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(Last Updated On: August 8, 2016)

Talk about vaping like a pro: You’ve got the best herbs, the best vape and the best moment every time you take those hits. But does your vaporizer always work perfectly every single time? If you can’t keep your device as clean as it was when you first used it, probably not.
Cleaning the vaporizer can be tricky. But no matter what you have — desktop, portable or pen-style vape — the chamber or tank where you get your herbs or concentrates heated up is perhaps the most essential part when it comes to maintaining good vapor quality.
We’ve gathered some helpful tips for cleaning your vaporizer tank, and how handling one varies from one category to the other.

First Things First: Get to Know Your Device
Getting to know your device is a must to make sure you get things right. Is it a tabletop or the handy portable or pen model? Of course, reading the manual is always the first step. Also, get to know what your vaporizer tank is made of so that you’d only use materials liquids that prove safe when used for your herb or concentrates tank. Because each vaporizer is constructed differently, we’ll talk about the most common ways to handle the vapor tank across many vaping devices.

The Vaporizer Tank
Unless some new technology comes around, almost all vaporizers always come with either a stainless steel or glass tank. No matter how vaping companies market the material as high-grade or medical-grade steel or glass, the bottom line is that this material has found its way in vaporizers because of their high melting point. Plus, steel and glass do not contaminate your herbs or concentrates, hence maintaining good vapor quality.

No matter what vaporizer you choose, vape makers always design devices that allow easy access and cleaning of the tank. It’s because we all know that this component is where the residues or dirt quickly build up from your vaping materials.

How To Clean The Vaporizer Tank

Desktop Vaporizer

Herbalizer vaporizer
1. Before anything else, make sure you’ve read the manual before taking the herb chamber out of the device for safety.
2. Turn the device off before cleaning the tank. Because desktop vaporizers reply on external power source (electric outlet), pull the plug to make sure no electricity flows while opening the vaporizer.
3. Remove the tank or chamber from the vaporizer (it usually comes in a cylindrical shape, varying only in depth and size).
4. Tap the chamber upside down, facing the bin or a piece of paper to remove any loose herbs or dirt from the inside.
5. Using a soft cotton cloth or a q-tip, gently rub the interior walls, edges and the bottom part of the tank. This should do the job most of the time.
6. For stubborn residues, dip the cloth or cotton swab with small amount of water or alcohol before rubbing the surface of the tank’s interiors. But make sure not to pour too much alcohol as this may damage or discolor the steel surface. For through cleaning, you can submerge the tank in the water for a few hours.
Wipe the tank with a dry cotton cloth and leave in open air for about one to two hours to dry.
7. You may now put the tank back into the device.

Unlike portable vaporizers, desktop vaping devices need external power source to operate. And because of the technically unlimited power, they come in packed with more feature, sporting larger heating elements and roomier herbal tanks or chambers. Thus it is common practice among vape makers to separate the herbal tank from the sensitive electronics to allow you greater freedom to clean the vaporizer as needed.
Table-top vaporizers usually support only one tank for all type of materials. Yes, liquids and waxes can be messy to deal with and give more a lot of residue as compared with dry herbs. So you might need to soak the tank in water for more intense cleaning when using concentrates more frequently.
Make sure you leave the vaporizer tank to dry completely in open air before putting it back into the device. Remember that the main body of the vaporizer may be equipped with sensitive electronics especially those that sport digital temperature controls. And you would not want to contaminate these parts with water, of course.

Pen Vaporizer 

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Tank

1. Unscrew the herb tank from the battery. As with other vaporizers, read the manual before disassembling the pen for safety and to avoid damaging the parts inadvertently.
2. Tap the tank upside down, with the opening facing the sink or trash bin to dispose of any loose herbs or dirt. When needed, brush the inside to make sure the remaining loose particles fall off.
3. With a cotton swab, gently wipe the inside of the tank without applying too much pressure on the heating coil. You may use water or rubbing alcohol only if the manual approves of its use.
4. Once the inside of the tank is clean, continue with the mouthpiece, then the battery, making sure the head connector is clean so that the circuits connect properly.
5. Screw the pieces together and you’re ready to vape again.

The pen vaporizer is probably the simplest type of vaporizer to clean. Its construction is most likely straightforward, and it may even be possible for you to clean the vaporizer even without prior experience cleaning this type of device.
The construction of the pen vaporizer is like that of a pen. Right in the middle, you’ll see that there is a heating element, a screen and a small space where you could place the herb or the oil.
Because of the wiring and the compact design, you may not be able to dip the tank in the water with this particular vaporizer. Instead, you just have to rely on the manual cleaning process. Make use of a stick to get rid of all the herbs that have been deposited there.
What if you have a pen vaporizer that makes use of oil concentrates? This is where you will need to approach cleaning in a different manner. For this particular type of pen vaporizer, you will have to also unscrew the device.
Next, you want to use the chamber using the q-tip, as well as the dabbing device. You could dab the cotton with isopropyl alcohol. Once the residue is gone, you could already stop. But of course, you have to ensure that the sensitive part of the vaporizer, which is the heating coil. Once you have damaged the vaporizer’s heating coil, you may have to replace the entire unit.
For the Atmos Raw for instance, you may have to remove the parts in contact with the oil first. This way, you could clean the unit consistently.

Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers give you the best of both worlds with the denser flavors that desktop devices offer and the portability of vaporizer pens because of the attached rechargeable battery. In other words, the portable type enables the user to have a miniature version of the desk vaporizer. However, unlike the pen vaporizers, the desk vaporizer can be a bit more complex in design.
Here’s how to clean your portable vaporizer’s heating chamber or tank:
Remove the tank from the vaporizer. But first, read the manual. Although different portable vaporizers have different designs, most vape makers allow you to remove the tank for easy cleaning.
For starters, here are the tools you’d need: paper towel, water, q-tips, a few cotton balls, and a stir tool are just some of the things that you will need to have. The stir tool could be a toothpick or anything pointy, which could remove dirt that has been concentrated on the parts of the vaporizer.
Once the tank is removed, gently tap the tank upside down to remove loose materials onto a paper towel or directly into the trash bin.
For harder-to-reach corners, use a soft cloth, a q-tip or a small cotton swab to wipe off the residues from the inside. Vaporizers like the DaVinci connect the tank directly to a glass pathway. All these parts can be removed, with the pathway soaked in rubbing alcohol for thorough cleaning.
Once the tank is clear of any dirt, leave it in the open air for one to two hours to dry.
Use only rubbing alcohol when advised to do so, otherwise use water or a soft, dry cloth to avoid any corrosion or damage by pressure.
Also, because portable vaporizers come in more distinct shapes, sizes and features, cleaning one should be manual-specific, meaning that you must strictly adhere to what the manual specifies to avoid damaging any part of the portable vaporizer.

The cleaning process of each vaporizer would differ. You may want to look into the manual of the vaporizer if you wish to keep it clean. For most of the vaporizers in the market, they’d give you an idea how to disassemble the parts. For most vaporizer designs, the glass and the metal parts could be cleaned by water, thus giving you a clean vaping experience in the end.
As enthusiasts and connoisseurs in the vaping world, you know better when it’s high time to give your vaporizer some good cleaning. Getting those consistent flavors and, of course, healthy vapors is really all that matters after all.

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