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(Last Updated On: May 12, 2015)

We’re so excited to introduce to all of you the new items that have just arrived at Smokazon. Here on the Smokazon Blog, we never miss the opportunity to scrutinize and research all the vaporizers we have in stock!

So let’s take a look at these new vaporizers and our verdict on each.

Vapir Rise Vaporizer

 Vapir rise desktop vaporizerIt’s really difficult to say if the Volcano has met its match with the Vapir Rise, because we have to admit it, the Volcano has set a benchmark that is hard to beat.

First of all, you will love the way how it was designed to be a little bit sexy and attractive for a forced-air desktop vaporizer. (You know the volcano can look so humongous at times, don’t you?). It looks very sleek, clean and modern. It is also very easy to operate the Vapir Rise because its user interface is very self-explanatory.

Vapir Rise is a dual-mode vaporizer that is capable to be used with whip (using a silicone tube) or the more popular balloon system.

Pros: Heat up time of 30 seconds. Sleeker, sexier and modern looking forced-air desktop vaporizer.

Cons: Unfamiliar parts may take a little bit of a learning curve when you first use it.



Wispr 2 Vaporizer

Wispr 2 Vaporizer by Iolite

Ok, wait up. You might confuse Wispr 2 with the Iolite 2 vaporizer (which is yet to be available on our store), but they are different from each other.

Oglesby & Butler, the makers of the Iolite & WISPR vaporizer, have released the second generation of their best selling vaporizers to address concerns about the efficiency of the first generation models.

If you are into camping or you are just always on the go and charging your vape is much of a hassle, then the WISPR 2 Vaporizer is the best choice. It is because you can always bring with you a can of butane and it will already be enough for consumption for weeks. It is also not much of an effort to refill the butane power source as it will only take a second as compared to battery-powered portable vaporizers that could take 1-4 hours.

The ventilation system of the Iolite Wispr 2 has been improved a lot too so you no longer have to worry about burning your hands or fingers when you are already in the midst of vaping.

Pros:Ventilation system has been improved so it’s now cooler to touch. Loading of butane only takes seconds. Its juice can last for weeks which makes it a good buy for a portable vaporizer. Smoother and more flexible mouthpiece.

Cons: The user-based ignitions were supposed to be improved, but apparently it was not.

Rating: 8.9/10


Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review: 7 Vaporizers that Will Put the Surprise & Scare this Halloween

We have thoroughly reviewed the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer already, but still want to add this to the list as we really are happy about the innovations VaporBlunt did on this model. While this cannot change the way we see portable vaporizers, it’s always one heck of a thing that a company does everything it can do to improve its product through user experience.

Although, we have to admit, while the Pinnacle Pro vape is not yet the one who has changed the game this year in portable vaporizers, you will be so amazed that it is one of the few which is brave enough to vaporizer not just herbs, but also concentrates, waxes and oils. And this is something that others are not yet capable of doing.

To enable both, the Pinnacle pro features both herb and oil bullets that you can use to load up your herbs or oil. This means, that you are not limited in living an ultra lifestyle! At the same time, the Pinnacle Pro’s heating chamber has improved a lot since the Pinnacle classic.

The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer can deliver amazing results at the first level settings of heat, which is highly impressive.

Pros: Improved heating chamber. Can be used for both herbs and oils. Can deliver massive vapor on first level heat settings.

Cons: Battery life is not impressive as it can last only for 30-45 minutes.

Rating: 9/10



PUFFiT X Vaporizer

puffit x vaporizer

The real game changer has truly arrived in the world of portable vaporizers. Here comes the PUFFiT X, the first and only forced air portable vaporizer. For starters, forced-air system uses an internal fan system that pushes the vapor to the filling chamber in a stable and constant flow.

Similar to the Pinnacle Pro, we have already written an in-depth review of the PUFFiT X vape because this is so noteworthy, it deserves a spot on the 2013 Newsmakers in our community.

Except from the variety of colors that are now being offered, there are no visual changes from the PUFFiT Classic. This gave the folks at Discreet Vape to really focus on its core and modify its structure to attach the forced-air fan that you will surely be raving about once you buy it.

Pros: Improved core by including a forced-air fan system, who says you cannot experience that “Volcano-like vaporizing experience” in a portable vaporizer?

Cons: Fan may be disturbing (but tolerable) but you have the option to turn it off. But it won’t make sense if you don’t use it, no?

Rating: 9.5/10


With all of the new items that have appeared in this industry this year, there is certainly room now for a tight competition. And with all the innovations coming in and out, we are rest assured that manufacturers are going to do their best to provide the best user and vaporizing experience. We are truly in safe hands as we meet new players along the way.

Do you already own any of the vaporizers we have reviewed above? Please share your experiences with us in the comments below. 


Written by The Smokazon Team
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