(Last Updated On: January 31, 2020)

Kush is a Cannabis indica strain that pulls its heritage from the Hindu Kush region, located on the western section of the Himalayas. In the last two decades, the word “Kush” became a synonym for a premium cannabis flower. Landrace (original) Kush strain is the Hindu Kush and is that one is a purebred indica that can grow almost anywhere. However, most of the Kush strains on the market today are hybrids.

Kush Sativa strains are uncommon; however, they also can be developed with appropriate developing conditions and persevering cross-reproducing. Concerning developing, Kush cannabis known to advance and adjust to endure available to buy weed online USA. These plants are profoundly versatile, which is the reason they are presently developed effectively over the world.

What are the effects of Kush?

Kush strains produce a calming impact at first, as a rule, pursued by satisfaction and recurrent episodes of giggling. These impacts differ from stress to anxiety, contingent upon their hereditary qualities. 

Kush strains that have reliable connections to their indica attaches are difficult to find nowadays, as the cannabis network moved towards developing profoundly safe half breeds. 

Notwithstanding, those that still develop Kush 420 weed day with a higher indica nearness are known to create blooms with substantial cerebral impacts that “sedate” the client, and these buds are regularly prescribed as an approach to fighting sleep deprivation.

What are the most popular Kush Dabs for Sale?

The above 100 strains have the word Kush in their name formerly available dabs for sale. As I recently referenced, landrace Hindu Kush is known for its versatility and the capacity to become pretty much anyplace. This valuable quality made the Hindu Kush one of the most looked for after strains by producers and reproducers. That’s why these are the dabs for sale that you must check out.

Likewise, the majority of the Kush strains aren’t unadulterated indicas and sativas, but instead mixtures whose one quality is more predominant than the other. In light of that here are my picks of probably the best Kush strains, in three separate classes:

Most popular indica-dominant Kush strains:

  • Kosher Kush
  • Bubba Kush
  • Critical Kush
  • Afghan Kush
  • Platinum Kush
  • Hindu Kush
  • Super Kush
  • Sin City Kush
  • Alien Kush
  • Purple Kush
  • Purple OG Kush
  • Master Kush

Most popular hybrid Kush strains:

  • OG Kush 
  • Pink Kush
  • Lemon OG Kush
  • Cali Kush
  • Royal Kush
  • Mango Kush
  • Pineapple Kush
  • Holy Grail Kush
  • Big Kush

Most popular Sativa-dominant Kush strains:

  1. Mickey Kush
  2. Silver Kush
  3. Quantum Kush
  4. Heisenberg Kush

What is the best Kush strain?

OG Kush is generally seen as the best Kush strain because of its heritage. It’s reasonably hard to group one pressure as the most flawlessly awesome, for the most part, because of each yield shifts in quality and cannabinoid and terpene levels. There are additionally numerous varieties of a pretty much same strain. 

Given that OG Kush was initially a clone-just strain, cultivators named clones of various strength various names. This has created disarray since, at a certain point, an individual may have smoked precisely the same weed from two distinct producers promoted under two unique names. 

On the off chance that the best strain is described as “the one with the most significant level of THC,” at that point, the Oscar goes to Apparition OG. This strain is, point of fact, the most grounded Kush assortment, in any event, so indicates Washington State. 

In that testing test, Apparition OG, which is a cutting from the first OG Kush mother stock, reliably came in at a titanic 28.7 percent THC content. On a similar test, OG Kush results came in substantially lower, averaging around 19.4 percent THC content.

Written by Kathy Cooley