The Best Grinder for the Best Vaporizers
(Last Updated On: May 23, 2015)
Whatever vaporizer you have, whether it’s a pen-style, portable or desktop vape, drawing those perfect hits means more than just getting the right type and quality of vaporizer from the market. Sometimes, accessories like your very own herb grinder could mean producing the finest and driest grinds or the rather low-quality mixes.

Today, we feature the Kannastor grinder, and we’re doing it so because this is perhaps one of the top-rated grinders we offer here at Of course, we don’t settle for anything less for you, our vaping enthusiasts. So, let’s get into the details right now.

Kannastor Grinder: Impressive Design and Cool Basics

Without a doubt, the Kannastor family of grinders is a perfect combination of aesthetics and full functionality with its compact and lightweight design. Unlike other herb grinders, the Kannastor gives you option to choose either a clear, frosted or solid compartment to suit your preference.

Are you the discreet vaper? Choose the opaque type then to keep your materials hidden from full view. But if you happen to be just like many of our vaping enthusiasts who prefer a clear compartment, the Kannastor can give you that option too. The transparent container helps you check how much of your botanicals you still have in store. So, you won’t have to open the lid more frequently.

The Kannastor line of grinders is also the most diverse and versatile we have just to please you with your unique style and preferred size. From the Kananstor 1.5” 2 pc Grinder, which comes in a smaller and compact build, to the 2.2” Jar Style 4 pc Cylinder, which sports a bigger compartment for bigger storage, there is no way you’ll leave our Kannastor product page without finally choosing the type of design you want.

In this review, we chose the Kannastor 2.5” 4 pc clear jar (which by the way also comes in another dimension for the frosted type). This grinder features a 40-micron screen for finer grinds. The compartment is made of glass instead of plastic, which is the strongest selling point for us because glass keeps the materials inside purer. You may also choose the frosted type if you prefer to blur the exact nature of the materials inside, yet still visible enough for your to check the amount you have at any given time.

The Kannastor grinder is deep enough for you to hold just about enough materials to give you longer, uninterrupted vaping experience because you won’t have to grind more often in between your sessions.

More on the aesthetic side, the Kannastor is indeed a beauty with its diamond-textured patterns etched onto the top and bottom sides of the compartment. This elegantly patterned side provides more than just added appeal as it also adds better grip when turning the compartment while grinding. Even the logos are laser-etched for that high-end look. All in all, it’s a thumbs-up for the Kannastor grinder in terms of overall external design. Now, let’s get into the must-see features of the Kannastor.

Kannastor Grinder Features and Performance

One noteworthy feature of the Kannastor grinder is the high-quality aluminum and glass build for a more durable storage compartment. And of course, the next, most functional and highly important feature is the easy-to-replace screens that can be purchased as add-ons (for 60-micron screens) and are designed for easy replacement, requiring no special tool at all. Other features include strong magnetic lid closure, bigger storage volume and glass coating options (clear, frosted or solid).

When using the Kannastor, you’ll immediately notice the precision-quality that’s been synonymous with all of Kannastor’s line of herb grinders. The blades inside are sharp enough to grind the finest of your favorite botanicals but are not too sharp to cut through the skin. The spaces are evenly spaced out too for a smoother effect. The 40-micron screen also does a good job in sifting out larger plant materials, although smaller holes would have done a better job but does not at all have a significant difference.

When we first tried the grinder, we felt it was just the perfect unit for any enthusiast or beginner because grinding the materials we had required little resistance and jamming. How better could that get?

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The Bottom Line

The Kannastor grinder, whatever size you choose, makes a perfect storage container too when you go outdoors with your pen-style vaporizer  or your portable vaporizer. What we like about the Kannastor are the easily changeable screens, which really is a plus point if you happen to lack the time and effort to bring extra tools to tweak your grinder around.

We always recommend that you carry your own grinder (and container at the same time) with you so you won’t have to grind your herbs each time you need to take some hits from your vaporizer. And that’s where Kannastor comes into the perfect place for you.

Which Kannastor grinder suits your perfectly? Tell us more about it!


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