top 3 discreet portable vapes
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

Previously, we’ve featured the most discreet pen-style vaporizers — from the downsized versions of their larger cousins, like the Atmos Raw Junior to the stealthily designed vape like the SToK vaporizer.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the three most cleverly designed portable vaporizers. They’re so discreet that they’d pass for ordinary, mundane objects. Yet, deep inside, they’re the ones that would give you those pleasurable highs and the flavorful hits.

So, here are our big three in terms of stealthy vaporizing.

PUFFiT X Portable Vaporizer

Who would have thought that a portable vaporizer could support a forced air-system to match that ultimate vaping experience that desktop vapes once exclusively dominated?

Yes, the PUFFiT X has achieved it in a seemingly easy way without sacrificing stealth, performance and overall aesthetics.

The makers of the PUFFiT X did cleverly mimic the look of the good old asthma inhaler to create a vaporizer that would surely not catch the crowd’s attention in public. That’s why this device is one of our top choices among the most discreet portable vapes in the market.

The internal design of the PUFFiT X includes a micro turbo fan that forces the vapors out from the mouthpiece. The fan works by forcing air out from the vaporizer in increments of 10 seconds, and the result is an effortless draw in less than a minute and of course, excellent quality flavors that ordinary portable models could hardly match. The heating chamber comes gold-plated, which helps withstand extreme heat, and in turn, produces only the purest of vapors from the botanicals inside.

The PUFFiT X Portable Vaporizer sports a rotary dial for temperature and fan speed adjustments, giving you seven settings according to your vaping needs. You can even turn the fan off whenever you need to vaporize in a much quieter setting. When used, this device can heat up to as fast as 30 to 45 seconds and can reach temperatures between 300-430°F.

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DaVinci  Vaporizer

Well, PUFFiT X is to asthma inhaler as DaVinci Vaporizer is to a handy walkie-talkie. And that’s enough to place the DaVinci as one of our top three most discreet portable vaporizers this year.

When it comes to size, the DaVinci is a one true portable vape that could simply fit comfortably into your pocket or bag, and you almost won’t even notice it’s there with its lightweight build too. But what’s most interesting is its external form, designed to look exactly like one of those extra small radios to keep the unsuspecting crowd’s attention away from you.

Inside the DaVinci vaporizer is something even more interesting and is perhaps the vaporizer’s strongest selling point. This device can carry three times its maximum load in the chamber just in case you happen to be outdoors without having to spend unnecessary time to refill your vape with your favorite herbs. What’s more? Unlike other vaporizers that use breakable glass stems as part of the mouthpiece, the DaVinci rather uses flexi-straw constructed of high-temp food grade silicon.

Just like other portable vaporizers, the DaVinci sports a digital temperature control system for that allows you to set the heat level as you desire. This offers you the chance to maximize the density and quality of flavors that come out from your vaping materials.

In all, the DaVinci vaporizer is something we are truly proud to feature because of its true stealthy nature and excellent vapor quality.

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Wispr 2 by Iolite vaporizer

Coming in close to the DaVinci vaporizer in design is the Wispr 2 by Iolite, made by Irish-based Oglesby & Butler, the same maker that brought you the original Iolite Vaporizer. The Wispr 2 markets as a high-end portable vaporizer that’s packed with awesome punch in a lightweight and discreet toy-walkie-talkie design.

But unlike the two portable vaporizers we features, Wispr 2 is powered by butane to achieve vaporizing temperatures. For safety, the device has a 2-click system, the first one of which turns on the fuel system and the other one ignites the device. The good thing about a butane-powered vaporizer is that refilling or recharging the device with butane from a source only takes a few seconds — no more hours of charging as with those powered by lithium batteries.

Wispr 2 vaporizer offers maximum vaping temperature of 410°F, and that’s hot enough to vaporize your botanicals but not too hot to burn them. And when not vaporizing, you can fold the mouthpiece so as to save much space when keeping the device inside your bag or pocket.

In all, the Wispr 2 is a perfect choice if you happen to have no previous time to charge your vaporizer for hours. Plus, its choice of colors and design makes it a rightful part of our discreet trio.

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Now you know how we pick the most discreet portable vaporizers out there. On top of their lightweight design, they must at least not be boldly designed to keep them away from the public eye.

What’s your favorite portable vaporizer among the three? Share them with us!

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