(Last Updated On: May 3, 2015)

With Illinois being the latest to legalize medical marijuana, it’s about time to bring to the table once again why we should never be against nature.

Weeks ago, we posted on Facebook a photo with a caption that says: Do You Think Making Nature Illegal is a Bit Unnatural?

On the very first infograph of the Smokazon Ultra Lifestyle Blog, we have looked into some of the most important data and bring to you the real picture of medical marijuana.

Marijuana Infographics

1) In 2003, the US Government filed and was awarded patent on cannabinoids. (Source: Toke of the Town) >>Tweet This<<

2) Medical marijuana is currently legal in 20 US States (including DC). Illinois is the latest one. (Source: Wikipedia) >>Tweet This<<

3) 72% of Doctors around the world approve the use of medical marijuana (Source: CBS News) >>Tweet This<<

4) Cannabinoids prevent cancer; reduce heart attacks by 68% and insulin dependent by 58% (Source: Prevent Disease) >>Tweet This<<

5) Legalizing marijuana could have saved the US government $13.7 billion (Source: Huffington Post) >>Tweet This<<

6) Vaporizing Marijuana is the healthiest way to inhale it. (Source: The Weed Blog) >>Tweet This<<

What are your thoughts about legalizing medical marijuana? Do you think its about time to legalize it nationwide? Please let us know in the comments below. 

Written by The Smokazon Team
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