(Last Updated On: December 4, 2020)

Many opinions on marijuana have changed over the past couple of decades. However, there is still a stigma surrounding people who walk around smelling like marijuana. 

Whether you’re carrying cannabis on you, just smoked it, or are stashing it in your house, there are many ways to mask the strong odors of weed. Here are some of the best ways to hide the lingering scent of marijuana. 

Glass Jars 

Plastic bags that seal are a common way for people to store their cannabis stash. However, these bags are prone to tearing and don’t conceal odors. 

Furthermore, plastic is porous. It can draw moisture from the weed, making it stale quicker. Plus, plastic bags also leave your cannabis prone to mold or bacteria growth. 

The most efficient way to store your cannabis is in glass jars. Glass is natural. You won’t have synthetic compounds from the plastic leaching into the moisture present in your bud. Nor, will it create potential health risks, like moldy weed. 

Also, glass ensconces the potent aromas of weed. You won’t have to worry about your place smelling like a dispensary.

Sometimes, carrying a mason jar of weed isn’t the easy way to travel with marijuana. You don’t need to swap an eighth out for a baggie. Get an airtight portable glass jar to transport your marijuana during travels safely and smell-free. 

Scented Candles, Incense, and Essential Oils 

Whether you just had a smoke session in your bedroom or keep your marijuana in your office, the scent of weed can linger. The best way to mask the aroma is to fight it off with another smell. 

Many people use scented candles and incense to combat the smell of marijuana. Try to get aromas that complement marijuana rather than overpower it. If you’re trying too hard to drown out the scent of marijuana, it can become obvious what you’re doing.

Opt for candles and incense that smell like pine or hops. You can even get crafty by purchasing an unscented green candle. All you need to do is say that the candle is a weed-scented gag gift. 

Otherwise, diffuse some essential oils. Essential oils are excellent because they purify the air. They neutralize the smoke chemicals and remove any potential toxins. Once again, choose like-smelling scents, such as frankincense, patchouli, or rosemary. 

HEPA and Activated Charcoal Air Purifiers

Another way to keep the air clean is with an air purifier. These handy devices draw in smoky and stale air. This air gets pushed through the carbon filter. 

Here, carbon molecules will bind to smoke particles. It neutralizes these aromatic chemicals so that they don’t reenter the atmosphere. 

From there, the air goes through a HEPA filter. HEPA filters remove mold and other potential toxins in the air. This recycled air then gets released back into the atmosphere as freshly purified, smoke-free air. 

Smoke Buddy

Sometimes you just need a smoke, and going outside isn’t an option. Perhaps you are about to see someone that doesn’t know you smoke. Whatever the case might be, you can smoke wherever you want with little to no scent left behind. All you need is a Smoke Buddy!

Also known as a sploof, a Smoke Buddy is a large container where you blow marijuana smoke. Like a hand-held air purifier, the Smoke Buddy has carbon inside. 

You just light up and blow into one end. No smoke will leave out the other end, only filtered air that you can’t see!

The Smoke Buddy is not ideal for joints or bowls. While you can blow the smoke into the sploof, it can’t catch all the smoke rising from your smoking apparatus. It’s perfect for one-hitters or small bowl sessions.  

Smoke in the Bathroom

For those who really need a smoke and can’t escape the house, take a hot shower. Allow the hot shower smoke to fill the room while you smoke out the window. 

Once you’re done smoking, go about your shower like usual. The aromas of your shampoo, soap, and hot air will neutralize the smell of marijuana. 

Of course, you can always light a match and candle to offset any strong cannabis scents. Lastly, put on a fan in the bathroom to circulate the air. By the time you open the door, no one will ever know you just lit up!

Change Your Clothes or Wear a Jacket

Smoke tends to cling to whatever you’re wearing. Either bring a change of clothes or cover up the outfit you’re wearing, so you don’t give yourself away. 

Also, be sure to put the change of clothes in an area where others won’t smell it. For instance, don’t leave the hoodie you wore while smoking in your car; put it in your trunk instead. 

Rather than leaving your jacket on the hook near the front door that guests enter, keep it in a closet. Be mindful of what you wear when you’re smoking and where you put these clothes when you’re done.

Genius Pipe


Traveling with your trusty bowl is ideal for on-the-go hits. However, you must carry a resin-filled bowl and your marijuana stash with you. Both of these items can blow up your spot. 

Instead, invest in a Genius Pipe. This bowl is sleek and can fit into your pocket. It’s clasped shut with magnetic strips, locking in any scents of a smoked bowl. However, the Genius Pipe also has a storage unit for a couple of bowl’s worth of marijuana. 


The smell of freshly smoked marijuana can linger on hands and breath. Be sure to stay up on your hygienic practices to ensure others don’t smell your habits. 

Wash your hands after you smoke. If there is hand sanitizer (which in today’s COVID-19 world, shouldn’t be an issue), be sure to use it. The abrasive smell of alcohol will overshadow the slight scent of marijuana on the hands. 

Also, brush your teeth, use mouthwash, or chew gum. Combined with wearing a mask, nobody will notice that you just smoked. Just be sure to use some eye drops to offset those red eyes!

Written by Kathy Cooley