(Last Updated On: March 9, 2021)

People all around the world have developed a keen interest in traditional healing to adopt holistic wellbeing. With it, there is an increase in the alternative remedies available to promote health benefits and wellness. Among the many herbs used in the traditional methods, kratom and weed are the most popular ones. While the herbs have been around for a long time, people are considering combining them.

Do you want to smoke weed and kratom? Are you wondering if the effects might complement each other? Dive right in to find out everything you must know about smoking these two herbs together.  

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What is weed?

Weed, cannabis, marijuana – the herb goes by many names, but it is the same thing. For centuries, people in the Asian subcontinent have been using the plant, although it is now present in almost every country worldwide. People are using weed for both recreational and medicinal reasons. It contains plenty of chemical compounds, scientifically called cannabinoids, that decides the effect weed will have on you. Among them, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are the predominant ones. While CBD is becoming increasingly popular on account of its therapeutic properties, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that induces a euphoric high.

Given the popularity, there are numerous ways to consume weed, but the age-old method of smoking is still prevalent. You can roll the dried weed into a blunt or joint to inhale the cannabinoids and enjoy the effects of weed.

What is kratom?

While kratom is identical to cannabis in many ways, it hasn’t been able to catch up on the popularity yet. Kratom is a herb that originated in the Southeast Asian subcontinent. The natives used the plant for its many medicinal properties, and it now goes into the making of many natural medicines. Also called Mitragyna Speciosa, kratom refers to both the tree and the preparation made from its leaves.

You can find many different kratom strains, but there are three primary variants, with each having varying effects. They differ based on the vein color – white, red, and green. People often use kratom as an adequate substitute for opium, but it can also offer plenty of other health benefits. The easiest and the most discreet way to consume kratom is through capsules. You can type check out https://bulkkratomnow.com/ to enjoy numerous physical and psychological effects in close quarters. 

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What are the effects of combining kratom and weed?

Kratom and weed both have a distinct set of effects that they induce on your body. Many people are combining the two herbs to amplify their impact. If you wish to enjoy the best of both, here’s what you must know about the effects:

1.       Help you relax:

Weed is prevalent for the relaxing effect it has on the user’s body and mind. Using kratom can also have a similar effect since it has a higher dose of sedative properties. By smoking weed and kratom together, you can amplify the relaxing effects. It will help you feel calm even after a stressful day at work and get adequate sleep at night.

2.       Alleviate pain:

Suffering from chronic pain can significantly improve the quality of life you lead. Kratom binds with the mu-opioid receptors present in your brain, which can help alleviate pain. Similarly, the cannabinoids present in weed can interact with the endocannabinoid system present in your body. By communicating with the receptors, these cannabinoids can alter how you feel or react to external stimuli. When smoked together, the herbs can work as effective natural painkillers.

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3.       Boost the energy level:

Have you been feeling tired and low on energy lately? You might want to smoke weed and kratom to get an energy boost. Weed contains CBD, which is famous as a ‘wake-inducing’ agent. It can stimulate your mind to make you feel focused, energized and even boost productivity. Similarly, the herb kratom’s alkaloids interact with the cerebral system to stimulate you and offer an adrenaline rush. You may feel more active after a good smoking session that includes both the herbs.

4.       Improve mental health:

Given the fast-paced life and mounting obligations, mental health issues are becoming very common. People are suffering from a range of psychological troubles like anxiety and depression. While there are many medicines and therapies available today, you can treat it naturally using weed and kratom. Smoking weed can calm your nerves, thus alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. The cannabinoid CBD present in it is known as an anti-anxiety agent, which can prove immensely beneficial. Called an antidepressant agent, kratom can also ensure you stay in a good mood. If you feel stress, anxious, or even depressed, you can use kratom and weed together to amplify their effects.

5.       Combat opiate withdrawal symptoms:  

Kratom has the potential to help people who are suffering from addiction to opium. It can make the process of quitting opioids easy by helping alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Weed can also help with anxiety, pain, or mood swings that come after quitting opiates.

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Final Thoughts

While people have been smoking weed for a long time, smoking kratom is also catching up slowly. Both kratom and weed offer a wide range of effects. But, if you decide to smoke them together, it can amplify your overall experience. Whether you are using the herbs for recreational reasons or medicinal, the blend of kratom with weed will undoubtedly enhance your experience.

Written by Kathy Cooley