(Last Updated On: May 17, 2021)

Medical marijuana has proven to be quite beneficial in improving various health/medical conditions. Many individuals living with various conditions use marijuana to help ease the pain and nausea. Outlined below are some of the uses and benefits of medical marijuana.

Relieve Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the world today, with more than 25 million Americans suffering from the same. Medical studies and research have, however, shown marijuana to contain properties that help fight off chronic pain, thus providing relief to patients.  This is according to a scientific study conducted on more than 10,000 individuals with chronic pains, with most of them attesting to feeling much better after using medical marijuana. According to the study, products containing cannabinoids and marijuana have a positive impact in inhibiting pain signals from reaching the brain, thus relief from chronic pains.

Treat Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

According to research and numerous studies published in the journal of Clinical Psychology Review, marijuana may help people with alcohol, and opioid dependency fight the addiction. However, this subject is contentious as the National Academies of Sciences believe marijuana increases the risk of abusing the same, among other substances. According to the review, there is a bigger risk of one sliding into addiction, especially after using marijuana for a long time. This is also the case with individuals exposed to marijuana and used the same since their childhood. Nevertheless, controlled use of medical marijuana may help one overcome drug addictions.

Help Treat A Number Of Mental Health Conditions

According to a journal published in the Clinical Psychology Review, medical marijuana may come in handy in treating and improving symptoms of various mental conditions, including PTSD, depression, and social anxiety. This is because cannabinoids show and have proven to help relieve symptoms of PTSD and depression.  It is worth noting that caution should be taken when using marijuana, as it could trigger the development of some mental health conditions, e.g., psychosis and bipolar disorder.

According to the review, marijuana is a worthy candidate for treating and alleviating symptoms of social anxiety.   Continued use of marijuana, according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, may, however increase the risk of social anxiety, if not make it worse.

Alleviate Symptoms Of Cancer Treatment, Or Cancer Itself

There is overwhelming evidence on the effectiveness of oral cannabinoids on vomiting and nausea, the two most common symptoms caused by chemotherapy. Smoking marijuana helps reduce these symptoms. Some researchers also believe marijuana packs potent properties that help slow down or eliminate cancerous cells from the system. However, more studies and research are needed to determine the exact workings of cannabinoids and how they can help control, if not cure, cancer.

Improve Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Smoking marijuana has been shown to improve the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Researchers believe cannabinoids interact with the ECS to help relieve the pain and other symptoms by triggering homeostasis.

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Written by Kathy Cooley