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(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)

There are approximately 200 countries on Earth, and you can bet your bong that each of those nations have come up with a whack of slang words to describe the green stuff. Heck, in the US, we even talk about weed slang on our game shows. The beauty of weed slang is that no matter the country of origin, there’s a good chance the creator came up with the word while in the midst of a serious stoning.

Slang terms for weed changes over time as trends and buzzwords come and go. According to this chart, it was only 25 years ago that the word “weed” even entered the public consciousness as slang for marijuana, while “pot” seemed to enjoy its popularity peak in the early 1970’s.

10 Examples of Weed Slang from Around the World

By Smokazon


From “churro” in Mexico to “bhang” in India, marijuana slang varies and changes over time and space. These cultural differences are to be celebrated, especially when marijuana is the common denominator.

  • “Churro”—Mexico

    By Smokazon

    A churro is a delicious fried dough pastry. However, when it comes to these churros (joints) you will also get fried. And then eat a plate of actual churros.

  • “Moto”—Puerto Rico

    By Smokazon

    When in Puerto Rico, be careful not to ask for a “moto” thinking that it means “car.” You willl be taken for a ride, just not the kind you had in mind.

  • “Plan”—Russia

    By Smokazon

    “Hey, what’s the plan for tonight?” “We’re getting high.”

  • “Bhang”—India

    By Smokazon

    Bhang is cannabis that has been made into a paste or fine powder and is usually mixed into a yogurt-based drink called a Lassi. Yum?

  • “Bareta”—Colombia

    By Smokazon

    This one looks and sounds like Beretta, the multi-national firearms manufacturer. Colombia + guns = that’s some tough weed.

  • “Ot”—Turkey

    By Smokazon

    Literally means “weed.” Sounds like “oat.” Umm, speaking of weed oatmeal

  • “Bango”—Egypt

    By Smokazon

    Bingo Bango. Ok?

  • “L’Herbe”—France

    By Smokazon

    For the classiest of cannabis lovers. Sounds like an expensive salad dressing.

  • “Chicken Fingers”—USA

    By Smokazon

    Don’t go dipping these long, slim and lovely buds in BBQ sauce, because they definitely cost more than $3.99 for a box of 6.

  • “Zol”—South Africa

    By Smokazon

    In South Africa, if you don’t request “zol” up-front, you might get stuck with “jut” (lower-quality marijuana) instead.

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