(Last Updated On: December 17, 2019)

Kratom is a plant that may provide treatment for various health issues, including addiction and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). People believe that kratom is a wonder plant since it can deliver euphoric effects with almost no harmful effects. 

Large amounts of kratom produce sedative effects similar to opioids; for this reason, people use it to treat opioid addiction. A study shows that kratom has the potential to prevent opioid overdoses. 

People have been using this medicinal plant for many years. Nonetheless, some individuals do not know how to start consuming the plant for its health benefits. This is understandable since there are various kratom strains, which require different ways of consumption. Fortunately, this post discusses kratom extract and kratom powder to help decide which is better for you.   

What are kratom extract and kratom powder?

To create kratom extract, farmers start by picking the plant’s mature leaves. Then, they sun-dry the leaves by hanging them. The sunlight alters the naturally-occurring alkaloids present in the leaves. Thus, this phenomenon is responsible for unique traits and the wide variance of the various kratom strains. 

After drying, the second step is brewing, where farmers crush or powder the leaves and boil them for some time. The continuous evaporation produces a concentrate that they use to make kratom extracts. 

Kratom powder is also extractible from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree (kratom tree). To create this powder, farmers harvest kratom leaves and grind them to produce an ultra-fine powder. 


Kratom extract vs kratom powder: Which is better?

The following factors help you decide which form of kratom is better for you:


Kratom extracts are the most potent products because they contain more alkaloid content. Research reveals that plant-based alkaloids help fight neurodegenerative disorders and possess anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive, anti-depressive, antioxidant, and anti-amyloid properties. So, they are responsible for enhancing the quality of life.

Thus, a small dosage of kratom extract is usually potent comparable to a high amount of kratom powder. For this reason, the extracts are suitable for experienced kratom users since they value potency above other qualities. 

Kratom powder does not pass through the evaporation process. So, it lacks concentrated potency. Therefore, it is a suitable product for beginners since extracts might be too potent. The extract is better for experienced users, while powder is suitable for beginners.


The liquid forms of kratom extracts make it easier for the body to absorb as well as assimilate the product’s beneficial compounds into the system. So, its effects will kick in within a short time, and for this reason, it is useful for people suffering from pain who need a quick relieve. Kratom powder requires a much longer time to deliver its effects, making kratom extract a better choice.

Methods of use

Kratom extracts are available in tinctures and oils forms. Also, there is kratom body lotion and soap, which you need to apply on the skin to deliver its effects. Use a dropper to drop the required amount of the tincture or oil under the tongue and swallow.  

People use kratom powder to make tea, or they add in their drinks and foods. Also, you can mix the powder with water to achieve a paste. Kratom powder is better in terms of method of consumption because you can mix and eat it with a wide variety of foods or drinks.


Kratom powder is generally an inexpensive product. Therefore, its low price makes kratom powder an accessible product for both frequent and new users. Also, they are available in many strains, and your preference and needs will determine the most suitable strain for you. It is also good news that you can buy different kratom strains online from sources like BC Kratom.

Since you require a high-amount of kratom powder to achieve needed effects, you will use high dosing each time. In the long-run, it becomes an expensive affair. Kratom extract is a better choice in terms of affordability. It is a great way to help you save a few bucks since you will be using a small amount of the product to receive its medicinal properties. 


Dosing is amongst the crucial factors that help the user enjoy the time while taking kratom, and kratom extract dosing differs from kratom powder dosing. A small dosage of kratom powder may contain 1-2 grams, and its moderate dosing contains 3 grams.

Kratom extract dosage, on the contrary, might be a bit intricate since manufacturers grade extracts with numbers such as 15x, 10x, or 5x. Usually, the grade shows the quantity of leave or powder required to make up kratom extract. 

Therefore, kratom powder is better for people who do not understand the complexity that comes with extract dosing. 


Kratom is a plant that comes with various health benefits. It is available in different forms, and the above factors may help you choose the most suitable form to ingest. 



Written by Kathy Cooley