(Last Updated On: November 15, 2021)

A plant belonging from any genre needs thorough care and nutrition to grow in its complete self.  Without an ample amount of nourishment, the chances of its healthy growth and yield reduce dramatically. The negatives are not only limited to that. Lack of appropriate nutriments also has a profound effect on its functions and the quality of plants. Cultivators take this concern sincerely and try to provide all the benefits that a particular plant needs for its sustainable growth. The plant of cannabis is not different than the usual plants but needs intensive care compared to the others.

Growing cannabis is no child’s play. It needs dedication and the knowledge of precise nutritional dosage that will help the plant to grow and emit the exact taste that people crave for, so how exactly is it achieved? Cultivators understand this, which is why they are keen on maintaining the sugar levels of their plant.  Kief, a highly concentrated form of cannabis, collects the most potent part of the marijuana flower as a lightly colored, cannabinoid filled powder.

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The value of carbohydrates in the cultivation of cannabis might sound insignificant, but it is one of the most influential factors that encourage growth while maintaining the quality of its yield. Let us take a look at how sugars contribute to the growth of cannabis and essential steps to increase them in your next yield.

Carbohydrates and its role in plants

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for plants to consume and grow. It is the product of photosynthesis to create a group of compounds that is cellulose, sugar, and starch that perform vital functions in the growth of a plant. The primary fuel for plants that are carbohydrates is present in two forms, Structural and Non-structural carbohydrates.

Structural carbohydrates contain fiber strengthening components such as cellulose that helps in providing the plant with better shape and support. It strengthens the parts of plants such as branches, roots and stems to keep them upright while maintaining their rigidity.

Non-structural carbohydrates are the soluble sugars in the plant. Various parts of the plants such as roots, leaves, stolons, and rhizomes store it to readily use as the source of abundant energy that encourages the growth and nourishment of the plant. 

Both types of carbohydrates play an equal role in providing the plants with their necessities. A lack of structural carbs will make it weak to not survive for a long while. The lack of non-structural carbs will make it devoid of energy. Appropriate levels of both are a requirement for plants.

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Why are they important for cannabis?

Carbohydrates, being the building blocks of a plant make it impossible for the plant to survive without its presence. Sugars are the biggest contributing factor which flows through its different organ to improve the quality of the plant. Young parts of the plants need more sugar content than the older parts to grow, which makes it essential for the cultivators to provide their cannabis harvest with a sufficient amount of carbs. Cannabis DNA test helps to find the best strains. An ample amount of sugar is significant during the blooming period. It allows the shrubs to grow dense while thickening the buds to produce resin and terpene that helps to provide maximum effects.

Cannabis needs varying levels of carbs in different aspects of their growth period to ensure the increasing levels of potency and flavor. As for taste and effect matters, the healthy anatomy of cannabis shrubs is significant too. It relies heavily on the carbs to satisfy its need for the fibers also. Fibers present in carbohydrates encourage a healthy structure of the plant that ends up providing you with a wholesome yield. The plant itself understands the importance, hence storing it by virtue of the mature leaves for the young ones that are yet to grow.

How to increase the amount of sugar in cannabis?

Cannabis and every Otheremedies plant are capable of furnishing their carbohydrates naturally. Though externally added ones only benefit if you choose to add an appropriate amount. Cannabis is incapable of absorbing sugar directly, which is why there are plenty of ways to encourage the sugar content in your harvest. Ranging from external methods to supplementation of various nutrients, your plant can yield an impressive amount of good quality produces. All you need is a smart approach to achieve a healthy harvest. Here are a few ways that you can follow to encourage sugar growth and obtain a robust yield. Find cannabis strains like nuken strain online.

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  • Trimming: Trimming is one such method that is profoundly used to increase the sugar levels of a cannabis plant. The idea to increase sugar content in the cannabis plant by the method of trimming might sound irrelevant, but it is a very common method. Production of sugar commonly takes place in the mature leaves of the plant that consumes most sunlight. Mature leaves do not need a high sugar supply, though contrary to it, young leaves need it in an ample amount to grow. Trimming helps in increasing the flow of carbohydrates from the mature leaves to the new ones while also putting the old batch of energy to use. 
  • Increasing the CO2: Photosynthesis is the only method for plants to create their sugar, and an addition in the amount of CO2 will only help it to improve. Increase the level of CO2 in the growing environment of the cannabis plant, combining with sunlight and water, it will trigger the production of sugar in it. It is a straightforward method that you can use to improve the number of carbs in your harvest.
  • Adding molasses: The substance that people consider as residue can turn up to be the best possible supplement for you to increase the sugar yield. Molasses is a dark viscous byproduct of sugar refining that often gets overlooked. It’s full of beneficial properties that can improve the quality of soil for cannabis cultivation. Surprisingly, molasses also acts as an insecticide that can help you to protect and enhance the growth of your harvest at the same time.

Try testing sugar levels of your plant with a refractometer and provide it with sugar inducing supplements accordingly. You will start seeing noticeable changes in the quantity and quality of your harvest. Make sure that you start supplementing before the blooming period to earn the most. Find marijuana seeds online to avoid the trouble of going to a nearby marketplace.

Written by Kathy Cooley