(Last Updated On: May 18, 2021)

Are you wondering about what are some things you can do while getting high on cannabis? The good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just sitting down and puffing away.

There are many other activities you can do in the meantime to make it more enjoyable.

However, just be mindful of what things you do. If there is even a small risk that there could be danger involved, we recommend to avoid it completely.

Why risk your life in a situation that can change your life forever for a little fun? This is not worth it all, always remember that.

When you buy weed online in Canada, you are free to smoke it anywhere you want. But this also does not mean you can smoke it around minors. 

There are more suitable places to do this activity and we will discuss some fun methods to do during this time.

Watch TV

Watching TV may be boring depending on what kind of shows you put on. When you are smoking cannabis, the best kinds of movies are always the ones that are mind-bending and make you go into a loop.

You can also watch comedy or horror movies. Both of which will make you experience some feelings that will enhance your cannabis high.

Trust me when I say that the movie choice you make will change your mail order marijuana experience completely. Since what you see will be more animated, what you see will be different and you may even see characters seeming like they are popping out the screen.


Cooking is a great activity to do when you are high. It does not matter if you know how to do it well or not, since the food you make will have cannabis infused, you will get high no matter what!

Thinking of mixing cannabis and chocolate? How about making edibles in brownie form? The choices are endless in this. 

Think outside the box and choose a food pairing that you will enjoy. You can also experiment with new food items because you never know what you might like to eat.

For example, it wasn’t until last year that I tried pork belly. Till this day, my brother still looks at it with disgusts. But I tried it and it tasted amazing.

Now, everytime i go to a Korean restaurant, I always try to eat pork belly. It has become one of my go to favorites for Asian food.

Play Games

Playing games are fun. My brother would play his computer game for over 10 hours a day with no problems at all. 

Yes, you can say that he is quite addicted and there is nothing much to do to make him stop playing so much.

I also love playing games. But I limit it to a few hours on a weekend so I can have time to do other things (such as smoking cannabis).

So, why not do both at the same time?

I’m a massive Star Wars fan and it just brings me into the game I’m in everytime I play. When you use cannabis, this experience can be taken to another level.

Your experience as a first person character can be transformed when  you use cannabis at the same time. Suddenly, everything seems possible and you are king of the world.

I have tried cannabis while gaming and it was honestly a fun experience. My advice is not to use too much cannabis to avoid passing out.

Just Relax

After a long hard day at work, sometimes all you want to do is just come home to relax and do nothing else.

Everyone has their own way of relaxing. For example, my friend likes to relax by drinking wine and reading a novel. Another friend prefers to just sit in front of the TV and binge watch their favorite shows.

For me, a good way of relaxing is by sitting in a hot tub. Since we are currently in a pandemic, I also can’t go to swimming pools anymore. So, my hot tub in my washroom will have to do.

Other methods of relaxing while using cannabis can be just turning down the lights and not make it shine so bright.

Sometimes, bright lights just stress you out. That’s why I also try to have all my lightbulbs show a yellow tint rather than a white one (I heard it’s better for the eyes).

Before sleep, I also like to turn on some slow classical music to ease my mind. Eating some cannabis gummies during this time will also help me sleep better.

In the end, it really depends what activity makes you relaxed. It is different for each person.

Get Creative

Have you ever wondered what kind of creative juices your mind will get after using cannabis? Well, you now have the chance to see.

Here are some ideas.

Are you a singer? Pick up a pen and start writing down lyrics on whatever is on your mind. Be creative and hum to tunes in your mind. 

Make sure to record a quick draft of the song you make as you might forget what melody it goes to after your cannabis high wears off.

Are you a painter? Pick up some colors from your choices and start drawing without any thought. See what you come up with, it could be the next Mona Lisa!

Are you a writer? Start writing some crazy story that you recently thought of. It does not have to be perfect. Grammar can be off but you can always edit it at a later time. The key here is just too get all your thoughts onto the paper itself.

Check Out Your Local Grocery Store

I don’t know about you but for me, I have a routine when I go grocery shopping. I would first start off with buying the fruits and veggies I need, then I would head to the fish and meat aisle, before ending with the milk and eggs aisle at the end.

This can quickly become a boring routine. So, you can always try buying something new at the grocery store when you are high on cannabis. Now Harmonypharm provides delivery at your doorstep with online dispensary shipping worldwide

Pick something you would never have chosen if you were not high, and try it out. Mix it with another food and see what you can cook out of it.

Just have fun with the experience and don’t take yourself too seriously.

There you have it, hope you learned a thing or two from our article!

Written by Kathy Cooley