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(Last Updated On: April 18, 2015)

It’s no secret. Music, TV and Hollywood personalities now take their support for pot in the limelight, making vaporizers and e-cigarettes shine even brighter. From Snoop Dogg’s successful collaboration with vape pen company Grenco Science  to Sarah Silverman’s vape pen at the Emmy’s to Whoopi Goldberg’s regular columns on The Cannabist, it seems the use of marijuana is now going mainstream.

Let’s take a look at how these celebrities flaunt their favorite vaporizers.

The 2014 Emmy’s, Sarah Silverman and Her Vape Pen

For the American comedian and actress Sarah Silverman, there is nowhere else she could best flaunt her vaporizer than in this year’s Emmy’s. Yes, it only took a prestigious awards night, a celebrity and a vape pen to set the vaporizing world abuzz once more.

The surprising revelation happened when Ms. Silverman showed E! host Giuliana Rancic her device inside a purse. “This is my pot,” she said, referring to the liquid material inside the pen as she gracefully stood on the red carpet. What made her look even more interesting was her stylish yet decently elegant gown in green — that is, the obvious color of weed. That seemed like a pleasant coincidence.

Immediately, other celebrities expressed delight and support for Ms. Silverman’s bold, albeit unbelievably surprising, revelation. American actress and singer Anna Kendrick, who currently has three million followers, tweeted, “Live your life girl!” And of course, we’d expect more open support as more people, both in and out of the limelight, embrace recreational marijuana.

So it’s no surprise celebrities now become the leading connoisseurs themselves, leading their fans to follow suit. And forgive our bias, but it’s all thumbs up for Silverman.

Watch the video to realize why Sarah Silverman is just the best. 


Why Choose a Pen-Style Vaporizer

Ms. Silverman did pick the best choice over the rather bulkier portable models. And no, it’s not a dry herb vaporizer but an oil or liquid vaporizer pen. When walking on the red carpet, Ms. Silverman rightfully had with her the vape pen, which surely gave her the hits without the mess that dry herbs would have otherwise created during refills or when throwing them away.

At this point, we already know that these pen shaped vaporizers are the most portable and the lightest to carry around. They are the easiest to use too, with most models coming in three basic parts: the mouthpiece, the herb chamber and the battery.  Just to screw them together, charge the battery, fill the chamber with your vaporizing material and you’re good to go — wherever or whatever occasion you’re in.

Of course, one of the most admired qualities of the pens is that they come in discreet shapes and colors with black being the most sought after. From afar, it would look nothing more than an ordinary pen, except of course those with globe glasses.

But as for Silverman, she didn’t need to be discreet after showing her toy on national television. In California, state legislations prohibit vaporizing in public areas, and only when you have a medical condition should you be allowed to use medical marijuana. Well, Silverman claimed she has a pot card but left it at home. After all, who would bring one to the Emmy’s? She also denied being high when she accepted her award for outstanding writing for a variety special.

Now, who else in Hollywood has the guts to openly admit loving and using pot? It would be no other than another comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg’s Love Affair With the Vape Pen

Video Credit: NBCNews.com

If Silverman shows off her pot on national TV, Whoopi Goldberg expresses her vape pen love story in one of her columns published on The Cannabist titled “My vape pen and I, a love story”.

Her beautiful ‘romance’ with her favorite vape pen (named Sippy because she takes little vapor sips) started about two years ago, when she stopped smoking cigarettes and tried to smoke a joint. She recalls that she did have to “really try” because she had “virginal lungs.”

Then one day, her daughter introduced to her a desktop vaporizer, which Goldberg initially thought was something she could not also take. Goldberg’s daughter explained that it produced vapor, not smoke. So there the comedian was, giving the device a try. During that time, Goldberg, who lived with her daughter in the East Coast, thought that she could live with the desktop vaporizer for as long as her daughter was around. But her romance with the device was short-lived, and thought it was just too complicated to use.

A few weeks later, her daughter introduced the vaporizer pen, telling Goldberg to take just a sip. From that moment on, it was just “beautiful,” said the American comedian. Since that day, she and her vapor pen have been together, and the relationship blossomed into something life-changing for her.  Without exaggeration, Goldberg claimed that Sippy — so called because she takes tiny, little sips — has given her relief from pain, stress, discomfort, stress and pressure.

“When I show her to a friend, the reaction 99% of the time is: ‘Holy s—, where did you get this and how can I get me one?'” Goldberg wrote.

In her column, Goldberg described how she loved vaporizer pens with THC oil cartridges. These models prove helpful for those who are not used to smoking or those who cannot take deep, long draws. What she loves about the pen vaporizers is that they are light, compact and portable.

Goldberg claims that Sippy helps alleviate her bouts of glaucoma-induced headache. And the high she gets is not the “high high,” but sort of a relief. And what’s good about the vape pen is that the smell coming from the device is not offensive but is rather “subtle.” With all these benefits, Goldberg said she stopped taking Advil.  “You’re not supposed to eat Advil every day, and I was eating them every day, these man-made things,” she said.

Using recreational marijuana in the East Coast remains illegal. But next year, the State’s medical marijuana law takes effect, but is nowhere near California’s more relaxed legislation. In California, you can have any types of ailment, whether it’s real or imagined, and can still use medical herbs. But in New York you will have to prove that you have a severe condition just to use marijuana for medical reasons.

Why Concentrates are Becoming Popular

From Silverman’s pot oil to Goldberg’s THC concentrates, it seems dry herbs are slowly drifting away from the spotlight. For one, concentrates have more potent effects. Just a small dab of the oil or wax and you’ll go a long, long way as compared to the more frequent refills when using dry herbs. Using concentrates result in cleaner vaping sessions too.

Nevertheless, dry herb vaporizers still remain popular in many locations across the United States. Dry herbs are still the cheaper option especially in states where planting herbs is legal, albeit in more limited quantity. But we predict that one day, concentrates will eventually dominate the vaporizing world, provided that their prices go down to compete with that of dry botanicals.

The Best Cannabis Strain for You

As for Ms. Goldberg, she sure gets a lot of relief from her vaping material because she uses the Indica-dominant Platinum OG.

We’ve mentioned in our previous blog the differences between using a Sativa strains and using the Indicas . For cases similar to Goldberg, where relief from pain weighs more than getting the “high high,” Indica varieties can be your best friend if you want to benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabis. These kinds are best used to alleviate bodily pains and those associated with conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, even epileptic seizures. It made sense Goldberg chose the Indica type to treat her intermittent headache caused by her glaucoma. This is well explained by the abundance of the medically beneficial cannabinoids.

On the other hand, the Sativa varieties give you the pleasurable hits because of their higher THC contents, which directly affect our psychological more than the physical state. Marijuana contains hundreds of chemicals and we are just beginning to understand the effects of each cannabinoid in your body.

Are Vaporizers Hitting the Mainstream?

Laurence Fishburne using a vaporizer

Image credit: NBC Universal

The answer for us is a resounding Yes. Even in TV series and Hollywood movies, we’ve spotted actors using vaporizers! If you’ve been watching NBC’s Hannibal, one episode showed Laurence Fishburne (who plays agent-in-charge Jack Crawford) holding the shiny, silvery Arizer Solo vaporizer! Well, we didn’t see this coming knowing the fact that Jack Crawford played the FBI agent. Notice the irony of it. Check our full review of the Arizer solo.   

As more people in the spotlight take their stance in public, we expect more support coming from across the country. Public stunts like Silverman’s was something we could not have imagined years ago. And Whoopi Goldberg’s columns boost the already existing momentum to legalize recreational marijuana at a national or federal level.

It’s only a matter of time that scenes like these on television, movies, blogs and the social media will be all too common for the public to even notice.

Written by Donald Evans