(Last Updated On: January 17, 2022)

Medical marijuana can be immensely beneficial for a variety of reasons. People have used marijuana over the years to help with everything from PTSD to cancer to Tourette Syndrome and more. However, at the core of many of these things are fairly simple ways that medical marijuana may be able to impact your life. There are a few commonly-cited benefits of medical marijuana that you may be able to experience as you use it. Here are the four things that medical marijuana may be most beneficial for in your life. 

1. Pain 

Chronic pain is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in many states because pain can be so well-alleviated by marijuana. Many people find that using marijuana is an effective way to alleviate pain, especially very severe pain that people would otherwise need to use strong prescription drugs like opioids to treat. Because marijuana doesn’t have the same severe side effects as opioids, more doctors are using marijuana as a first-line defense, saving strong prescription drugs for in case medical marijuana doesn’t help enough. 

2. Nausea, Vomiting, and Appetite Issues 

Nausea and vomiting can result in serious health issues all on their own, and they’re also very common side effects for a variety of medications and treatment regimens like chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. If you’re experiencing nausea and vomiting due to your health issues or your treatment plan, the well-known “munchies” effect can help you enjoy food and keep it down more effectively. 

3. Anxiety and Tenseness 

Many things can cause both clinical and subclinical anxiety, and in some people, even anxiety that would be considered subclinical in other people can be debilitating. Additionally, in some disorders like stuttering and Tourette Syndrome, physical tenseness can make the disorder worse. The calming effect of marijuana is well-documented even in people without any medical conditions, and it can be incredibly beneficial in people who have them. 

4. Fatigue and Issues With Sleep 

Many people deal with the dual issue of fatigue during the day and insomnia during the night. The insomnia during the night can worsen the fatigue during the day, and stress about the fatigue can worsen the insomnia. Marijuana can help you get to sleep; Indica strains especially tend to make people sleepier, which can be a great way to get to sleep and stay asleep. Regardless of why you’re experiencing sleep issues, medical marijuana can help you manage those issues more easily. 


There are many proven and potential benefits of marijuana, which is one of the reasons so many people have been turning to it as an effective medical choice. If you’re interested in using marijuana for one of these reasons or you have a qualifying condition for your state that you think marijuana may help, it’s worth it to pursue the option. Having your medical marijuana card may open up new avenues of treatment for you, whether by itself or alongside other methods of treatment in the medical field. Click this to learn about medical malpractice.

Written by Kathy Cooley