(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

With the increased legalization of cannabis across the world, people are looking for various ways of consuming the products. Efficiency and safety are major concerns when choosing a method of delivery.

Cannabis products come in various forms, ranging from dried buds to extracted oil. The only way to consume the buds in their natural form is inhalation. This requires exposing the plant material to high temperatures to release the cannabinoids.

The cannabinoids found in cannabis are in their inactive, acidic form. The marijuana must be heated to decarboxylate and release the cannabinoids. Heating helps disassociate the carboxyl group and make the cannabinoid available in a way that the body can use.

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Vaping is becoming a popular method for inhaling the cannabinoids. Vaping simply means vaporizing marijuana so that you inhale the contents in the form of a vapor. Commercial vapes have a controlled heating temperature.

The vaporizer heats the marijuana to about 392°F. This ensures that the cannabinoids can be decarboxylated from the flower buds. They suspend in the liquid inside the vape, and one can consume them by inhaling from the vaporizer.

There are various types of vaporizers available. The most popular vapes can fit easily in a pocket. If you are looking for vaporizers that you can easily carry, check out your local smoke shop supplies.

Vaping is popular with young cannabis users, but can it offer the same convenience for older adults? Older people form a critical market for cannabis products for a range of ailments.

Plus, they should have a convenient method for consuming their products, and vaping could be the answer. Let’s find out what experts say.

Why Vaping is Ideal for Older Adults

  1. Vaping Is More Effective

Vaping is associated with a pronounced drug effect. When the effects of smoking and vaping the same amount of cannabis are measured, vaping produces more potent effects. 

Vapes use aerosols and other liquids to suspend the cannabinoids. This ensures that the products are in concentrate form in the fluid. Also, since the vapor escapes directly into the mouth, not much is lost. 

For older adults using cannabis for medicinal purposes, vaping offers a more effective way of getting the cannabinoids. There are all kinds of CBD vape juice to help you sleep and fix various other conditions. A small dosage can offer full benefits, thus lowering the amount of cannabis one has to take.

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Medical professionals caution that when using vape, the marijuana content should be reduced. This is because vaping results in higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  1. Vaping Is Safer

Older adults are at a high risk of developing cardiovascular and pulmonary infections due to their low immunity. Those who use cannabis for treatment should find safer ways that do not expose them to risks.

When you smoke cannabis, it releases tar, carbon monoxide, resins, and other chemicals. These compounds can be harmful, and you should avoid inhaling them. 

Everyone understands the discomfort of being in a closed room full of smoke. That is what smoking does to the lungs; it clogs the airways, reducing the efficiency of oxygen moving from the lungs to the rest of the body. 

For older adults, smoking carries an increased risk. Vaping offers them a safer alternative. They can still enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana without having to consume unwanted chemicals. 

There have been concerns about the safety of vaping THC. Emerging data, however, shows that vaping THC is safe. The problem arises with how the product is prepared and turned into vapor.

  1. Taste and Smell

It is hard not to tell the odor of someone who has just smoked marijuana. Cannabis has a distinct smell that can linger for hours after smoking it. For some adults, this smell is irritating and may prevent them from benefiting from the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. 

Again, vaping comes to the rescue. Those who use vape report that it does not produce the strong smell associated with smoking and the cannabis vapor tastes better. So, for someone who does not like the smell, try vaping. It is an enjoyable experience vaping while you watch your favorite movies. Check out the 13 of the best stoner movies ever made, that you can watch today.

  1. Convenience

Vaping is convenient and can be used anywhere. Carrying a cache of cannabis products may not be something an older adult may want to do. 

Vaping products such as pens make it easy to use cannabis. If you are traveling, you do not need to carry a hoard of buds. You can load your vaporizer, and you’re good to go. 

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Also, vaping doesn’t require a lighter. For older adults, this is an added advantage. Due to the decline in mobility and cognitive function, vaping makes things easier. 

Everything you need is in one gadget like a vape-pen. But if you have trouble loading the vape, you can get an already loaded vape to carry wherever you go.

Plus, vaping may be allowed in a lot more public places than smoking, adding another element of convenient use. 


A variety of vape products have flooded the market to offer consumers an alternative to smoking. Whether for recreational or medicinal uses, you have the choice of portable, stationary, and pen vaporizers. 

Experts recommend vaporizing the entire cannabis flower rather than just cannabis oil. According to medical experts, cannabis oil is thinned using polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol. These products are not safe to inhale. 

Older adults should choose conventional vaporizers that make it easy to load ground cannabis. So yes, while vaping may be ideal for older adults, the choice of vaporizers is of significance and will further help with their overall well-being. 

Written by Kathy Cooley