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If you are still smoking cannabis, it’s about time you switched to vaporizers. We’ve all known the fact that smoking leads to poor health, as you have to deal with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other toxins produced during combustion of the substance. But the good news is that, thanks to technology, vaping has become the safest alternative when it comes to inhaling those healthy cannabinoids. Then there are those who favor edibles.

Vaping over eating cannabis?
Of course, vaping is a far superior option than eating cannabis. Cannabis consumed as food have to go through the process of isolating cannabinoids, which could also take a way a huge chunk of terpenes.
Also, another reason to look at the direction of vaping is the fact that vaporizers have improved significantly through the years. In fact, if you look at the efficacy of many vaporizers today, some will even pass as a medical grade vaporizer. In Israel, The Volcano has already been made as a medical device. This means that for those suffering from chronic pain, could opt to take vaping as a legal option of relieving their condition.
What are the modern technologies that are implemented on vaporizers today? Let’s take a look at some things that you can expect from your modern day vaporizer.

Technologic Marvels of New Vaporizers

Size Matters
Gone are the days when you need to deal with the large vaporizers. Given the high demand for vaporizers by the market, it is imperative to have a portable vaporizer that could at least give a decent vaping session.
The exterior ranges from looking like an iPhone to looking like a flask. Now, how did the electronic parts, not to mention fit in this compact design? This is the result of modern engineering implemented on modern vaporizers in the market today.
Compact electronics have made their way to these devices, allowing miniscule heating elements to vaporize your herbs with just a rechargeable battery as the power source. And soon, more energy-efficient energy storage modules will even make your hours of vaping into a almost non-stop feat with increased battery power.

Conduction and Convection Technology
There are two ways on how you can heat up the herbs. It is either through conduction or through convection. Conduction method is pretty much straight forward, and is the first developed method in heating cannabis herbs. The dry herbs are in contact with something that is already hot. On the other hand, convection technology pertains to the use of hot air that blows into the plant.
Modern designs prefer to make use of the convection method over the conduction method due to the fact that it offers even vaporization of the substance. As mass of the herb at the center of the herb chamber typically becomes wasted, convection process prevents this from happening. With the convection technology applied to both portable and desk vaporizers, end users get to maximize what their money could buy. But of course, here are downsides. One downside with convection method is the addition of a fan, which could make the device a heavier, not to mention more prone to problems.
Of course, technology always has a way of expanding our options. Ever heard of halogen bulbs heating up your botanicals? Yes, this more efficient way of vaporizing those flavors our of your herbs is a major selling point of the Herbalizer vaporizer, the world’s priciest — but arguably the new best — desktop vape. Another desktop model that makes us of the halogen bulb heating element is the Aromed 4.0, a German-made tabletop vaping device that offers equally satisfying flavors as the Herbalizer and Volcano.

Precise Temperature Controls
On point temperature is another feature of today’s vaporizers. Gone are the days when every purchase of vaporizer reaches different temperatures. This is not the case anymore since there is a growing demand, not to mention far stricter standards by the vaping enthusiasts. Those who purchase vaporizers are not only using the vaporizers for recreational purpose, but also for medical reasons.
One reason how vapor reaches certain purity is because of the temperature that the herb is exposed to. For manufacturers that have dealt with silicate glass, this material is no longer the best option out there for manufacturers. Ceramic components instead are making a lot of noise today. Why? Ceramic heat chambers have the ability to withstand higher working temperatures. This only proves how the gold standard for the vaporizer industry changes over the years.
Given the number of strains, not to mention advancement in our understanding of medical cannabis, it is a must to have a device that reaches a particular temperature. This way, terpenes, not to mention the cannabinoids are going to be maximized, making it possible to get the most benefits from what you just bought.

User-Friendly Designs
Ever experienced using a vaporizer that needs a rocket scientist to operate? This is a problem that could cause a number of bad reviews. And in effect, lose a number of customers in the process. A lot of vaporizers are becoming more and more complex in construction in an attempt to make the best products in the market. However, the challenge is to have controls that are easy to understand. As rule of thumb, the operations of the device should be understood even without the manual. This is the reason why a lot of manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money developing the most user-friendly vaporizer in the market out there.
For us at Smokazon.com, a user-friendly vape means a device that you could readily use right out of the box (except for those that require initial charging, of course). And thus far, the best portable vaporizers in this category are the Vapir NO2 V2, Arizer Solo and the Arizer Air vaporizers. The best vape pens, on the other hand, include the Atmos Raw (Rx), Atmos Junior and the G Pen Herbal from Grenco Science.

Flexibility in Function
One of the perks of modern vaporizers is the advancement of multifunctional vaporizers. Not only do you see a whip-only vaporizer, but you also see some products that can also be used as a balloon vaporizer. This helps end users save some money. Though these types of vaporizers cost a bit higher than most standalone units, the price is still worth it given the multi-functionality that it has.
Aside from multi-functionality on the manner which you vape, you also have technology that could accommodate not only dry herbs, but even oils or even waxes. This means that even if you purchased one vaporizer, it is possible to experience different vaping options.
Then there are those that come up with clever and handy features that make the device stand out from the rest. One good example is the Vapir Rise 2.0 vaporizer , which not only supports a whip and a balloon option, but also a multi-user adapter to allow up to four users to use the device simultaneously. How cool is that?

Medical Grade Filters
One of the reasons why you get the best flavor of cannabis is because of the purest vapor that goes through your system. Over the past years, a lot of companies have tried to perfect designs that could provide the purest vapor to the lungs of their end users. Aside from having the perfect temperature on the designs of their products, another great idea is to utilize medical grade filters. Medical grade filters can help eliminate possible irritants that measure up to smallest measurements.
One product that brings this feature to mind is the Vapir Rise 2.0, which uses a HEPA filter to purify the air that comes inside the device before it heats up inside the chamber. This filter also proves handy for those who have respiratory conditions. Of course, check with your doctor first if vaping is safe for you in the first place.

Longer Lasting Batteries And Improved Power Source
For a lot of vaping enthusiasts, it is imperative to vape using different methods. Modern vaporizers can now be charged using USB ports, or the common plug. Also, battery life has been improved significantly.
In a time when it is either pass or fail for a lot for a lot of vaporizer companies, it is imperative to adapt new technologies in order to get the attention not only of the vaporizer markets but also of the critics. For companies that wanted to chip a huge chunk of the vaping market, it is important to continuously evolve.

As you’ve noticed, vaporizer manufacturers stay committed in giving you the best vaporizers you could have with whatever existing technology we have thus far. Most of these features and improvements come from user feedbacks, which really prove helpful to help companies updated with all our vaping needs. Thanks to technology, our vaping experiences have always been satisfying with the best vaporizers in the market, no less.

Written by Deborah Walker