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More than ever, people are becoming more and more interested with cannabis. It has turned into a billion dollar industry and is still growing. In fact, people’s opinion regarding cannabis has changed. It has been revealed that more than half of the US population supports cannabis legalization. Cannabis’ stigma is slowly fading because of scientific research and substantial evidence of its benefits.

Enter the modern methods of consuming cannabis. Today, the vaporizer market is currently a booming industry. Aside from vaporizers, extracts are also becoming popular in enjoying the full benefits of cannabis. 

Despite all these things, one of the most basic things every cannabis connoisseur and a beginner should know is how to roll a joint properly. Is this already a dying practice? It shouldn’t be.

What’s a joint?

Why roll a joint? Why should you even learn to do this when you have other options of consuming cannabis? The reason is quite simple. Rolling a joint is the most basic way to enjoy cannabis. Though some argue that it’s not the most efficient, it is one of the most inexpensive ways on how you can enjoy the herb. In addition to being inexpensive, it is also a tried and tested way to consume cannabis.

The joint is cannabis rolled in a piece of paper. Though it looks simple, it’s an art that you perfect in time. So how do you roll a joint? Here are some steps that can help newbies and open new perspectives to cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Step 1: Choosing your cannabis

Choose your cannabis

Not all cannabis strains are made the same. These days, you have plenty of options given the recent progress of cannabis legalization movement. What exactly do you want? Do you prefer cannabis that relaxes or something that can help you feel re-energized? Different strains contain different cannabinoids.

It is a good idea to check each strain and study its cannabinoid and terpenes content. You can visit your local dispensary to ask for the best option for you. Also, good consideration at this point is to choose flowers that have been dried. It makes the next process easier.

Step 2: Grind your cannabis 

Grind your cannabis

The next step is to grind the cannabis. Dried flowers are easier to grind than fresh ones. There are different ways on how you can do this step. The most efficient and suggested means of accomplishing a smooth consistency in your joint is by investing in the right type of grinder.

There are many types of cannabis grinders that you can choose from in the market. Some products are made of wood, acrylic, and even metal. As rule of thumb in selecting your grinder, always consider price, safety, and efficiency of the grinder that you are going to invest in.

First, check the number of pins strategically placed in the right spot. The more pins found in your grinder, the better the consistency of the herb. Keep in mind that the finer the herb, the better it is to burn when rolled into a joint.

Is an electric grinder really a necessity? In most occasions, this isn’t the case. There are $12 grinders that can produce the same, if not, better results than $70 grinders. You can stick to affordable ones, or even just use scissors if you forgot your grinder and you really need to smoke a joint.

Another factor that you want to consider is your safety. For instance, wood grinders typically have a finish to make it look aesthetically appealing. However, the finish is potentially dangerous to your health. The same goes for metallic grinders made of aluminum. Aluminum can be toxic to humans. There are even grinders advertised as titanium. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Titanium is expensive, and most of these products are simply made of aluminum.

Lastly, acrylic should be avoided at all cost. Not only does it chip, but acrylic grinders can also get into your herb. To be sure that you are safe, you want to consider a grinder that is made of food grade material.

Step 3: Decide if you like to use filter


Depending on who you ask, there will be people who prefer to have their own joint filter. Having a filter in your joint can have its perks. For instance, a filter allows you to wrap your paper tightly around the bottom of the joint. It also prevents the material from crumbling when you are lighting up your joint.

When does it come in handy? Filters come in handy, especially when you are sharing your joint with friends. It’s a common scenario that joints turn into a mess when it’s being passed around. After a few hits from one person to the next, the joint has been butt sucked. To avoid this scenario, you have the filter which serves as a solid handle that you can use.

Sloppy and messy joint ruins the enjoyment for most people. Having a filter prevents this kind of situation. Also, it allows users to get better airflow. It lessens the likelihood of having blocked spots. It also helps you maximize the entire weed. Usually, without any filter, you end up with Roach. It reaches a point wherein you can’t light it up anymore because it will most likely burn your fingers already. Using a filter, you maximize the entire weed you placed in your joint.

The good news, there are different types of filters that you can use. The most common option is to have make shift cylinders made of cardboard. Other than that, you can purchase reusable ones. You can have wooden filters which can be used all over again.

Step 4: Find the right paper and roll the joint


Next step is to crease your paper and fill it up with cannabis. There’s no rule to how much cannabis you place in the paper. It is suggested by experts that you try different amounts to see which amount works best for you.

Some papers come with their own filters. Some individuals prefer to make use of hemp paper over anything because it’s thin and doesn’t affect the flavor of the herb. Now, roll the paper back and forth. The idea is to either make a “cone” or spread the material evenly when you roll your joint. For some experts, the best practice is to place less cannabis by the tip near the filter or where you are going to smoke, and more material towards the other end.

Now, compress the material from the farther end of the joint which contains the most material. Once you are done, start rolling and give it a lick to lock it up. If you prefer rolling your joint as a cone, then make sure to pack the top end of the joint.

Crutch may not be necessary, but it helps in preventing material from sliding into your mouth as you smoke. It also adds stability which makes the experience better.

Step 5: Light it up and enjoy


Now that you’ve rolled your joint, it’s time to enjoy it. There’s a chance that when you light it up, some of the burning weed might fall. To avoid this scenario, you can even wrap it up with another piece of extra paper. This way, you can carry your joint without the risk of falling.

To roll or not to roll?

There are a lot of modern ways on how to enjoy cannabis today. Joints are becoming less popular especially in states that offer other options such as extracts and high-end vaporizers. Yes, joint requires the joint to combust. This means toxins are getting in your system to cannabinoids being wasted. And probably, it means you are not getting the purest extraction method.

Despite the drawbacks of smoking joint, it is always important to learn how to use the material the classical way. Here’s when you can enjoy cannabis without the complicated modern tools such as high-end vaporizers. Joint also makes it possible to enjoy cannabinoids even without any access to dispensaries that provide medical grade cannabinoid extraction methods. For these reasons, any cannabis advocate must learn and master the art of rolling a joint.


It’s surprising how many ways you can roll a joint. There is no single rule on how you can make a joint. What we presented is just one of the many ways how you can do it.

There are variations such as the tulip joint and even a cross joint that you can eventually look into once you’ve mastered the simplest way to roll a basic joint. Rolling your joint is origami that can be mastered by doing it over and over again.

There are many ways on how to do it, but one simple rule that you have to keep in mind is to keep the material evenly distributed in your joint. This can give you the best experience all throughout the joint.

Do you prefer other ways on how to roll a joint? Feel free to hit us up in the comment section below!

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