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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2017)

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Kandypens MicroDX is a great buy. It is lightweight and handy that you could easily have it outside without anyone giving you any weird looks.

The Good/ If you’ve been vaping other products from Kandypens, then you’d definitely feel that the company really did their job in improving the overall design of the K-vape MicroDX. The Kandypens MicroDX is a compact portable vaporizer that you could easily use with its adjustable settings. In fact, you can expect the device to heat up quite fast. And unlike small versions of vaporizers, this could give you hours of quality vaping sessions. 

Another great thing about the device is that it is also easy to maintain. Unlike other devices that give users a hard time to clear the entire chamber, this isn’t the case with the device. With a brush, you can easily clear the chamber and have another session.

The Bad/ If you are expecting a device that is totally out of the box or something that could change your overall perception of portable vaporizers, this isn’t the device that you are looking for. Is it good? Yes, it is good as a device, but not something that you will be surprised about.

Also, another thing that may turn you off is the price of the device. For a $200 portable vaporizer, this might be a bit expensive for some people. 

The mouthpiece is also another area that could’ve been improved. With the plastic mouthpiece, it seemed a bit out of place from the rest of the parts of the K-vape MicroDX. 

The Bottomline/ K-vape MicroDX is a great buy. If you are looking for consistent and flavorful vapor, you will not be disappointed with this particular device. In fact, if you are looking to experiment with its wide variety of temperature ranges, this makes a perfect candidate for both new and longtime vaping enthusiasts. 

Also, the device stays true as a portable vaporizer. It is lightweight and handy that you could easily have it outside without anyone giving you any weird looks.

What’s new?

If you’ve used the original K-Vape before, then you’ll notice the improvements on the K-vape MicroDX. The manufacturer finally figured out how to remove the annoying plastic taste that you get from the original version.

Another thing that has been improved in the MicroDX’s functionality is the fact that you could switch in between temperatures rapidly. This particular device heats up fast and accurately. Also, with 80 available settings to choose from, the manufacturer decided to give users that chance to remember the setting that they used thanks to the added smart memory feature of the device. This also allows you to experiment using different strains of cannabis, giving you the opportunity to hit the right temperature suggested for specific cannabinoids.

Design and Performance

Overall, it can easily be considered as a vaporizer with a decent overall design and performance. One of the things that you’ll notice with the MicroDX is its modern, sleek design. It has the ability to heat up fast, which is really surprising for a small vaporizer. You will also notice the LED screen on the device. Here, you can easily adjust the temperature using the up or down button.

If it is your first time to ever use a vaporizer, then this product makes a great candidate. Unlike other products in the market, MircroDX is fairly easy to understand given its overall interface. You will know exactly when the device is ready. MicroDX will indicate “warm” once it reached the temperature.

Another great thing about the overall design of the vaporizer is the fact that it’s a convection type vaporizer, rather than a conduction version. The vaporizer has been designed with an anodized aluminum chamber that ensures the high-quality vapor for the end user. It has around 0.5-gram capacity, which is fairly decent for a small device.

Also, if you are the type of person who loves to vape for extended periods of time outside the house, the battery of the MicroDX is fairly reliable. It can hold out sessions up to 3 to 4 hours. As for charging the battery, it makes use of a micro USB.

Portability and Discreetness

The device is just 13cm in length while having a thickness of around 2.6cm. This makes it completely handy especially for those who want to use a device that they can carry around anywhere.

For those who are conscious about the weight of their portable vaporizer, the MicroDX is pretty much handy. It is lightweight, and could easily fit in your pocket.

It can give you minimal attention, even while you are using the device. Unlike other vaporizers that look weird, the KandyPens MicroDX looks like normal for a portable vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

The device can heat your herbs from 350°F up to 415°F. Unlike other small vaporizers that struggle to heat the herbs, this is a powerful device. In fact, it is surprising how much power it packs considering its small size. The MicroDX produces milky vapor consistently.

It can easily reach optimal temperature desired by end users. And unlike the other vaporizers produced by the brand, the plastic taste is absent on the MicroDX. Since it is a convection type vaporizer, you get evenly heated herbs as you use the device without any sign of combusting the device. And despite the plastic mouthpiece that is a bit substandard to the overall design of the device, it’s a good thing that it doesn’t get in the way of giving a high quality tasting vapor.

If you are the type who happens to experiment on your sessions, you have 80 different settings to choose from. And if you are worried that you may not be able to remember the setting that you’ve used for your past session, you can add the desired temperature using the smart memory feature of the device. Also, when you start your device, it automatically heats up to the last temperature that you’ve used.

How to Use the Vaporizer

  1. Place your herbs into the device.
  2. By pressing the button five times in a row to start the device.
  3. Next, choose the desired temperature of the MicroDX.
  4. Using the up or down button, you can select the desired temperature for your device.
  5. In just a few seconds, the device will reach the desired temperature. And once it is ready, the device will indicate “warm” on its LCD screen.
  6. You can now start using the vaporizer. 


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