How To Clean Your Space Case Grinder
(Last Updated On: June 29, 2015)

Unpacking a brand new Space Case Grinder may bring a little too much excitement for you to start off grinding your first mix of herbs on a whim. But think again, nothing grinds your herbs better than a clean grinder. And when it’s pure, it packs the most punch with your vaporizer. So it’s common wisdom to do away with unwanted dirt and dust first before you start using it.

It’s simple. Clean it up before lighting up!

Cleaning the Space Case Grinder Before Use

To clean the space case grinder, unscrew each one in the 4-piece set and check for flakes of dirt or residue that may have been left during the manufacturing process. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe any dirt from the inside. Or, better yet, wash it with warm running water. You can use a q-tip when necessary to clean the hard-to-reach parts inside. Once done, your space case grinder is good to go.

Cleaning the Space Case Grinder after Use

When thick residues make the grinder a tad harder to close or turn, it’s time to clean up. Follow these steps to help you make the cleaning process as neat and smooth as possible: 

Spread a sheet of paper on a table and tap the opened grinder face-down on the paper to collect the loose residue.

For excess buildup that’s hard to remove, place the grinder in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes to allow those sticky deposits to harden and fall off the inner surface. Then use a toothpick or any fine-tipped object to remove dirt from the grooves.

Use isopropyl alcohol (and q-tip when necessary) to wipe away the remaining dirt inside.

If using rubbing alcohol doesn’t satisfy you, you can always use the good old soap and water technique. Warm or hot running water helps dissolve dirt much easily.

Cleaning the Screen

You probably won’t need rocket science to clean your space case grinder. But the screen needs special attention as it comes with a thin mesh of fine wires. So bending or damaging it would render your grinder almost useless. Follow the steps below to keep your grinder screen nice and clean.

Carefully remove the screen from the grinder and place it in a sink to contain the dirt while cleaning.

Take a few pinches of Epsom salt or table salt and pat it on the one side of the membrane, then pour hefty amount of rubbing alcohol on the screen to loosen the salt crystals.

Rub your finger slowly on the screen to let the small crystals pass through the screen. This rubbing motion creates enough friction between the crystals and the mesh to loosen the pollens and small plant residues from the thin wires.

Flip the screen and repeat the third step on the other side. Rub the screen for about two to three minutes for each side.

Rinse the screen with warm running water until all salt crystals are dissolved and removed. Then flick your finger against the screen to remove films of water from the mesh, but do it gently without overdoing it to avoid any dent or damage. Pat the screen with a clean towel and leave it for a few minutes to dry.


A clean toothbrush come handy when you don’t have salt around. When brushing, do not use too much pressure to prevent denting the thin wires.

How Often Does the Space Case Grinder need to be Cleaned?

The Space case grinder does what it does perfectly well with whatever mix of herbs you pick for your vape. So frequently cleaning the entire grinder is not necessary. At most, regular cleaning only requires tapping the grinder to loosen and remove caked residues from the grinder, while the screen may be cleaned every month for obvious reasons that frequently touching the delicate surface would likely damage it.

For yearly maintenance, however, here are the steps:

Brush the disassembled space case grinder and soak all the components in a beaker filled with rubbing alcohol, making sure all the parts are covered with the liquid.

Keep the grinder soaked for ten minutes before brushing and rinsing all the parts. Use only warm or hot water to dissolve stubborn dirt or residues.

After rinsing, pat the parts with a clean towel and leave them in open air to dry.

Reassemble your space case grinder.

Once your 4 pc space case grinder gets squeaky clean, it’s time to get your first dibs on your favorite herbal blends!

Written by James Rubio