to an hour of stirring and simmering. This is a process known as reduction.  The small amount of oil can now be transferred in a smaller container.

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