(Last Updated On: September 27, 2022)


Many states are currently legalizing CBD products such as CBD oil due to their medical and non-medical benefits. The increased availability has led to increased CBD oil production, and the market currently has many fake CBD oils available. 

Due to the wide availability, the selection process can be challenging, and sometimes you may buy CBD oils with harmful ingredients. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to distinguish these oils from the original CBD oils; hence, you need to select them carefully. There are criteria you can follow to get the right CBD oils.  



The extraction method 

There are various methods for CBD oil extraction; however, specific techniques are more effective than others. A suitable extraction method should eliminate all the impurities, leaving only pure CBD oil. While selecting your CBD oil, ensure the company uses the CO2 extraction method. It is one of the most effective methods due to low or no impurities left during the extraction.  

Impurities affect the potency of CBD oil uk, and some can cause various healthcare conditions hence the need for careful selection. Ensure you check the bottle labels to ensure the manufacturer extracts the CBD using the CO2 extraction method.  



The CBD and THC concentration 

Depending on the condition you need to address, you need to be keen about the CBD or THC concentration in the oil. If you are dealing with a lack of relaxation, insomnia, excess pain, and soreness, you may buy CBD oil with a higher CBD concentration than THC.  

You also need to note that CBD oil can cause high effects depending on the levels of THC. If you prefer oils that will get you high faster, you need those with higher THC concentrations. However, if you are an amateur. CBD oil with higher THC concentration is mainly for recreational purposes.  

If you need CBD oil for concentration and focus, you need to select the oils with higher CBD concentrations to avoid being high. The high effects can affect your ability to focus on what you are doing and ultimately affect productivity.  

The Ingredients 

The ingredients are critical in determining CBD oil potency. Besides hemp, there are other additional ingredients the manufacturer needs to consider to boost strength and CBD efficiency. You need to consider components such as terpenes and the presence of other oils such as coconut oil. Coconut oil increases the body’s ability to absorb CBD, and you are likely to feel the effects faster than anticipated. Terpenes generally boost the CBD potency levels hence improving the results.  

You also need to ensure the manufacturer uses certain CBD varieties. For instance, the manufacturer should use hybrid strains to ensure you deal with more than one condition simultaneously. You also need to provide the manufacturer uses full-spectrum CBD or isolate varieties. These varieties are amongst the purest versions of CBD. 

While focusing on the ingredients, you must ensure the hemp and other elements are sustainably grown. Select those oils with labels indicating non-GMO products. These products are produced in purely chemical-free and sustainable environments, minimizing the chemicals.  

The flavors 

Some people value flavored CBD oils, while others do not. Both have similar effects on the body. However, there is a slight difference; the flavored oils enable you to enjoy your favorite flavors. There are different types of flavors based on various fruits and floral scents.  

The advantage of buying non-flavored oils is the freedom to mix them with other products and supplements. You can add them to your caramel tea without interfering with the original caramel flavors. You can also use them as ingredients for making other CBD-based recipes such as smoothies and cookies.  



The carrier oil 

The carrier oil is commonly known as the base oil. They help in carrying the CBD components and distributing them within the body. When selecting the carrier oil, you need to choose plant-based oil. You need to ensure they are organic and chemical-free. There are different types of base oil used for CBD oil. The most potent oils include MTC, coconut oil, grapeseed, and sunflower. Also, you can consider avocado oil and coconut oil. Any other oil apart from these will affect the potency levels of CBD. 

You can also consider hemp seed oil. The oil introduces a distinctive taste to the CBD, making the aroma more enjoyable. If you do not love the oil, you can consider others. The oil is ideal because it comes from terpenes and hemp plants; hence it can easily blend with CBD.  



The price 

Price is significant in determining the product you want to buy. There are many affordable CBD oil on the market, and you need to be careful about these cheap oils. The price is likely to reflect the quality of your product. Too cheap CBD oil is expected to be a fake or a less potent oil or probably hemp oil-packed as CBD oil. 


You can consider various criteria when selecting your CBD oil, and you need to ensure the critical criteria focus on getting quality products. To determine or get quality products, you need to choose CBD oil extracted from organic and sustainably grown hemp. You also need to ensure additional ingredients are added and purified through the CO2 extraction process. When considering the flavor, you also need to check on the price so that you do not buy less potent or cheap products.  

Written by Kathy Cooley