Herb Grinders
(Last Updated On: May 23, 2015)

Quality herb grinders are very hard to come by. And it’s very difficult to live without it when you vaporize every day. You see, if there is one thing that you should always keep in mind when you vaporize herbs, the herbs should be finely grinned in order to achieve a quality vapor and taste.  

Small but effective, that’s how us, here at the Smokazon Blog, calls these herbal grinders. You see, everyone does it. Everyone who owns an herbal vaporizer also owns a grinder. There’s no doubt about the huge and amazing power this grinder can produce in spite it being little.

One amazing thing about these small herb grinders is that it can go incognito. That’s an amazing benefit that we can associate with something like pen vaporizers because you can basically go everywhere and worry less about your grinding needs when you’re at the middle of trekking, camping or a breaks during long drives. 

Grinders are normally referred to as a kitchen accessory – the possibilities with these are endless! What’s really great about these grinders is that you can grind your herbs in any sizes you wish. Most often than not, grinders are more than a basic food grinder, there are some models with the ability now to even store your herbs. 

And when you live an ultra lifestyle, it is very important to have that much needed flexibility. 

So today, let us discuss and review the four herb grinders (that you can use) for your daily needs: 


Space Case Grinder

Rating: 9.75/10 

Starting at: $25.99

Description: Many people have been asking: why are Space Case Grinders so expensive? The answer is this: Space Case Grinders are the “Volcano” of herb grinders. It is one of the most premium grinders available in the industry today. Made with top quality materials, the Space Case will surely impress and entice you. Engineered with only the finest grade aluminum, it is surely made only of top quality materials and from the top quality machinery only. 

Once you hold a Space Case Grinder, you will be amazed with its twisting action – the entire machinery just goes together so smoothly. You will also notice that everything you grind will leave no materials behind resulting into so much efficiency and a finer vaporizing experience. Grinding herbs, no matter how big the amount is, is also faster compared to some brands. 

Space Case Grinders are available from 2-4 pieces with different sizes and capabilities. See another comprehensive review from the Vape Critic here: 

-video of Bud reviewing Space Case, good to have an authority for further proof- 

Pros: Engineered with elaborate precision. Quick performance. Performance is consistent despite of age. Grinds and leaves nothing behind. Second to none.  

Cons: A little bit pricey. But can be tolerable because of its quality.

Get Them Here: Space Case Grinder 


Kannastor Grinder

Rating: 9.5/10

Starting at: $11.90

Description: Ahhh! The Kannastor is a brand that has taken us all by surprise. As mentioned on our in-depth review about Kannastor, Kannastor is indeed a reliable partner of vaporizers. 

Why Kannastor? Aside from its ability from producing fine herbs after grinding, it has somewhat become unique for its flair of becoming almost everything a herb connoisseur needs – from grinding, sifting, storage and a removable Kananstor screen that is first among its peers. At the same time, its transparent covers also lets you see how much herbs are left, giving you a signal once it’s time to grind and fill it up. 

Being incognito is also not a problem – be discreet and carry it wherever you want. Its minimal designs are also one of its main selling points. Not too much of design, colors and pomp – just a beautifully designed herb grinder that is ready to produce an exquisite vapor flavor.

Kannastor Grinders will simply not let you down. And the fact that cleaning is very easy makes it a top choice for someone like you who needs to grind herbs efficiently. 

Pros: Beautiful and minimal design. Ability to do almost everything a connoisseur needs. Well-made. Easy to clean. Screens are easily replaceable. We’re simply blown away with the Kannastor Grinder!

Cons: Herbs may get stuck occasionally. Much pricier than the Space Case Grinders. 

Get Them Here: Kannastor Grinders 


Mama P’s Grinder

Rating: 9.10

Starting at: $144.99 

Description: One of the finest herb grinders in the world today, Mama P’s is certainly not out of the game when it comes to total precision. 

Mama P’s may be something that may not ring a bell to you when you first hear it (as it is not as popular as Space Case), but let us make a case here and give you a quick look at Mama Ps. 

Mama P’s Grinders are made of recycled aircraft aluminum made with pride and precision in the USA. Mama P’s Grinder is also the only one in the market today that has the deepest grinder tray available. There is also a magnetic lighter mate on top of every unit and comes with a 60 micron replaceable titanium screen, diamond cut teeth. How awesome can the Mama P’s get?

If we are to talk about having an all purpose use for grinders, Mama Ps has certainly get our vote as the #1 herb grinder.

Pros: Made in the USA. Almost has everything from a lighter mate, a built in ashtray and a replaceable titanium screen.

Cons: Price – its cheapest model is more expensive than a basic Space Case and Kannastor. But we are certainly sure that you get what you pay for. 

Get Them Here: Mama P’s Grinder 


Herb grinders are integral to the best vaporizing experience. This is the reason why you should put so much time in deciding which is the best brand and model is the one for you. Note that in an herb grinder, the most important things that you should consider are: capacity, grinding quality, ease of use and maintenance, flexibility and price. 

There have been some reports on different forums and reviews online about certain knock-offs. You should truly be careful in buying one most especially if the price seems too good to be true. Never exchange quality for small bucks that you may save on the shopping cart. 

Happy grinding!

Do you own any of the herb grinders that we have reviewed above? Please feel free to tell us your thoughts about it on the comments below!

Written by The Smokazon Team
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