(Last Updated On: March 31, 2021)

Dabs are the concentrated doses of the Cannabis plant-derived through a solvent to extract cannabinoids such as THC into sticky oil. The substance has numerous references determined by your background as well as the method and consistency of preparation. So you should keep calm when you hear them buddies calling it shatter, BHO, wax, or budder.    

The dabs are derived in extreme temperatures using specific tools such as the nectar collector dab and quartz and then inhaled through a rig. The dab’s purity and potency make them unique as they only elicit the active compounds for desired feelings such as pain relief and euphoria.  Besides, dab users quickly feel the effect providing immediate relief, especially in medical situations. 

If you are a first dab user or a moderate user seeking insights on how to be more efficient with the substance, read through for information to achieve the perfect dab. Understanding the best way to take your dab will add some fun and learn how to last longer and experience an intense and pure feeling. 

Acquire the Best Nectar Collector Dab

Enjoying your dab starts with settling for a proper dabbing set and rig. The tool will help you enjoy the dab and is affordable and available in your nearest convenience store. You can also find your favorite nectar collector dab online and drop your order for swift delivery. Acquiring a quality tool assures you of the best service for years to come. 

Start Small and Graduate Later

The dab is called a concentrate for a good reason. It has stronger effects than other mediums and dry herbs you have likely encountered before. Therefore, it is always wise to start small whenever you measure your concentrate, especially if this is your first time.  Although being high is fine, it could be exactly the opposite, being too high. 

Warm-Up Correctly

Note that each nail comes with different heating recommendations. Therefore, you need to learn the right temperature for your dab to control the flavor and volume of smoke produced. 

Seek Further Assistance 

Not necessarily from the police, phone your friend who dab and let them guide you on how to do it best. Learning from a friend is more intuitive as they allow you to observe and repeat the process at your request. You can also do more research if you still struggle after going through this guide. 

Take Necessary Precaution

Since this might be your first time, you are allowed to make some mistakes but not;

  • Touching a hot nail
  • Failing to allow the nail to cool before taking a hit
  • Getting too comfortable with the torch and ignoring basic safety 
  • Failing to prepare your tools 

Note that the smoking experience would only be enjoyable if you observed all the safety measures and maintain good conduct all through.

You must have grasped a few things from this guide, but I’m sure you may need some more lessons for perfection. Time is the best teacher, and you will learn more through practice. The most important thing is to master the temperature and create efficient dabs.

Written by Kathy Cooley